Whether she’s playing me or scared Find out how

Whether she’s playing me or scared Find out how

Whether she's playing me or scared Find out how.
Whether she's playing me or scared Find out how.

Whether she’s playing me or scared Find out how.

If a female is sending you conflicting signals, you have every right to question whether she is manipulating you or if she is just nervous.

I’ll do what I can to set your mind at rest by pointing you some of the signals that a lady does like you, but she’s afraid of something. I promise it won’t take long.

It might be that she is concerned about her sentiments, such as what would happen if she tells you that she likes you, or it could be that she is afraid that if she backs off, it will seem as if she is playing you.

Here are fifteen indications that she likes you, is not intentionally playing you, but is afraid to commit to a relationship with you:

Is she trying to trick me or is she just scared? Here Are 15 Indications That She Likes You but Is Afraid of You!

She is adamant that she does not want to discuss her emotions.

If a female can’t or won’t speak up about her emotions, it’s a very good indication that she likes you but is too afraid to pursue a relationship with you.

This is due to the fact that she finds it very difficult to put herself in an exposed position, and she is concerned that if she does, you will turn your back on her.

So instead, she either keeps everything bottled up within or pushes you away, which gives the impression that she doesn’t care about the situation.

It’s possible that this is the case if a female is sending you conflicting messages or if you get the impression that she’s playing you yet she won’t open up to you at all.

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When you make an effort to advance, she retreats.

If a female pulls back the more you try to approach her, you may be tempted to simply chalk it up to the fact that she is playing you.

But what this reveals to us, in the majority of instances, is that she has a fear of committing to anything and/or developing greater affections for you.

Because it is simpler for someone to avoid what they are afraid of than it is to confront it head-on, retreating is something that comes easily to a significant number of young women.

She Sends You Sweet Messages Via Text, but She Always Leaves You “On Read”

A lady who likes you but is uncomfortable expressing her emotions to you may often text or post on social media really lovely things to you.

But if it comes down to really talking to you back and forth or spending time with you in person, she’ll have a far harder difficulty doing either of those things.

Therefore, the fact that she is complimenting you on anything is a really encouraging sign.

However, the fact that she suddenly isolates herself from you reveals that she is either fooling you or terrified, and given the circumstances, my money is on the latter possibility.

Her friends claim that she is difficult to read and that she is not a player.

It’s possible that you’ve observed that the lady you’re interested in is a little bit of a mystery, and even her friends claim that she’s difficult to read.

Her friends will know her better than anyone else, and if they tell you that she is not playing you and is just difficult to communicate with, then you may take that to mean that she is not trying to trick you in any way.

Talking to her friends is a good idea since this is one of the greatest signals you’ll receive that she isn’t manipulating you and is really simply terrified of you.

You Learn That She Has Experienced Previous Injuries

Being harmed by a partner in the past will cause a lot of ladies to become more defensive and guarded in future relationships. This is because we all change a great deal as a result of previous traumatic experiences.

It will make a lot of sense as to why the lady you adore is terrified in her present relationship or circumstance with you if she has been injured in the past. Perhaps she was harmed by someone else.

You are going to need some distance and time in order to become closer to her, but if you keep doing the things that are in the best interest of the relationship, you will.

She Gets Anxious When She’s Around You

The fact that a girl seems apprehensive is another indicator based on her body language that she is not a player and that she does, in fact, like you but is afraid of you.

This is due to the fact that players are often self-assured and excellent at putting up a front in order to acquire what they want, while fearful individuals are unable to do so.

It’s a good clue that she loves you but is terrified of you if you observe her squirming, stumbling over her words, or behaving in general differently around you than she does around others.

It is difficult for her to maintain positive eye contact.

Eye contact is another well-known indicator of body language that you should keep an eye out for.

Players will establish solid eye contact in order to acquire what they want when they want it, and then they will carry out their whole performance from a distance.

