How to Get Her Closer: Kisses and Touches.

How to Get Her Closer: Kisses and Touches.

How to get her closer kisses and touches.

How to get her closer kisses and touches.

When transitioning from walks and chatting to the first touch and kiss, males often feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Some guys complicate their lives to the point that, rather than touching the girl and shrinking the physical gap, they wander for hours in the park, start talking gibberish, and convulsively wonder whether it’s time to embrace, hold her hand, or kiss her.

After all, we all have an intuitive need to touch, come close to, and dominate a female we like when we see her. My buddy, this is natural. Millions of years of evolution have produced this sexual desire and instinct.

Our desires are often thwarted by imagined walls, speculations, and concerns that appear in our minds, preventing us from progressing, controlling, and finally conquering a woman.

Let’s take a look at what most guys fear. When we have a brief urge to touch a lady, what prejudices and conjectures occur in our heads? The fear of being misunderstood, as well as the reluctance to be harshly rejected by a female, are the top two fears in my experience.

“How will she react?” “Isn’t it too soon?” “Are we near enough to touch her?” “What if I don’t like her enough?” We’re scared, and we’re taking precautions to protect ourselves from her harsh criticism. We’re terrified of receiving feedback that we’re not good enough for her.

After a long time, numerous women, and a variety of settings, I can confidently state that the sooner you begin those touches, the better your chances of success are. The sooner you contact her body, whether it’s with your hand, waist, shoulders, or (why not?) the breast, the more free and comfortable you’ll feel right away.

It’s best if you tell her your genuine intentions as soon as possible.

Touch her right at the start of the date, and you’ll be OK. You literally met and said “hi” to each other at that same instant.

An easy hug and a comment along the lines of “I’m very delighted that you came” or “I’m really glad we met” will be the most suitable and socially acceptable gesture at this time. This has a basic connotation, but it also lets her know right away that everything is perfectly normal for you.

It’s in your blood. You embrace her instead of attacking her sexually right away. This action sends the ball to your side automatically, lowering the cost of subsequent errors.

“Well, let’s go for a stroll,” I always remark after hugging the girl and saying “I’m pleased to see you” (trust me, such statements are really nice to her). Touching her hands will seem completely normal and effortless after you’ve held hands for half an hour.

I can lay her head on my shoulder and say, “I’m tired,” and sit with her for a bit while we’re at a café or restaurant. The idea is that this is how most couples sit, and this motion naturally transports you to a romantic mood when you relax and open up to each other.

Of course, there are moments when you embrace a girl and she responds colder than you anticipated. This is quite reasonable. You should not be concerned or believe that she dislikes you in any way. Some females are naturally timid and need more time to relax and get at ease with you.

It’s critical not to demonstrate that her calm and reserved response has wounded or perplexed you in this situation. Again, our job is to demonstrate from the start that touching is a completely natural and normal aspect of our lives, and that we don’t mean to “paw” her, but that tactile sensations are just a part of who we are.

According to my experience, it takes 20 to 60 minutes for the female to accept the touches and openness as a natural and comfortable aspect of the evening. Touching her “socially undesirable” zones like the breast, buttocks, and inside of the thighs is the sole taboo at first.

Some ladies have strong reactions to this because their beliefs and comfort zones tell them that this indicates they are accessible for anybody to take. I’m usually quite cautious when it comes to such things, but on the first date, I can’t allow myself to hurry it.

To be honest, there is a subset of ladies that want this on their first date. And, if you’ve gained some experience and confidence in your talents, it won’t be difficult for you to figure out what the response of females allows you to do.

If the experience isn’t enough, a few fast tiny gestures toward the female will be a huge hit and a sign of your want to get closer to her. After all, it would be irrational to assume she didn’t like you if she came on a date.

Humans are all akin to apes. We are all motivated by impulses, emotions, sex, and flirting with the other sex, it’s no secret. You’ve probably seen a humble, timid girl transform into the most passionate and debauched woman of the evening, eager to sleep with the first male she meets, just as I have.

I just laugh and say, “When I observe this circumstance, and all my buddies are astonished and point a finger at it, I just grin and say, ” “Man, he’s just going through the motions.

Yes, she is led by reason and maintains self-control most of the time, but she still has the same impulses that eventually surface and lure her to the man. So relax, or better yet, go assist her!” “

You may wonder why I’m writing this. Because the most evident representation of the fundamental desires for affection and comfort are touching, stroking, and other things that couples do on dates.

Our subconscious has long connected stroking, mild massage, and caressing the skin with feelings of warmth, closeness, and safety.
As a result, some women like cuddling or just holding hands with guys. They need a sense of security, safety, and care.

As a result, if the girl mentioned “real men,” “conquerors,” “breadwinners,” or something about the “stonewall” in a conversation with you, or if you see phrases like “real men,” “conquerors,” “breadwinners,” or “stonewall” on her social media pages, she clearly requires your attention, and this is exactly what she expects from you.
On the surface, such women seem to be powerful and self-sufficient.

