How to Take the girl home for a mind-blowing night.

How to Take the girl home for a mind-blowing night.

How to Take the girl home for a mind-blowing night.

How to Take the girl home for a mind-blowing night.

So you’ve already completed the first three stages on your route to bed. You know how to ask a lady out on a date, how to have a colorful and fantastic experience that will amaze her, you aren’t scared to touch her, go to reconciliation, and now it’s time to speak about how to take her home and realize your goals.

Before I go into specific recommendations, I’d want to point out that there is no perfect time to offer her to stay with you at your house. Nobody knows for sure, and I can’t tell whether or not a female is ready to come to your house right now.

Furthermore, predicting whether you will have sex is quite difficult. But why am I disclosing this information to you? Please don’t let this discourage you. On the contrary, I want to inform you that there is no perfect time for her to transition from a date to your house.

Many guys spend too much time on a date with a female at a café or anywhere else thinking, “Can I invite her home now?” “No, now is not the time, because we only kissed once!”

“I’m not sure she likes me, and she is unlikely to come to me,” “I’m not sure she likes me, and she is unlikely to come to me,” “I’m not sure she likes me, and she is unlikely to come to me,”

“I’m not sure she likes me, and she is unlikely to come to me,” All of this is a normal reflection of a guy who is new at charming ladies. And similar ideas occur in everyone of us at some point, so don’t be concerned.

I gained one basic but important lesson from my experience: you must prepare the ground.

I’m lucky if I can get a female home within 15-20 minutes of meeting her. Almost every female on my first date was enraged and flatly refused to accompany me home. They weren’t ready; they didn’t have faith in me, and they only had a rudimentary understanding of who I was, but they were asked categorically and directly whether they wanted to come to my home.

Aren’t they both funny and ridiculous? As a result, one of your key responsibilities on a date is to create an environment that is completely trustworthy and comfortable and to treat the invitation to go home with you as a natural and completely regular occurrence.

You must offer her a completely innocent excuse to accompany you home, and you must do it at a time when she is comfortable with you and responds favorably to your touch. Offer to go home and taste some new French wine and cheese, preferably from Marseilles.

She may not respond with agreement at first, or she could even say no. However, if certain behaviors are detected (which I will explain later), she will most likely accept and accompany you home after one or two repeats of this approach.

The majority of women who agree to go on a date with a guy are preparing to sleep with him unconsciously. It is unquestionably true. The girl’s worry of being unaffordable, as shown by practice, is the primary impediment.

You probably didn’t start reading this book to learn how to converse with intelligent women or to become a clever conversationalist. I’m willing to bet that the majority of readers want to know how to have sex, take the girl home, and conduct an emotional, brilliant meeting.

As a result, admit to yourself before the date that you like this girl, that she is sexually appealing, and that you want to sleep with her. After that, the spark in the eyes, a mischievous grin, and a nonverbal desire for you as a guy appear subconsciously. This is our natural fundamental weapon, and failing to utilize it is unacceptable.

Allow yourself to do so.

I may presume there is a level of comfort between you if you are not hesitant to touch the female, you are progressively going closer to her, and you instill confidence. This is a must before she will agree to accompany you home.

However, convenience isn’t sufficient. It’s necessary to strike a balance between a gentleman and a guy who comforts her, seems responsible, and doesn’t insult her, and a male leader who controls her.

These two entities seem to be utterly incompatible, which is unusual for a single being. Women, on the other hand, are drawn to the combination of these two sorts.

These two roles, gentleman and alpha male, arouse female awareness and drive women to succumb to our masculine desire.
She exposes herself and surrenders readily to a self-assured guy who leads yet demonstrates that he will not upset her.

It’s crucial to achieve that balance.

After all, how often do we witness men go to extremes in their behavior: they act too aggressively, bluntly, and immediately, scaring females away; or they act too pliable, gentle, and vaguely, causing no sex appeal in a girl?

It’s critical to recognize that you’re the one who initiates the reconciliation; you’ll kiss her, hold her hand, and be the first to change the discussion into a more personal and sexual tone, which she’ll like. You may also take a step back at any point. You won’t treat her as if she were meat.

She won’t have any reservations about remaining with you alone, even at home, in this situation. She won’t be nervous, and she won’t be worried that you’ll pounce on her without her will, causing her to be offended.