However, if a woman is experiencing anxiety or nervousness, she is far more likely to find it difficult to maintain excellent eye contact.

She Engages in More Conversations with You Via Social Media

If she finds it difficult to speak to you in person but follows, likes, and comments on your social media, this is a clue that she is afraid of putting herself out there and getting let down. This is also the case if she finds it difficult to contact you.

By engaging in conversation with you online, she is able to feel as if she is close to you without putting herself in a precarious situation in which she may be harmed.

Consequently, if you wish to move things forward, I would consider this as a sign that you have the go-ahead to do so.

She Is Always Interested in What You’re Doing and Where You’re Going

This is a very good indication that she is not performing a trick on you, since if she were, she would have no interest in your life at all.

It is a sign that the lady you like is concerned about you and wants to learn more about you if she is constantly interested in what you are doing and what is going on in your life.

If she subsequently finds it difficult to go further with you, this is absolutely and obviously an indication that she is afraid about or terrified of her emotions.

It’s Obvious That She Wasn’t Born to Play the Game

You can always tell whether someone is a player simply by looking at them. Perhaps not at first, but there are almost always hints that point in the right direction.

In a similar vein, it is easy to see whether someone is not a player.

You may get to the bottom of whether or not a female is a player by determining whether or not she is a player. If you are attempting to determine whether or not a girl is terrified of her emotions for you, then one approach to get to the bottom of this is to determine whether or not she is a player!

In the event that she is a player, there is a possibility that she is playing you.

On the other hand, if she is demonstrably not a player and cannot be played by anybody, you may put her behavior up to the fact that she is terrified.

She Expresses Her Apologies for Pulling Back

Players apologize very seldom because they do not have adequate consideration for the thoughts and emotions of other individuals.

If the woman you have feelings for has withdrawn her advances and subsequently expressed regret for doing so, this is a positive indication that she is not fooling you.

It demonstrates to you that she feels awful about toying with you, but that she finds it difficult to place herself in a situation where she is vulnerable.

It’s Obvious that She’s Envious Whenever You Talk to Other Girls

Players, for the most part, do not experience feelings of jealousy when the individuals they are seeing converse or hang out with other people.

In spite of the fact that jealousy is a fairly awful feeling, it demonstrates that the person in question has a significant amount of affection for you.

And if she is afraid of her sentiments, then this will simply intensify the envy she already feels.

When you get together, she puts out an effort to be cordial.

It is possible to learn a lot about a lady – or a man – just on the amount of preparation they put in when they are aware that you are going to be meeting them.

It is a clear indication that she is attempting to win your favor if she is looking her very best, including maybe getting a new haircut or getting her nails done.

The only explanation for why she would go to such lengths to win your favor is if she has feelings for you, even if she can’t bring herself to express them.

She is Always Thinking About You and Providing You with Adorable Gifts

If a lady does sweet, considerate things for you that make you feel amazing, this is another indication that she is not simply manipulating you as a pawn in her game.

Consider yourself fortunate since there are not many things that are more enjoyable than getting thoughtful presents or having someone do something special for us, so you should take advantage of this.

It doesn’t seem as if this girl is simply trying to get a rise out of you by playing a game.

When she is in the room with you, there is an electric buzz of nervous energy.

It doesn’t matter what you name it—an x-factor, a gut feeling, intuition, or anything else—whatever it is, it’s not something that can be seen.

You may be able to simply ‘feel’ it when a lady likes you but is afraid of being rejected, displaying her emotions, or doing anything else that has to do with you because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

It’s hard to put into words since it’s such an indescribable sensation.

But if you sense an energy, tense energy, or something extremely different when she’s near you, it may be because she likes you and is afraid of how she’ll feel about themselves around you!

If you’ve eliminated the possibility that she’s playing you, then this is the most reasonable explanation for what happened.

It is in your best interest to take the initiative and make an effort to encourage her to share her thoughts and feelings; if you don’t, you could regret the chance later on.

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