Should I Hide my Intentions if I like her?

Should I Hide my Intentions if I like her?

Should I Hide my Intentions if I like her?

Should I Hide my Intentions if I like her?

When it came to dating females throughout most of my life, I struggled with feelings of discomfort and shyness. I had the impression that it was going to be an unpleasant procedure both for the person I was talking to and for my desire to even approach a female I didn’t know.

It made me feel a little bit embarrassed! It made me uncomfortable to show a female that I liked her or that I had a sexual interest for her.

The few times that I was still able to see the females, I told myself, “I’ll simply chat to her,” and that’s all we did: she told me about herself, and I told her about myself; there was no further discussion.

On top of that, I was timid and lacked self-confidence, and most of the time I did nothing except listen to the girl, sometimes asking her questions about other topics. As soon as I made the decision, started working on myself, pushed myself outside of my comfort zone (read a little more about it), and got the first results, I realized that the girls do not like it when you are uncertain, closed, and when they have no idea what your motives are.

Once I made the decision, I began working on myself, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone (read a little more about it), and getting the first results. This gives rise to unfavorable suspicions.

It dawned on me that the females prefer it when you demonstrate that you are decisive about what you want, at least to some level. It goes without saying that we shouldn’t say things like “I would fuck you wonderfully” right away (at least not at the very beginning of your relationship), but denying that it’s possible, even just for yourself, is essentially unethical, my buddy. After approaching the lady with the purpose of “simply conversing,” you begin to train your thoughts and your brain to focus on this idea.

And while you are having a conversation with her, you will continue to be an interlocutor, a kind and lovely person; nevertheless, she does not need this from you. Believe me, she doesn’t need it anymore!

Whom she desires, thus it must be a man! And when you do not deny, at the very least to ourselves, that she is pretty, and you came to it because you are sexually attracted to her, then you will automatically behave like a true guy! Believe me when I say she will feel it, and that in and of itself will be sufficient!

Now that I am in this position, I am free to discuss any subject and act whatever I choose, but I am aware that in the end, the only thing that really counts is whether or not she sensed the manly, masculine qualities in you.

Therefore, do not be afraid to let her know that she attracts you; after all, you are the man, you are the leader, and you are the one who determines the course of your future relationship! Friends, please make things simpler rather than more difficult for themselves.

A few helpful hints are as follows: Maintaining strong eye contact, not being frightened of the chance to gently touch her, flirting with her, and smiling at her will most certainly give her the impression that you find her beautiful and that you desire her as a woman.

And the sooner she realizes that the smoother everything will go from then on out! Naturally, if she is in a long-term relationship or anything very similar to this, she will most likely reject your advances (but not the fact that you are interested in her), and nothing will transpire as a result.

But if she is free, she may very well offer you the opportunity to act if she perceives you to be an intriguing, sufficient guy who understands what he wants and, at the same time, gave her the impression that he wants her. In this case, she will very likely give you the chance to act!

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