They might be well-protected, possess a strong personality, and even seem stern and dictatorial, yet they paradoxically need the greatest attention and care. This unloading is necessary for them. It’s critical for her to understand that she can emotionally unwind with you, forget about her troubles, and be herself.

As a result, if you believe there are women who dislike being touched or being in close proximity to them, keep in mind that this is just the case on the surface. She’s just walled off and refuses to let go of her intuition.

Touching will provide her with great feelings with a seamless reconciliation.

This is one of those weapons that will make her think about you for days after the date and make her body tremble with pleasure.

She could think you’re great, but she won’t be able to tell you what you got her into. The key is that you just tapped into her natural feminine instincts and provided her with the feeling that every woman needs.

Most of your anxieties and misconceptions about touching women have now been addressed.

In a nutshell, they want it and enjoy it. If you don’t want to take any chances on the first date, stick to “socially acceptable” gestures like hugging her at the start, holding her waist, softly touching her shoulder, or walking around holding hands.

This kind of contact should not make you feel uncomfortable or give you odd ideas. The most important thing to remember is to not wait too long: numerous tiny touches during the meeting unconsciously provide the lady with comfort and addiction, bringing you closer to the coveted first kiss and more frank contact.

Consider tiny, socially acceptable gestures as a must-pass metric for determining her level of empathy for you. If she responds calmly to your touch for many hours, the girl is ready for you to kiss her and start a relationship with her.

As a result, the sooner you show her you want to touch her and she gets accustomed to your hands on her body, the sooner you’ll have sex.

Consider it a rule, buddy! After the first stage of gentle touches and getting to know each other, the seduction process progresses to caressing specific regions of the woman’s body to elicit excitement. Despite the fact that men’s touches generally thrill and provide women with pleasant feelings, there are some spots, touches, and caresses that provide unique sensations.

Erogenous zones are what they’re termed.

Sexual stimulation occurs in erogenous zones, which are specific regions of skin on the human body. Everybody has their own erogenous zones, and we’re particularly interested in women’s. I’ll list the most frequent female erogenous zones based on my own experience.


When kissing a lady, you should be aware of her ears.
You can notice how much the girls adore caressing the lobes of her ear gently. Kissing, nibbling, and playing with the tongue are all options for the ear. This stimulating zone’s nerve endings will not leave the female unaffected.


No one overlooks the neck, and everyone understands how crucial it is to pay attention to this erogenous zone from literature, movies, and personal experience. The joy of soft neck kisses is sometimes overlooked by women.

Light neck kisses and touches are one of the most effective weapons for even the most closed and clamped females. One of my pals assured me that there would be no friction between us. If I hadn’t begun kissing her neck, nothing would have occurred.


The female feels safe and cared for when the boy strokes and kisses her shoulders. The man’s intentions are revealed by such kisses. Only the lover has permission to kiss the shoulders!

If a female responds well to you touching and kissing her shoulders, you’re pretty certain to get into her bed. Moving from the neck to the shoulders is also important during caresses. Kissing the girl between the clavicles is worthwhile; the hollow between them is a potent erogenous zone.


Touching, compressing (gently), and kissing them are all necessary. Because there are so many nerve endings in her nipples, it’s important to touch them softly and sensually.


When a female shows you her wrists, she holds her hand out in front of you, her wrists pointing in your direction. This indicates that caressing this portion of her body will be very pleasurable.

In practice, I’ve discovered that some ladies like soft caressing, while others prefer a rougher, forceful grasp when you grab her wrist.
Experiment with new things and give it a go.

Thigh’s inner portion.

Because the skin on the inside of the thigh is thinner than on the rest of the body, stroking it with palms and fingers produces a really pleasant experience.

In addition, the inside region of the thigh is close to the genitals, and stroking this area of the body causes a woman’s arousal to spike extremely quickly. I recommend massaging and patting the insides of a woman’s thighs before touching her crotch.


Caresses are also enjoyed by the feminine back. When a guy massages the woman’s spine, it stimulates her nerve endings. Not only is this erogenous zone one of the biggest, but it also requires distinct types of care: higher up to the shoulders and lowers down the back to the waist.


A woman’s butt is really valuable. Men always comment on its roundness. She insists on you touching, squeezing, and slapping her buttocks. Every lady wishes for her butt to be delectable and elicit the desire and adoration of her adored spouse.

When you grip her buttocks while engaging the other erogenous zones, I’ve never encountered a lady who didn’t appreciate it. Compressing the buttocks during a passionate kiss on the lips is usually recommended to increase the impact. It is quite popular among women.

The primary and most prevalent erogenous zones are listed below.

Every female, I’m sure, has her unique set of characteristics and erogenous areas. Every young lady is different. Experimentation is worthwhile. If you’re new to dating and don’t know how to read a woman’s body language or predict her wishes and feelings, I wouldn’t recommend it.

During the initial encounter, to ascend into the erogenous zones A female can only be scared by untrained hands in uncertain performance. But it’s also a mistake to be terrified of touching a female or believe it’s abnormal.

The most important factors are consistency and gradualness. The most important thing is to demonstrate to the girl right away that touching is completely normal for you and that you like doing it. Calmness and confidence will follow a sequence of little gestures.

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