Relationship Dos and Donts

Relationship Dos and Donts

Relationship Dos and Donts.

Relationship Dos and Donts.

Don’ts: Do not… supplicate in order to elicit a lady’s desire or admiration.

This implies you can’t buy her drinks at a bar or offer to drive completely out of your way for her. There’s no reason to treat a lady you’ve just known for a few weeks like a princess.

You should go back and make an honest assessment to ensure she is putting out at least 50% of the effort in maintaining the long-term relationship.
Don’t put her up on a pedestal. Recognize that you, too, have value and must come first.

Don’t be scared to taunt or dispute with her in a lighthearted manner. In reality, it’s vital to set a destination in her mind. It demonstrates your confidence while also preventing you from putting her on the defensive. She, like everyone else, is a human being with difficulties and issues.

Don’t… reveal too much about how you actually feel about a woman before the relationship.

The mainstream media will undoubtedly encourage you to express your feelings and tell the lady how you feel. This is a tremendous miscalculation, and she will undoubtedly see you as a weak doormat as a result.

Do not… talk to her on the phone, through text message, or on Facebook for long periods of time.

Always have something more interesting to do than hang out with a woman you like. Wherever feasible, use a fictitious time limit to quit the debate. The idea is to leave them on a high note, begging them to come back for more.

SMS messages and phone calls should only be used to set up dates for meeting and conversing with her in person.

Do not… over-analyze anything. A good example is “OMG, she put her hand on my leg.

She’s looking for me “Girls can sense when you’re into them, and you should be able to detect whether they like you as well. If you can’t tell if she likes you or not, she probably doesn’t.

Don’t… inquire as to what film she would like to watch or where she would want to have supper.

Take charge and make decisions for the two of you. Women want you to be in charge of the communications. Don’t be indecisive and wishy-washy!
Don’t go too far from your normal routine to help her. In terms of favors, treat her like you would a friend. Treat her like a person, and bid her go in a respectful manner.

Don’t be afraid to take their clothes off, bend them over a chair, and extra pound the heck out of them from time to time. On a subliminal level, all ladies like being controlled by a powerful individual, as long as she feels safe with him.

Although women are the more attractive sex, they are not made of glass. So long as it’s done in a way that she appreciates and finds fulfilling.


Do… behave confidently in any and all situations, even if you’re not very attractive. Otherwise, you’re doomed from the start.

You can climb several ladders on your own that you may not have encountered before. Having stated that, you must first get her attention. All that is required is confidence and the ability to feel at ease in your own flesh.
Lines that are pre-planned almost never function. As long as she likes you and the tourist appeal existed from the beginning, a simple “Hi” will suffice.

Do… keep yourself occupied with other things in life,

whether it’s making nice friends, working, doing hobbies, or dating other women. Women want to see that you are the kind of person that is always looking for help, whether from other women, bosses, or friends.

Also, if you need to make something up, that’s a lot better than being accessible all the time. Like traditional business economics, supply and demand are a concept. She can’t love pursuing you if you chase her all the time.

Make her a present of missing you.

Do… gradually reduce your boyfriend’s activities with her until you are definitely hooking up and dating.

At the very least, this implies full-on make-out sessions. There will be no holding hands, snuggling, or kisses on the lips. She will undoubtedly want to control the structure early on and have you leaping through her hoops. It’s critical to keep the frame in check.

Do… learn to notice the little details that reveal a person’s enthusiasm.

She’s not going to leap on you and tongue wrestle you to show she’s interested.
Instead, she’ll converse with you for longer than required, make fun at unexpected jokes, mess with her hair, bend or position herself in your direction, and hit you or touch your arm in a playful manner.

Do… only tell her a third of what you want to tell her.

Ask her open-ended questions and then close your lips and let her scream. Be funny/witty and keep your comments brief when she asks about your worries. Only half of the issues she expressed could be addressed. This is how you keep your “mystical” status.

Remember that when the keg is empty, the party is over. Distribute yourself as though you were serving alcohol at a friend’s party.

Do… always bear in mind that there are other girls out there that are just as attractive,

charming, and cool as the one you’re dealing with right now. If taking care of her isn’t making you happy (either because she isn’t producing or because she is demanding), then just walk away and look for another lady who will cause you fewer problems.

Do… express your emotions via actions rather than words.

This connects to what we discussed before. Do not express your feelings verbally. When close friends or family members advise you to “tell her how you truly feel,” don’t listen.

If you’re never going to see her again? After that, you may proceed.
What women say they desire (a guy who displays his feelings) and what she responds to are two wholly different things. When you express your affections for her, she will turn off as quickly as a light switch.

Do… increase the intensity of your physical activity when you feel like it.

Not when she seems to be like that. “She’s not made of glass,” as we previously said, and you must disclose to her that you have physically carried her in. Be vivacious, confident, and fearless!

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