Men’s Dating Tips How to Seduce a Girl to Bed”

Men’s Dating Tips How to Seduce a Girl to Bed”

Men's Dating Tips How to Seduce a Girl to Bed"

Men’s Dating Tips How to Seduce a Girl to Bed”

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Stage 1: A Place and Context for a Girl’s Date Invitation.

Hello! Jose is back in the saddle. I hope you enjoyed my first article,

«The 8 Most Practical Tips On How to Meet, Attract, and Seduce Any Woman:

How to Be Naturally Masculine and Interesting in Front of the Woman of Your Dreams,» and that you learned the essential concepts of seducing ladies, and that you are eager for more! That’s right—this is a genuine man’s honest yearning.

This chapter will cover one of the most crucial aspects of dating and wooing women: dating. The eventual outcome is determined by the amount of time you spend with the female.

The guideline of “two dates” was one that I pointed out. This indicates that you must have at least two dates with a female between the initial meeting and the first time you have sex with her.

Man, more is a waste of time! Unless you have no intention of starting a meaningful relationship with this girl. Why are there just two of them?

I understand that the first date might help you get to know one other, and there are a variety of things that can prevent you from dragging your girlfriend to bed on the first date.

But if she agrees to meet with you again… then all you have to do now is act and bring the situation to a natural conclusion. And trust me when I say that the more you rehearse, the better your first dates will be.
So, you just noticed a lovely female, approached her, and struck up a conversation with her.
Everything is going well; you are aware that you have a mutual interest. You must now take the acquaintance to the next level, which is a date.

You have two options: invite her straight away or acquire her phone number and schedule a date later. In my opinion, the greatest technique is to invite a female shortly after meeting her. You may be sure she likes you if you invite her straight away and she accepts.

There are a lot of times when the female is in a rush. This is understandable, given that you come unexpectedly. In such a scenario, proceed with caution and get her phone number. I recommend that you do not call on the same day. Wait a few of days.

If she liked you, believe me when I say she won’t forget about you.

Call her sentiments of anticipation and contemplation, on the other hand. If you don’t contact her within a few days, she’ll conclude you’re not interested in her. As a result, you’ll draw even more attention.

Now I’d like to provide my secret word for setting a date in any circumstance.

“We’ll have a cup of coffee or go for a stroll… at worst, we’ll be friends,” I ask a female to meet. The words “in the worst scenario, we’ll stay friends” sends a strong message to the young lady. First and foremost, I declare my exact aims. Yes, I see you as a woman; I don’t want to just stroll beside you as a buddy. On the other side, there is a sense of comfort.

I demonstrate that I do not place a high value on this meeting. This remark demonstrates your self-assurance while also demonstrating your ease.
Yes, comfort and confidence are the most important factors in scheduling a meeting and doing it in the future.

Here are three fundamental guidelines for setting up a date:

Have faith in yourself. Instead of saying, “Would you want to go out on a date with me?” start or continue the discussion with, “Let’s go for a stroll in the park.”

Pick a precise location and time.

Even if you don’t know the girl’s response, you should plan where and when you’ll go with her before you start dating. It should be a location that you have frequented and feel at ease.
There is a certain amount of uneasiness with each new acquaintance, and a little-known location for you may ruin everything.

Don’t place too much emphasis on the meeting.

Invite a lady out on a date as if it were a life or death situation for you. If you’re frightened and concerned about inviting her, she’ll feel the same way. Your invitation should read as though it were a regular occurrence for you. As a result, the lady will feel relaxed and at peace.
As I have said, the first date is crucial.

The purpose of a first date is to become closer, enhance conversational comfort, and build trust. As a result, the location for the first date with the lady must be picked in line with your preferences.

A comfortable coffeehouse is a fantastic alternative, no matter how cliched it may seem. You may chat with the girl calmly, without external irritants, thanks to the stillness and warmth, which will certainly pull you closer and boost your confidence. You will bring comfort and pleasant feelings to the discussion due to the attractive decor and convenience.

It’s also simpler to get started using touch

If the weather is pleasant and warm, you may take a lady for a stroll around the park or through the city. Just remember to notify her ahead of time so she doesn’t show up in high heels, which would instantly express a bad attitude.

Choose locations where you won’t be passing hundreds of people; attempt to choose a quiet path for a stroll where you can converse discreetly.
For the required degree of comfort, the stroll should not be too lengthy or too short.
The girl will get fatigued if you walk too rapidly or for too long, and her level of comfort will decline. If this occurs, you may sit with the girl on a bench while strolling and chat quietly while resting.

In addition, I visit modern art shows on a regular basis. An erotic display is a great option! Believe me when I say that you will feel at ease enough to begin the crucial dialogues that will only benefit your reconciliation.

In general, I recommend that you move about as much as possible throughout the meeting. The encounter should seem to be an adventure so that it will be remembered and elicit emotions, both of which are necessary for success.

On the first date, never take a lady to a club or a disco. Concerts, movies, operas, and other locations where you can’t converse normally are also bad choices for a first date.
This is likely the most straightforward and accessible method of arranging the first date. And trust me when I say you don’t need anymore.

You must realize that YOU are the most crucial factor!

She will not be forced to eat at a five-star restaurant or watch a sunset by the sea. Whether or if this kid is yours today is solely dependent on your decisive acts, acceptable words, and appropriate touches.

After reviewing my materials, you may believe that rigorous preparation for a date is essential. When a male meets a lady, how do they normally act? They are worried and think about it all day. They consider how they will dress, how they will smell, what they will say to her, and where they will go.

Then they put on a suit they’ve never worn before and bought a scent they’ve never tried. They go to great lengths to avoid being themselves. This is something that girls comprehend since they believe it is too vital for the male. This makes it impossible for you to seduce a woman.

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