On National Plan A Vacation Day, make your RV trip plans.

On National Plan A Vacation Day, make your RV trip plans.

On National Plan A Vacation Day, make your RV trip plans.

On National Plan For Vacation Day, make the most of your RV trip..

In the words of the US Travel Association, “National Plan For Vacation Day is meant to encourage Americans to plan their vacation days for the whole year at the beginning of the year, and to urge them to utilize those days to travel around the United States.”

It is also intended to draw attention to the significance of vacation preparation and how much it may benefit our mental health since studies have shown that planning a holiday helps us feel happier. Of course, there is no better way to see the nation than by taking a road trip in a recreational vehicle.

Set The date of National Takes a Vacation Day.

It is observed every year on the final Tuesday in January as National Plan For Vacation Day. Tuesday, January 25, 2022, will be designated as National Plan For Vacation Day for 2019.

Some of the most effective resources for RV trip planning

It is usually a good idea to plan an RV vacation ahead of time. You’ll know precisely which routes to travel and which roads are suitable for your recreational vehicle after you’ve completed your research. Driving along a road that is too small or down a highway with an overpass that is too low for your truck is something you don’t want to be stuck doing.

Aside from that, not every campsite or RV park is created equal. Whether you’re not sure if your location will be a good fit for you, check through campsite reviews first.

Alternatively, you may be looking for certain facilities such as a pool or dependable Wi-Fi, or you may be taking advantage of a membership program such as Thousand Trails, which will save you money on nightly rates.

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It may also save you from having to stay in a busy RV park in an undesirable area, and it may assist you in finding a more peaceful and secure RV resort.

It is simple and pleasurable to arrange the ideal vacation with the help of RV LIFE’s comprehensive array of RV vacation planning tools.

In just a few minutes, you can locate all of the campsites and RV parks in a given city or state with RV LIFE Campground Reviews, and you can read reviews from other RVers to get a better picture of what each place is like.

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Besides that, you may look at photographs of the campsite, get their contact information, and learn about additional attractions and activities in the surrounding region.

Using RV Trip Wizard, you can easily find campgrounds along your route and filter them based on your preferences; locate gas stations, dump stations, rest areas, Walmarts, and other points of interest; check elevation changes along your route; plan your trip budget; and much more. To learn more, visit RV Trip Wizard.

Then, after you’ve nailed down your itinerary, you can simply bring it up on the RV LIFE App for RV-friendly GPS navigation.

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That’s how simple it is. To discover more about using RV Vacation Wizard to plan your perfect RV trip, watch the video below, which was produced by Henley’s Happy Trails.

Make a budget for your holiday.

In addition to making travel arrangements on National Plan For Vacation Day, you will most likely be crunching statistics and figuring out your spending budget at the same time.

The following are some suggestions for saving money and reducing expenditures when traveling.

Make an application for American citizenship In order to visit national parks in the next year, you must purchase the Beautiful Pass beforehand. This service is available for $80 and is valid for the whole year.

Due to the fact that some parks charge $35 in admission fees, the ticket will pay for itself after just a few of trips.
Involve yourself in a camping organization like Escapees, Hundred Trails, or Passport America. These annual memberships may save you a significant amount of money on nightly camping costs in a variety of locations.

As much as possible, plan to dine in your RV. Despite the fact that it’s usually interesting to check out the local eateries in the places you’re visiting, the expense of dining out can rapidly pile up, particularly for families on the road. It is estimated that the average cost of home-prepared meals is $4.31 per serving – whereas the average cost of dining out is $20.37 per dish, according to Journey Foods.

Save money on gas by walking instead of driving. Make use of a gasoline discount card or go to GasBuddy.com to get the cheapest petrol in the locations where you’ll be driving.

Coupon codes should always be sought online. When purchasing anything from Camping World or tickets for a local attraction, you never know if a promotional code may be available that will provide you with a discount on your purchase.

Additionally, the free Honey browser plugin may be used to scan for promo codes while you’re shopping online.
You can quickly plan your budget and calculate the costs for each leg of your journey by using the RV Trip Wizard.