Does Meeting Women with Social Media work?

Does Meeting Women with Social Media work?

Does Meeting Women with Social Media work?

Does Meeting Women with Social Media work?

When it comes to social media, the vast majority of individuals in the civilized world have access to Facebook. There are probably other types of social networks, but for the time being, we’ll only concentrate on this one since it looks to be one of the most widely used by many individuals.

This article is aimed at the novice who is just beginning his pick-up experience. As a result, I will not go into great depth and will instead focus on the most important Facebook do’s and don’ts.

Women will most likely go to your Facebook account first to check you out and learn more about you. If it’s a lady you’ve just met while performing your routines, she’ll want to get a sense of who you are, who your friends are, and also have a look at your images.

As a result, your Facebook page should correctly promote yourself to ladies who are interested in you. You should be quite acquainted with the status updates you publish, the images you upload, and the number of close friends you have.

She will undoubtedly pass judgment on you based on all of these factors. Making sure you have a nice profile and ‘wall surface’ is crucial if you want to attract a lot of beautiful women on Facebook.

Let’s start with your profile image and cover photo. These are the images that will attract her attention more than anything else.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Both your cover photo and account photo should be of you with a bunch of ladies surrounding you or an action-oriented snap.

Snowboarding, rock climbing, playing guitar in front of a group of people, and photographs of boxing or fighting techniques are all good choices for your profile and cover image.

Include a variety of interesting picture opportunities, such as hanging over a cliff with the sun setting behind you or scuba diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
Having a visual display of images that include both action shots and travel will show her that you have an exciting life with a lot going on, and she will want to be a part of it.

A great profile picture to have is one of you in the middle of a crowd of attractive ladies, obviously enjoying the time of your life in a club or pub. The women must be embracing you, kissing you on the cheek, and essentially clinging to you.

Because ‘women desire what women want,’ this activates the preselection section of a female’s thinking. The more attractive women you pick for your account and cover photo, the more attention your Facebook page will get.

‘That’s that man?’ she thinks when she sees photos of preselection. He must be really important to have all those lovely females around him.’
This kind of image may also be utilized as a part of your regular status updates. As an example, suppose you’re in the gym with a pal doing some boxing training.

Take a few photos and share them on Facebook. It looks like you have a very fascinating, energetic, and dynamic life. Take photographs and share them on Facebook whenever you go someplace intriguing on a day out. It’s a plus if you have attractive girls in these activity shots/day-out images.

You should make the desire available to everyone who is looking you up on Facebook. You will have no idea who is stalking you on Facebook, but I can tell you that someone is. Females will be checking you out if you have a badass profile and also high-quality photographs. This is exactly what we’re aiming for.

Let’s say you’re having trouble finding high-quality images like these.
‘Fake it till you make it,’ as we’ve said a few times before. How can you get pictures at pubs and clubs if you don’t have any girls with you right now? Simple: find a gorgeous group of girls at a trendy bar or club and make a deal to buy them a round of drinks in return for some team photos.

Inform them that you’re going to post on Facebook to repay your (fake) cheating ex-girlfriend! They’ll probably definitely want to do so. Women like a little drama, and will be delighted if you demand that your unfaithful hoe spouse pay you back. To add a little more drama to your story, indicate that she was ripping you off with another woman to spice things up!

You may just approach females and execute a natural pick-up, but this will be tough for a rookie, and the quality of the ladies may not meet the criteria you wish to present on Facebook.

Use high-quality venues for these kinds of photos since they will be in the backdrop of your team photos. If you use this method all evening, there’s a good chance you’ll have some enjoyable conversations with the females you’re speaking with.

The phrase ‘Demo of Greater Value,’ or DHV, is used in the pick-up and temptation areas. It’s almost as if you’re talking about yourself and your achievements, but in a subtle manner so she doesn’t think you’re bragging.

The deceptive brag! Images with large amounts of DHV are what you’re after. You’ll be a winner if you can show her how great your life is without using words. Photos of you working on your computer,

photos of the ‘amazing’ car you drive (in the background), photos of the numerous different places you’ve visited around the world, action shots, and also photos of a lot of lovely females are all recommended photos to include almost everywhere on your Facebook profile.

Instead of obsessing about pursuing women with your Facebook account, you should always seek to draw in ladies. In no time, you’ll have a long number of ladies on your friend’s list (thanks to all of your effective techniques) who will undoubtedly like, comment on, and share your content.

Avoid photographs of women taking selfies, sulking duck faces, and guys seeking approval. Ladies like to be seen and validated, so don’t be like every other male on Facebook who gives up their power to gorgeous women. On their photographs, refrain from using words like stunning or ‘beautiful,’ as well as the misuse of love heart/winky face emojis. This gives them a lot more recognition.

Do not be enticed to start texting or including random ladies. For starters, if a woman does not recognize you, you will undoubtedly be reported to Facebook.
Messaging random girls might be difficult if their personal privacy settings are set to the highest level. I’d simply ‘video game’ ladies you’ve really contacted in real life and added to your Facebook profile.

You know exactly what they look like and how well you got along with them. Use whatever callback humor you shared throughout your real-life conversation. Tease her, be arrogant, humorous, and energetic.

Your account biography should be brief and not extremely amusing or pretentious. The key is to keep it short and sweet. Include a few motivational quotations from well-known personalities. The status of your connection should not be set to’single.’ Instead, change it to ‘it’s made complicated.’

This way, girls won’t be able to figure you out. Are you single? Keep them guessing. Do you have a connection? Married? Who’s to say? This will undoubtedly make you mysterious to them, and if they can’t figure you out on their own, they will seek you out. This keeps their attention firmly fixed on you.

Differentiate yourself from the other beta male jerks. Make fun of her, tease her, and ‘take the piss’ with your comments. This would undoubtedly pique her interest in seeing you. Don’t be dull with your comments; instead, be arrogant and entertaining. If she becomes enraged as a result of your remarks, tough crap, block and delete her. There are lots more attractive ladies in her hometown.

As a guy, censoring yourself is one of the worst things you can do. Say what you actually think. As a result, you will be seen as a man who is brave and unconcerned while dealing with women. Normal males, on the other hand, do not converse with gorgeous women like this?

That is my particular aspect; you are not a typical dude. Don’t feel bad about being your own man and holding your own opinions.
Appear to be unconcerned or unconcerned with your Facebook status posts. You certainly do therapy, yet you behave as if it isn’t that important. Use themes that are both interesting and look to be meaningless to get women to interact with your status updates.

It’s not your typical day-to-day activities. Updates like ‘just burned out… contact me,’ ‘heading to the club,’ or even ‘making my dinner,’ will not get as many responses and comments from women as ‘eating a bag of Haribo Starmix… which one is your favorite?’ The squashy love hearts are mine. It’s both entertaining and pointless, yet a lot of women want to share their thoughts.

There are a plethora of PUA standing updates accessible online. If you’re unsure, simply copy and paste one that you find amusing, fascinating, and DHV. You’ll learn more about this as you go through your temptation trip.

Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social media are excellent tools for attracting and attracting the girls of your choosing. You can have a lot of success with it if you understand how to utilize it properly. Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular applications I use.

You may use a variety of additional programs, of course. From free dating services to Snapchat and Twitter, there’s something for everyone. Play around with them to discover which one is the most convenient to use, and then contact them.

Instagram offers the option of messaging females without the restrictions imposed by Facebook’s personal privacy settings. So long as their account isn’t set to private, you may contact any attractive woman you want on Instagram. When it comes to uploading DHV photos on Instagram, the same rules apply.

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