What is the relationship Supplication?

What is the relationship Supplication?

What is the relationship Supplication?

What is Supplication?

Supplication is defined as being nice and also acceptable to someone, or providing favors for and also displaying constant authorization of someone in order to get their approval and recognition.

The key here is the “initiative to obtain their recognition,” because while doing favors for others or being agreeable is a common, honorable human activity or reaction when done with the underlying goal of gaining approval, it lowers one’s standing while elevating someone else’s, with the deceptive goal of gaining respect.

While supplication is akin to “kissing ass” to a person, it shows a more developed method. Rather than coldly complementing and making your intentions suspect of brown-nosing, supplicating is usually done with the aim completely hidden, to the point where the person being supplicated is unaware that the supplicator is seeking to excite them.

Supplication is the act of giving to trade status for recognition at its most basic level. In exchange for recognition, you pledge to provide the specified target with more social status/power (at the price of your own).

This is an intrinsically harmful relationship in romantic and even ordinary friendships. In addition, it is quite manipulative.
Supplication is a poor strategy for gaining respect since it often leads to the supplicator being seen as a doormat. As men, we have a tendency to continually supplicate, using phrases like “You’re gorgeous.”

  1. You’re not overweight.”
  2. “You have the right to expect more from him; he’s a jerk.”
  3. “I’d treat you correctly if you were my partner.”
  4. “I feel you are undervalued.”
  5. Supplicating actions include items like:
  6. Getting a drink for a lady you just satisfied at a bar.
  7. Give a woman a lift to a location that is out of your way.

Buying something for a girl with the expectation that it would win her over.
Terminating techniques that are tailored to a woman’s preferences.
Causing oneself pain or difficulties of any type in order to assist or alleviate the suffering of a woman.

Keep in mind that, although they are often honorable behaviors, the motive behind them is what makes them supplication. It is immoral to supplicate.
It’s supplication if you do these things with the goal of “convincing” a lady that you’re worth being together with.

Making a difference in people’s lives isn’t such a bad thing. The problem arises when you are practically expecting anything in return. Your sexy female is expecting sex as a reward, and she can smell it coming a mile away. Supplication is the most heinous kind of control.

These fundamental inspirations should push you to avoid supplicating:
This woman must have requested or received this favor or praise before you present it to her.

This means she must have already shown interest in you, but in a different way. Because you’d be doing this step to get her approval, let’s cut to the chase: First, get her consent by a few different ways, and then carry out this activity.

You may perform this favor or buy this thing for her as long as you don’t expect her to approve, validate, or be interested in it. It is not a supplicating action if it is completely distanced from your end, with no expectation or desire of any form of recompense.

Before you do anything for someone or a woman you have no interest in, ask yourself one question: “Would I do something for a person or a lady I have no interest in?”

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