7 ideas for first dates to get to know someone quickly

7 ideas for first dates to get to know someone quickly

7 ideas for first dates to get to know someone quickly.

On March 1, 2020, I finally downloaded Hinge because I was ready to attempt dating again after a turbulent relationship ended. We all know what occurred approximately two weeks later: COVID struck, and dating had to take a break.

However, as humanity learned to adapt to a persistent epidemic, dating adapted to reflect the times.

It’s simple to think that the epidemic snatched away precious time for you to locate a spouse, particularly if you had certain milestones in mind, like getting married or starting a family soon.

My dating life during the early days of the epidemic was primarily virtual and includes many instances of ghosting. But after receiving my shot, I was prepared for a more serious and intentional endeavor.

It turns out that many other individuals are as well. Prioritizing your dating life by deciding what you want and being open and honest with potential partners from the start, as well as practicing increased vulnerability and mindfulness by actually letting people into your life rather than hopping from relationship to relationship, are two of the biggest dating trends of 2022 so far. In other words, individuals are choosing to date more efficiently.

Whether you desire a casual relationship, want to date to learn more about yourself and what you want from your love life, or are ready for commitment, Dr. John De Oca, a relationship specialist and nurse practitioner, believes the first step in effective dating is establishing your objective.

De Oca advised choosing one of those paths and being extremely clear about it in both your interactions with others and your personal attitude.

Check out these four popular dating trends for 2022.

Regarding any alleged milestones, De Oca advises his clients not to pursue them and instead to date based on their gut feelings.

Because we want to be in long-term relationships, De Oca added, “We want to make sure that we’re dating individuals who fulfill our relationship objectives rather than simply dating people that are going to bring us to our goals.”

De Oca advises making the most of the time before a first date, particularly if you’re online dating, to carry out an effective dating life. He advises speaking with someone over the phone or FaceTime and being thoughtful about the questions you ask.

As an example, De Oca suggests asking the individual how loving they are if you are aware that your love language is physical contact. Instead of blindly chatting with people and simply saying “Good morning” and “What’s up,” use this time to pre-screen them and get to know them.

When you finally go on that first date, you have a great chance to learn a lot about whether or not the other person is a suitable match for what you’re searching for.

But if you want to date effectively, you shouldn’t go on any first date; certain dates are considerably better than others for fast getting to know someone.

One date won’t offer you the whole picture of someone, but if you know what you’re looking for, what character characteristics you value in a relationship, and what makes you uncomfortable, these first dates may speed up the process. Just keep in mind to create your dating objectives and keep them in mind when on dates.

Supper and/or beverages

The traditional date involves dinner and drinks for a reason. According to De Oca, if you’re attempting to date effectively, “anything that promotes dialogue, any type of situation where you might lean into one another and get to know one other” makes for a fantastic first date.

You’re sat across from each other, and all you really need to do is communicate, so it’s a treasure mine of information (and eat).

Dinner and drinks is a great option if you want to discover more about the individual, including how they carry themselves in conversation, how they eat (preferably with their mouth shut), and how they interact with the wait staff.

It’s entertaining to observe people, but it may also be a terrific test. You may judge your date’s judgemental tendencies, how they talk about other people, and if they make humorous comments or act bullishly. (Seek for someone who isn’t just being cruel about someone’s looks, but has something witty to say about how someone is behaving with their dog.)

Additionally, witnessing other people provides you with conversation starters right away, but sitting across from someone at a dining table may make you feel like you have to dig out conversation subjects from your ass.

Without the uncomfortable silences that result from attempting to slurp pasta without seeming ferocious, you still get the close-up chatting.

Anything like bowling or mini-golf

Getting something done helps avoid uncomfortable pauses. And you get to see the other person’s competitive side and whether they’re a real-life version of the Hinge prompt red flag, “I’m too competitive about: everything.”

According to De Oca, engaging in an activity is usually beneficial since it type of raises the heart rate. Don’t concentrate only on winning, he advises; you also want some quiet time when you can really talk. Instead, consider your date’s personality as well as their sportsmanship.

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Trivia While trivia is not the most accurate measure of intelligence (I mean, who genuinely knows what cynophobia is? ), it is an excellent test of common sense and problem-solving skills. Intelligence is among the attributes individuals strive for in a spouse.

(Cynophobia, by the way, is a fear of dogs.) By seeing how someone responds to pressure, how well they listen to you, and how the two of you collaborate, you may find out how they deal with mistakes or when they don’t know the answer.

