Why you shouldn’t allow her rejection hurt you

Why you shouldn’t allow her rejection hurt you

Why you shouldn't allow her rejection hurt you.

Why you shouldn’t allow her rejection hurt you.

Let’s assume you have a strong attraction to a girl, you desire her, and you start imagining potential outcomes, what you would do, and so on. You want the feeling to be reciprocal, and it seems like this girl feels the same way about you. This is correct, and I have no problem with it.

It is a fundamental aspect of the human condition.

You are a captive to the circumstances the moment you fall in love with some form of beauty and have the urge to win her approval. You start becoming used to the female and start agreeing with her in everything (as I did), and as a result, you lose your rod, your reality, and your sense of who you are.

And in such a circumstance, with the occurrence of a negative response, I recall that I was unhappy, and I started blaming myself for what had happened. Because of me, everything happens the way it does.

That defeat was evidence that I did not measure up to the standards set. And this emotional connection to the outcome, to good response, and hunger to be loved was a no-go for me, and I’m sure that it turns off a lot of other guys as well. When you make an effort to be cute for her, it makes you seem unnatural, and this gives her the impression that she is in control.

But what she really wants is for you, the man, to assert your authority over her. Women like it when men make the choices and are steadfast in following through with them.

Therefore, something that helped me a lot, and something that I want to share with you, is to embrace this straightforward fact, which is that there are a lot of females all around you, simply a massive amount of them. In addition, you get an unlimited number of chances to win.

You may always try it with another one if the first one did not work well. Because look at it this way, you can get up right now, walk out, find a lovely girl, and talk to her about getting to know you better. If things don’t go as planned, all you have to do is go fifty meters and introduce yourself to the other female.

And this continues on forever! It is quite illogical to get emotionally invested in another person and experience distress as a result of a breakup with that person in a circumstance in which there is always the possibility of a second chance.

A fresh effort is the best try because in it you will be with the experience of their previous failures, and as a result, you will be able to make better judgments and act in a manner that is more suitable.

Show the lady that you like her, but at the same time, emotionally, that you are totally confident of himself, and that her response can’t damage you in any way by demonstrating that you are not linked to the result of the situation.

It is not appropriate for her to feel like a winner! You have the ability to run away from her and go be with the other, more desirable women at any moment. Do not let this slip your mind!

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