You’ll be able to tell she’s a gentleman since you’re aware of her feelings and can take a step back if she’s uncomfortable. I’d want to add: You still need to consider what might trigger her concerns in order to provide comfort and eliminate unwarranted worry.

“How will I go home if I go to his house and I’m uncomfortable?” “How will I get there at night?” “What if someone is at his house?” “What if he doesn’t like my clothes?” “What if he doesn’t like me?”

Similarly, Knowing the answers to such fundamental inquiries about her comfort and convenience (particularly in your house) ahead of time and anticipating concerns is quite beneficial.

When you say to her, “Listen, we’ll sit down, watch a movie, drink wine, and if it gets too late, I’ll call a taxi for you, because you have to work/study in the morning,” you are making a very strong gesture in her direction, and you remove any doubt in her mind that if she wants to go home, it will not be a problem, and she will leave right away.

It’s critical for men to put their egos aside and realize that women could feel uneasy in their house at first. It’s crucial to recognize that this is a possibility.

You send her this message that you are not obsessed on dragging her to bed at any costs, and she will gain that degree of comfort, enabling her to ignore her misgivings and accompany you home.

This is the soil that enables you to bring the majority of the females home on the first or second date. I hope you received my letter and will put it to good use as a key psychological component of seduction.

Let’s move on to more real and practical steps of what to do now that we’ve found out the basics of psychological tactics.
It is critical to notify the female that you desire it throughout the encounter. To do so, you must demonstrate your sexual desire to the girl, but not too overtly, or she may think you are strange, or worse, a sexual maniac; –

You have everything ready at home – demonstrate confidence in your behavior; – She will feel safe in your company – show tenderness; – It is perfectly normal to invite girls home, even if you are on a first date; – Your opinion on it does not change whether she agrees or refuses.

When a female is asked similar questions, she is understandably afraid or exceedingly uncomfortable.

You may utilize the following tactics to alleviate any worries or anxieties she may have:

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Ask her to sit for a bit before you go to catch a vehicle. This will show the girl that your purpose isn’t simply to get her home as fast as possible, but that you like talking with her and spending time with her. This technique will help the girl relax and gain confidence.

Distract her by talking about something else, i.e., tell her something intriguing to keep her attention away from you. The most important element is that the subject be impartial and unrelated to sex.

Use a cab or your own automobile;

public transportation might be stressful for a female. Furthermore, using public transportation requires you to travel for a longer period of time, cope with inclement weather, and be surrounded by individuals who can hear your chat.

Once you’ve boarded the taxi, quickly clarify where you’re going so the driver doesn’t distract you throughout the ride, and agree on a fee ahead of time. Don’t allow the girl get cold on the walk home – keep talking to her and taking her hand.

You may use another approach to erase any concerns and anxieties while you’re both in the apartment: leave the keys in the lock, pound them, and direct her attention to where they’re lying. As a result, you teach the girl that she can always leave if she doesn’t like things.

It is up to you to decide how the events will unfold. However, in order for the seduction process to be effective, you should never perform the following things while conversing and going to your apartment:

Let’s talk about the subject of sex.

Additional sex chats may be seen by the girl as an attempt to get her clear agreement. This situation cannot work in your favor – the girl will see it as a sign of weakness and inexperience, and she will naturally refuse to answer for everything, even if she has long said “yes” internally; do not bring up other girls in the conversation or say that other girls would never agree to go home with you, but you respect her for doing so;

In this instance, the girl will naturally begin to compare herself to others, and you may regard her as a girl with simple virtues.

Express your delight at the fact that she has consented to see you at your house.

Never, for example, contact a buddy and inform him that a female is coming to your place. So be cool and continue chatting to her like you did before getting into the vehicle; do not leave her alone at your house, as she may begin to question the need of her actions, or, even worse, that you are some sort of monster.

The girl will quickly come up with hundreds of various pretexts to avoid staying at your place in a matter of minutes, so don’t leave her alone – pay close attention to her; don’t wait.

If the girl is eager to go home with you, even if you haven’t known her for more than an hour, don’t hesitate to take her to your house.
Otherwise, she would most likely dismiss you as a “nerd” and you will never see her again, so move quickly and aggressively.

