Top 5 Phrases Smart Men Never Use Around a Naked Woman

Top 5 Phrases Smart Men Never Use Around a Naked Woman

Top 5 Phrases Smart Men Never Use Around a Naked Woman.
Top 5 Phrases Smart Men Never Use Around a Naked Woman.

Top 5 Phrases Smart Men Never Use Around a Naked Woman.

To have sexual encounters that are enjoyable for both partners, communication is essential. This is true whether you are spending the opening night with a new partner or passing a Sunday in bed with the lady whose obnoxious brother-in-law you have been patiently putting up with for years.

However, for the time being, we won’t go over what you should say to the lady who is standing nude in front of you; rather, we will focus on what you should not say.

Why? Because when we’re naked, we’re at our most vulnerable, and an unthoughtful remark at that time may easily snowball into a huge bowl of unpleasantness.

Naturally, if you make a mistake and say anything inappropriate, you should be ready for it and educate yourself on how successful guys apologize to women.

“You don’t shave?”

It’s totally OK to have a choice in the kind of body hair you have. It is OK to relay such knowledge so long as you can do it in an understanding and compassionate manner. However, when that time comes, you shouldn’t anticipate that your taste in pubic hair would trump hers.

You should prepare yourself for her to have a view on the way you maintain your body and for her to be prepared, ready, and able to accommodate that view.

But whatever you do, under no circumstances should you comment on her craftsmanship or lack thereof while you are in the present. You are going to make her feel preoccupied as well as self-conscious.

According to a number of studies, women who have a more favorable perception of their bodies are better able to live in the present, are more likely to report higher levels of sexual pleasure, and are more likely to have orgasms more often.

And if that’s your objective (it should be), then you should definitely check out the many sex positions she wants you to attempt tonight.

2″So, tell me about your workouts at the gym.”

Again, if you speak about a woman’s nude body in a manner that displays a lack of excitement, it’s the same as tossing an orgasm-wrecking bomb into her head. When you are undressed or engaging in sexual activity is not the moment to bring up what you believe to be a lack of muscular tone in another person. So don’t do that. Instead, focus on the qualities of her physique that you like.

She will have a positive attitude about those aspects and be more driven to perform to the best of her abilities for you. In the meanwhile, focus on looking your very best without clothes on.

Take the initiative, but in a low-key manner. If you’re looking for a decent workout program, you could do a lot worse than to copy the techniques that a male model uses to keep in great condition.

“So, tomorrow I will be attending this really important meeting…”

Regardless of whether the person you are getting nude with is your wife of 20 years or someone you just met on Tinder, the person you are getting naked with might be getting naked with someone other than you.

When she is standing there in her birthday suit, you need to treat her with the respect that is due to someone of her age. Talking about anything else, which may be anything at all, is an effective method to make the situation seem less important.

You know the sensation you get when you extend a helping hand to a complete stranger and they don’t even recognize it?

Well, it’s kind of like that, but a hundred times worse since

(a) you’re not a stranger, and

(b) giving someone the gift of an eyeful of lewdness is a far more thoughtful gesture than holding an elevator door for three seconds.

However, if you do find yourself in the position of having to attend a meeting, you should familiarize yourself with the 14 steps that will allow you to thrive in professional gatherings.


What are you doing right now?”

We have all had that experience. Your spouse is performing a sexual maneuver on you, and the impact it has on your desire is exactly the opposite of the one she is (hopefully) attempting to achieve.

Perhaps she was in a relationship with someone who shared her passion for… whatever it is. Perhaps she learned about it in Cosmo magazine.

Suffice it to say that whatever she is doing, she is doing it in order to make you feel as wonderful as possible. When you ask her to step back, you should keep that in mind.

The question “Can I show you something I really like?” is a great approach to swiftly change any unwelcome tactics into something that is more useful.

“Not tonight,” the customer said.

It sounds like you’re dating someone whose libido can easily outpace yours. Mazel tov! Does this imply that you have to be ready to act each time she expresses a desire for sexual contact? In a single word, no.

You have every right to admit that you are worn out or perhaps not in the mood every once in a while. Make careful to expand on what you’re feeling when you turn down her offer of hanky panky, however.

A brusque “no thanks” might lead her to believe that it is somehow connected to her in some way.

Explain to her that it’s not her fault and that you’ll be more than delighted to reciprocate the moment your need comes roaring back to its previous level as long as the decrease in your desire is just brief.

If it’s more than just a passing hiccup, though, you may want to investigate the most effective daily sex drive enhancers for guys.

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