How to turn on the most important attraction mechanism?

How to turn on the most important attraction mechanism?

How to turn on the most important attraction mechanism?

How to turn on the most important attraction mechanism?

What supermodel or actress is your favorite? Consider the following scenario: I’m going to envision Jennifer Aniston, who I still admire despite her age (and no, they’re not the same person). Assume you’re with her.

What are your thoughts about it? Is it something you enjoy? Because she’s your favorite, I’m going to presume she is.
What if you could make her feel as strongly as you do? It’s just a matter of turning on their attraction mechanisms.


It’s not our height (although that helps), our muscles (although that helps), our wealth (although that helps), our celebrity (although that helps), or the number of females who desire us (although all of these things assist) (although that really helps).

What is it, exactly?

OUR STATUS is what all of these characteristics point to.
I’m not referring to surface status (though it helps), but to something far more profound. Women will not assess our position based on our possessions, the number of beverages we buy them, or whether or not we have a pleasing appearance. However, they will do so because of our actions and how desperate we seem to be in front of them.

Investing emotionally

This is a subject I discuss briefly in my book ” Seduction Simplified,” but I believe it is essential enough to discuss again. The conduct and emotional needs of an individual are two aspects of personality that impact their attractiveness.

Women, according to legend, paid greater attention to the personality, rank, and hierarchy of their possible spouses in ancient times, owing to the necessity for protection and survival.

Women determine the existence (or absence) of these characteristics by observing male behavior, more or less subconsciously.
When we speak about conduct, we’re referring to how someone acts in front of others, as well as how others act around them.

These two factors are intertwined because people treat us in the same manner we allow them to treat us.

emotional need is a significant factor in conduct.

Most of the time, a person’s personality attracts others in inverse proportion to their emotional needs.
People who have a high degree of emotional need are less appealing, and they invest emotionally in others much more than others invest in them.

They place a greater emphasis on how others perceive them than on how they actually feel. Rather of enjoying life on their own terms, they seek other people’s approval.

This attitude is implicitly expressed via conduct, and a woman (or anybody else) may instinctively sense when we are at our most vulnerable. When we are confronted with a particularly gorgeous lady, whether via idealization or fear of losing her, it might be difficult to refrain from emotionally engaging.

Women may be emotionally needy in the same manner as males. Although emotional neediness is a distasteful trait in males, it is not so in women.
It’s worth noting that women are equally drawn to guys who have the ability to succeed as well as those who have already done so.

A university student with numerous abilities who has not yet completed his education, a painter with little money who creates masterpieces, a gifted dancer who has not yet landed a leading part, or a determined businessman who is going through a hard patch are all instances.

The Ability to Command

“Giving up power” is related to “emotional need,” according to Mario Luna, one of Spain’s most well-known trainers. He claims that when it comes to attraction processes, “throwing up power” is the most common and hardest to recognize the error.

We lose our attractiveness, but not our approbation when we give up our power. Many guys assume they are gaining points toward wooing a woman by doing this, but they are really doing the reverse. “Oh, three times I made her laugh!”

When all they deserve is a pat on the back for trying too hard and giving her their undivided attention. Giving up control is a bad idea. Those who come up with a flawless sentence ahead of time are also unaware that they are giving up their power even before the game starts.

Talking about topics that don’t interest us and clinging to whatever strand of the discussion she seems to be interested in is another method of handing up our control. All for the sake of keeping the discussion going, as if the number of words we spoke indicated how close we were to be in her bed. We need to get her out of our Universe’s core.

When a man is confronted with a lady who appeals to him, he often behaves inappropriately. Simply said, the girl’s actions prompt the male to have an emotional response, causing him to react too soon or passionately.

When a beautiful lady makes a disapproving expression at a male, for example, he is likely to feel depressed, irritated, or offended. If she gives him a thumbs up or touches him, his expression changes dramatically, as if he’s just won the lotto.

When she talks, he swiftly turns to listen to her and not miss any details without realizing it. He responds before he even comprehends what she says or asks.

Keep in mind that what is unpleasant is also reactive.

That is why it is critical that we do not respond faster than she does, since the one who reacts less often has greater emotional control over the other in a conversation.
As Mario points out, women find our “power” to be just as appealing as their ass or tits, and it is a key component of our attractiveness to them.

To be honest, I’ve been studying seduction since 2008 and have worked with some wonderful ladies, yet I still make mistakes, giving them my power by accident. Mario, like 99 percent of males, is subjected to it on occasion. It occurs to all of us; it’s a natural part of life; the best we can do is accept it and go on. Don’t always strive for perfection.

This is how I recommend we go with the next female. Let’s try an experiment, even if it’s just for a few seconds. Rather of behaving like a terrified mouse, let out the lion within you and… react less.

What are our options?

Slow your actions down to the point that they seem to be in slow motion. Take a deep breath and give yourself time to answer. No matter what you say or do, be relaxed and tranquil. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. To catch her attention, don’t modify your conduct.

You don’t have to seek her permission.

Do nothing for her that you would not want her to do for you (for example: follow her, buy her a drink, etc). Showing them that they may go anytime they choose is an attitude that I prefer to express. If they go away, I don’t strive to keep them chatting or approach near.

Look her in the eyes when you’re about to say anything. Though you don’t have her undivided attention, don’t say anything since you’re giving up your control even if your feet are pointed towards her and hers are pointing away from you.

However, I don’t want this to be seen as a “compensation behavior,” but rather as a method of being less reactive to the environment and not taking things so personally.

Remember that genuine emotional independence takes time to establish, even if you follow the recommendations. It’s a more difficult internal process that will eventually enable us to be really honest.
This is the problem if we’re in front of a female and wondering, “How can I impress her?”

I’m not sure how I’m going to persuade her to like me.

Is there anything I can do to get her to have sex with me?
We then relinquish our power and become dependent. When most guys chat to a beautiful lady, this is unfortunately what happens to them. This isn’t a good idea.
This will happen if we see her as superior to us, as I already said.

Rather than pondering if we’re good enough to hook up with her, we should consider whether she has anything intriguing to offer beyond her sexual allure.

Thinking highly of her just for her beauty would almost certainly make us anxious, make us behave uncomfortably, and make us feel as though she is beyond our grasp.
One of the key reasons we give up our power is because we think highly of her to the point of adoring her.

Every encounter with a woman is an opportunity to hone our abilities and grow as individuals.

The goal is to grow as an individual, not to sleep with her. We’re obviously on the correct road if we end up in her bed.
Should we, on the other hand, take the initiative and go forward when the time is right?

Sure, why not? The point is that you don’t approach it with a desperate mindset. We go to “the shop” to “try on a pair of trousers,” not to “purchase them,” as Mario explains. If we make it apparent from the beginning that we intend to purchase them, we will be handing them power.

Let’s try interacting with them FROM A PLACE OF POWER WITHOUT GIVING IT AWAY, and tell me what changes you find.
Is there a difference in their movements now? Did they start behaving like shy, blushing young girls?

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