So you handled things calmly, confidently, and in accordance with the instructions and principles outlined above, and she has arrived to your home.
This explanation should be used if you invite a female to your residence under a false pretense.

Feeding a parrot, for example, necessitates the bird’s presence in the home. If you claim to have a hookah and a vast collection of tea at home, don’t be stingy and spend $50 on everything. Deceivers are despised by everyone.

The bedroom should be tidy, with everything in its proper place.

Your home should not resemble a bachelor pad. Prepare fresh bed sheets or a nice gesture. Clean white sheets are also a good option.

Don’t forget about the music; the playlist must be in sync. Condoms, lubricants, and other delights should all be considered essential.

Even while you’re at home, the female may be ashamed and not completely calm. So you’ll still have to help her with her COMFORT.
Girls are quite sensitive to your mental condition and how you feel, based on my own experience.

If you simply sit with her on the couch when you get home right now, you’ll look silly and awkward – and she’ll feel awkward and uncomfortable as well. On the other hand, she relaxes and feels cozier when you are calm at home, demonstrates hospitality, and exudes comfort and trust.

As a result, my recommendation in this instance is to plan ahead of time a framework, a “story” for your time together, particularly for the first half-hour.

Dinner preparation is, in my view, one of the well-working situations.

Cooking together is something that most females find exciting and romantic in and of itself since while you’re creating food, you concentrate on one activity at a time and come together emotionally.

I normally play soothing music to create a more peaceful environment. I put logs on the fire and go for rapprochement: murmur something in her ear, draw her to me, kiss her, or pat her buttocks 20, 30, or 40 minutes after the combined pastime, conversation, and simple flirting.

Her enthusiasm and pleasant feelings will be heightened by such a brief flash of passion set against a backdrop of general ease and rest. Take her hand in yours and go to bed if she responds honestly and shows her eagerness to go to your room.

However, despite all the comfort and pleasant feelings, a girl may move back from the first such flash and remark she is not ready, or something like that. In such circumstances, it’s advisable taking a step back and continue on with supper or another activity as if nothing had occurred.

Never put pressure on her or push events; this will simply reveal your fixation and desire, which is not attractive. In this scenario, however, the game “closer-farther” will be a very successful strategy when you take a step back and interact with her as if nothing had occurred, but after a time, you make a fresh “flash” reconciliation, kissing her, stroking her, and translating discussion into a sexual context.

Depending on the severity of the epidemic, more or less action is required. With practice, you’ll be able to accomplish this quickly and effectively, and everything will flow naturally.

It is critical to maintaining the game’s aspect.

You inspire fascination for her by taking steps back without pouncing at her right away. When she realizes that spending time with you is a highly enjoyable experience for you, she’ll feel more at ease. Her mind is made up that by coming to your place, you may coax her into your bed.

It’s important to demonstrate that having sex with her is only the natural end of the whole encounter, the culmination of emotions and mutual desire, and not your exclusive purpose.

As a result, think about what kind of leisure you’d want to do at home, and what would be the most enjoyable for you to do together, right from the start (except for sex).

It is preferable that this is not anything absolutely passive, such as watching a movie or reading a magazine, since she may get bored, cool off, or fully move her attention from you to the actor on the television screen.

As a result, spend the first half-hour at your house doing anything that involves conversation and mutual engagement, something that will help both of you relax while also allowing her to get acquainted with your territory and the romantic atmosphere in your home.

As soon as you see she is not repelled by your kisses and responds favorably when you push her to yourself, rush her into the bedroom. Make sure the bed is clean and there are no unpleasant odors before you go.

After a lengthy romantic pastime, the female usually opens up and pounces on you herself. It’s up to you whether to behave calmly or ferociously yield to emotion. One thing is certain: it will be a scorching night! Make a move!

I hope and think that my suggestions will be helpful to you. I truly want you to put it to good use and see results. Everything may not work the first time. It’s only natural. I went through a lot of uncomfortable moments before I started to feel entirely free and comfortable. But if I was frightened to take a risk on a date and move out of my comfort zone, I re-mastered myself and took action!

Over time, I began to appreciate dating as a whole, rather than simply the end result.
You must realize that the location, your attire, and even the context of the date are immaterial when it comes to totally seduce a female.

These are only suggestions, and they are entirely dependent on YOU. What defines success with a female is her words and confident deeds.

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