Is It Possible To Tow A Lightweight Camper With A Car?

Is It Possible To Tow A Lightweight Camper With A Car?

Is It Possible To Tow A Lightweight Camper With A Car?

Is it possible to tow a lightweight camper with a vehicle?
Buying a camper and hitting the road for some adventure is the first step, but knowing what kind of campers may be towed is as important.

As previously said, an RV is only as good as its towing vehicle, so be sure you get a type that is light enough to be towed by your selected car.

While keeping this in mind, there are definitely lightweight campers that you can tow behind your vehicle!

Traditionally, trucks have been the preferred mode of transportation for RV owners, but the sector has grown in recent years, and drivers of less heavy-duty vehicles now have a broader range of alternatives as well.

The maximum towing capacity of a car can vary depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle, but most cars can tow between 1,000 and 5,000 pounds.

Campers that can be towed by a vehicle with a towing capability of at least 3,500 pounds will be discussed in depth in this article (which is a common mid-range measurement).

Even with the best of intentions, there will always be some vehicles that are incapable of towing an RV at all, but the majority of everyday automobiles are capable of towing a modest camper.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common sorts of lightweight campers, as well as some potential models to consider for purchase.

‘Pop-Up Campers’ are a kind of camping trailer that can be transported from one location to another.
An RV or pop-up camper may be the best choice for you if you like both camping and RVing in equal measure.

Travel trailers and conventional tents are two different types of camping equipment. These are lightweight campers that can be pulled behind a vehicle.

A compact travel trailer with fold-out portions that can be utilized to increase the room and create the impression of being in a tent is what this sort of RV is in its essence.

Three lightweight pop-up campers with a range of amenities are shown in the gallery below. Due to the fact that some have bigger floorplans than others, they are all popular and may appeal to individuals with a variety of interests.

1971 ESP (Extremely Extensive Sports Package) at Rockwood Resort

However, even though it is one of the heaviest alternatives on our list, the Forest River pop-up trailer weighs just 1,984 lbs, which is still workable. The towable range for most normal automobiles is within this range, plus you get to enjoy the perks of a little bigger camper!

The Rockwood Extreme Sports Package is comprised of two fold-out portions, each of which has a separate bed for each of the guests.

The trailer is also outfitted with a couch bed in the center, as well as a booth-style dinette, a mini-kitchen, and a fridge.

Ample sleeping space combined with a compact floor design makes this an excellent choice for those seeking both.

SylvanSport GO is an acronym that stands for SylvanSport Global Online.

Without the SylvanSport GO, there would be no list of lightweight pop-up campers that would be complete.. Because of its incredibly small construction, this is one of the finest lightweight campers for towing behind a vehicle.

Considering its lightweight (840 pounds), it is suitable for nearly any kind of transportation. When not in use, it may be folded down into a small box and afterward expanded into a large tent-like structure.

It also has a roof-mounted equipment rack that can accommodate bikes, kayaks, skis, and other large items of gear.

There are two XL twin beds or one single king-sized bed available in the SylvanSport Go, as well as a dining table with four chairs and a dining table. By choosing this camper, you’ll have the impression that you’re camping in a luxurious tent!

Traveler T250LX is an Earth Traveler.

It is one of the lightest recreational vehicles available on the market, and it is manufactured by Earth Traveler. Given its base weight of 298 lbs, it should be possible to tow this device with ease even if your vehicle isn’t specifically designed for the task.

It’s a cross between a pop-up camper and a teardrop trailer, but it doesn’t quite fall into either of those categories completely. Interior accommodations for up to four people are provided by multiple pop-up walls and a roof in the Earth Traveler. Upgrades like solar panels and kitchen facilities are also available if you are willing to put on a little extra weight.

The Teardrop Trailers are a kind of trailer that is designed to be transported in a teardrop shape.
A third lightweight alternative for vehicle drivers to explore is the use of teardrop trailers. Travel trailers that are merely equipped with the minimal essentials are what these smaller versions are all about.

Because they’re small and reasonably priced, they’re ideal for couples or single campers. Even though all teardrop trailers are lightweight campers that can be pulled by a vehicle, we’ve compiled a list of the lightest and best-equipped alternatives for you to choose from.


is a droplet that is a little bit bigger than your average droplet.
The Droplet XL weighs 950 pounds, making it one of the most powerful campers you can tow behind a vehicle or truck.

In this contemporary trailer, which was created to be accessible to everyone, even those with limited towing capabilities, the focus is on comfort and convenience.

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With a queen-sized mattress, huge windows, and a generous amount of storage space, the main cabin of this trailer is ideal for traveling.

Cooking and extra storage are available in the kitchen located at the back of the trailer. When you opt to travel with the Droplet XL, you may bring a sink, stove, and refrigerator with you. An excellently-equipped unit, it has all of the essentials for a camping expedition.

Over the course of many decades, Meaner Bean Bean Trailer has established itself as a leading maker of high-quality teardrop trailers.

Each of their vehicles weighs less than 2,000 lbs, and they are all designed for off-roading. Having a combination of mobility and well-designed conveniences in one handy package makes this an excellent choice for the ordinary automobile. –

However, even though the Meaner Bean is the heaviest of the Bean trailer designs, it still weighs 2,000 lbs in total. It’s furnished with a queen-sized mattress, an abundance of storage space, built-in lighting, and a convertible design that can be used as either sleeping or eating space. This model also has an outside cooking area in the back galley.

Timberleaf Pika

In the field of teardrop trailers, Timberleaf is yet another well-known brand. At 1,025 pounds, the Pika is one of their lightest versions, making it one of their most compact. A sturdy and comfortable camper, it’s built for off-roading adventures.

All of our trailers are equipped with two twin beds, which are ideal for a couple traveling together or a single camper. On the inside of the cabin, there are netting storage sections, and the back has a kitchenette.

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Storage space is abundant, and there are kitchen conveniences such as a wide worktop, electrical and USB connections, a refrigerator, and an oven and microwave. Adventure travelers will find this to be a convenient and lightweight device.