After the interview, go out for a drink to process the questions and engage in conversation about anything other than obscure details you’ll soon forget.

Unlimited brunch

At 11 a.m., pour someone a pitcher of mimosas to see how they handle alcohol. Compared to a dinner date, brunch is less stressful but still encourages discussion and allows you to see how they treat those who work in the service sector (and if they offer to pick up the tab, or how well they tip).

Brunch fits the bill for a daytime date, is more enjoyable, and provides you time to get to know your date, according to De Oca, who dislikes coffee dates since they are sometimes quite brief.

Just be careful not to become too drunk that you forget to determine if this person matches with your objectives by asking the correct questions.

Comedy program

A comedy show, one of my personal favorites, is excellent for sifting out folks if having a similar sense of humor is vital to you. If you aren’t laughing at the same jokes, a second date definitely isn’t even worth it.

And if they’re laughing at some dubious jokes, you can fairly readily tell what their principles are.

You won’t have much time to converse during the performance, so make plans to meet up somewhere else afterward to speak about the performances and yourselves.


A bookshop date will make you feel like the lead character in a romance novel if you like reading them. Aisle-hopping might elicit discussion about your hobbies and subjects you would not otherwise think to bring up.

Additionally, you may determine whether they are dogmatic about a certain genre or arrogant about what they read.

If you like each other’s company and decide to go on another date, consider buying a book for each other to read beforehand so you’ll have something to talk about when you do.

Cooking may definitely reveal a person’s genuine character. Making a meal together displays how you operate as a team, much as trivia or activity does.

Additionally, you may see how effectively they follow directions, communicate (plus points if you’re working in a confined area), and clean up in the kitchen (which may be useful information for the future).

Additionally, there is plenty of time for private conversations while the dinner is prepared and served. Naturally, this will require one of you to travel to the residence of the other, so only proceed if you feel secure and at ease.

Skating (ice or roller)

One of my greatest first dates featured us rollerblading around a Brooklyn park. This demonstrated to me that the man was up for anything and that we were both okay with the possibility of embarrassing ourselves.

Going in circles when skating at a rink is rather monotonous, which may prompt you to chat to pass the time.

If you want to explore the idea of becoming physical, skating might be an excuse to hold hands. You may wish to schedule the second half of this exercise daily for when your legs begin to fatigue, similar to some of the other activity dates previously discussed.

My date concluded at the park with takeout food and beverages. We did go on a couple more dates after that, but he ended up being one of the ghosts we spoke about previously.

Meet your pals there.

Don’t make this the whole date since you still want one-on-one time with the individual. Instead, have a buddy crash the event or make plans to meet up with pals after the main date activity.

You’ll be able to see how they interact with the individuals you encounter on a daily basis and determine if they would fit in well with your existing connections.

This provides your friends an opportunity to comment and observe how you behave while you’re on your date to see whether they bring out your best qualities. This is also a wonderful option for a second or third date if you want the opportunity to really be one-on-one the first time.

When that time comes, you’ll be more aware of your feelings toward the individual and maybe have particular things you want your friends to keep an eye out for.

Rallies or protests

You definitely want a spouse who is as passionate about activism if you are. Additionally, bringing someone on a first date to a demonstration demonstrates your commitment to your convictions and helps you determine if they share your passion for the same causes.

On a date like this, it’s practically hard to avoid discussing deeper topics, so you’ll truly get the essence of who they are as a person. We advise continuing the date with a less strenuous activity so you can both exhibit your lighter sides.

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No matter what sort of first date you go on, De Oca advises paying attention to the actions the other person exhibits. Do they communicate with you in a consistent manner both in person and over text?

Do they exhibit warning signs that will only deteriorate with time? Or are they giving out strong signals that call for a second meeting?

One of my pals once said, “If it’s not a ‘fuck yeah,’ it’s a no” when it comes to dating. A different piece of advice comes from De Oca: “If we’re not overwhelmed with the quantity of dates we’re receiving, let’s have more second dates than not second dates,” he added. “Let’s go on another date if it wasn’t a harsh no.”

De Oca recommends allowing individuals the chance to unveil themselves gradually; after all, some people need more time to come out of their shells, and if you’re in a hurry, you can lose out on someone special.

You don’t have to rush through dates just because you’re dating effectively. Have fun and take your time finding out what will work for you.

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