RV LIFE PRO’s Top 5 Advantages

RV LIFE PRO’s Top 5 Advantages

RV LIFE PRO’s Top 5 Advantages.

Recreational Vehicle Life Pro (RV LIFE Pro) is the most recent update of three popular software programs for RVers that are grouped together under the RV LIFE Pro brand.

In today’s world, recreational vehicle ownership (RVing) is more popular than ever, and with that popularity comes an influx of new RVers who aren’t familiar with important basic skills such as finding campgrounds, plotting an RV-safe route, and the detailed RV trip planning you should be doing before you hit the road in that brand new or rented RV.

During this presentation, we’ll go through the top eight advantages of RV LIFE Pro.

In what ways does RV LIFE Pro differ from the rest of the industry?

The definition of RV LIFE Pro is essential to comprehending the top eight advantages. It comprises of three tools: the RV Trip Wizard, the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds smartphone app, and the RV LIFE Pro: Maintain My RV service.

RV Trip Wizard is a helpful tool for planning your RV trip.

You may access RV Trip Wizard from any common web browser on your computer, laptop, or tablet. RV Trip Wizard is a web-based RV trip planning application.

Using it, you can meticulously plan your RV trip by selecting and scheduling all campground stays, gas station visits, stopovers at rest areas, and any other route detours that you may encounter while driving or towing an RV.

This app contains information on RV life, including GPS navigation and campgrounds.
In addition, the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app, a mobile navigation software intended to assist you with finding and navigating to your destination while following RV-safe instructions, is included in the RV LIFE Pro subscription.

You can access all of the fantastic suggestions you created in RV Trip Wizard on your mobile device, allowing you to manage the whole route without ever having to put in a single location.

Keep My RV in Good Condition

For RV, this is the last piece of the hat trick. RV maintenance software named Maintain My RV is available via the LIFE Pro website. Maintain My RV allows you to input and monitor all of the equipment in your RV, as well as get email notifications when maintenance is necessary.

While reclining against the camper, a man uses RV LIFE Pro on his cell phone.
Using the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app is a required component of using RV LIFE Pro.
RV LIFE Pro Provides the Following 8 Advantages:

This means there will be no more speculating

A lot of unknowns await first-time RVers as they embark on their journey. That road seems to be in good condition. Do I have to drive for a long time? May you tell me where I can locate a campsite?

When you use RV LIFE Pro, you can eliminate all of the guesswork by planning every element of your fun RV journey before you go. When it comes to driving, knowing precisely where you will travel and sleep as well as where you will eat, fill up, and take breaks is essential.

Secondly, there is no longer any typing.

If you’re using a phone for navigation, one of the most frustrating aspects is the typing required. The more difficult or unusual the place, the more your ability to maintain Job-like patience will be required.

Using the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app, your RV Trip Wizard adventures are downloaded from the cloud and seamlessly imported into your phone. As soon as you’re ready to hit the road, just open the RV LIFE app and choose the trip you want to take.

Then simply touch on the first location to begin your journey. With no address type, predictive text, or spell-checking to guide you in the incorrect way, you’ll never get lost.

It is no longer necessary to update the map.

As a long-time user of recreational vehicle navigation systems, you are aware that maintaining the maps up to date was a necessary but time-consuming activity.

At the very least, portable GPS devices could be relocated to a computer, where the war could be fought on an equal playing field with everyone. While upgrading in-dash head units may be accomplished using SD cards, USB flash drives, cables, and extension cords, this is not always the case with head units mounted on vehicles.

There is never any need to worry about working with an old map since the maps in RV Trip Wizard and RV LIFE Pro app are always current and never need upgrading.

Notably, if you are worried about traveling in a region with low cell service, the RV LIFE app does provide the option to download maps to your phone.

The maps in certain circumstances would need to be updated, however, the upgrades are absolutely free and can be completed on the phone using the RV LIFE mobile application. There aren’t any wires, adapters, or download files to be concerned about.

There isn’t anything left out.

It was customary for RV travelers to have with them a large campground directory guide, a truckers’ map of the area they were traveling through, and sometimes even an exit guide that listed all of the fuel stations and restaurants located near different exits along the road they were traveling through.

A state or national park guidebook was also included in the majority of RVers’ packing lists for their trips.

RV LIFE Pro is pre-loaded with all of the information found in those books and manuals. RV Journey Wizard’s interface with CampgroundReviews.com allows it to provide you with a comprehensive listing of all campsites as you’re planning your trip.

Additionally, from inside RV Trip Wizard, you can add fuel stations, rest spots, shops, restaurants, and a variety of other amenities to your itinerary.

Using both street view and satellite view, you may double-check your route and destination, making sure they are exactly as you want them to be. Worried about inclines or gradients that are too steep?

The RV Trip Wizard includes an elevation and gradient chart that displays both elevation and grade along your trip.

It’s designed for and by RVers who live full-time in their vehicles.

There’s nothing magical about RV LIFE Pro, and it’s not simply a money-making venture capitalist’s fantasy software or even a huge RV company’s ploy to get people to buy more RV servicing or accessories.

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In addition to famous sites like iRV2, Campground Reviews, Camper Report, Do It Yourself RV, and the RV LIFE digital magazine, RV LIFE is also a community of actual recreational vehicle enthusiasts. Aside from that, they have over two dozen brand or platform-specific forums to assist RV enthusiasts with inquiries concerning their rig.

In response to RV Trip Wizard customers’ wish to carry their fantastic trip plans with them digitally rather than just printing them off or pasting them into a spreadsheet, the RV LIFE GPS application was created. RV LIFE Pro arose as a result of the combination of these two items.

As a result of customer feedback, the RV LIFE team is continually developing innovative, fascinating, and cutting-edge enhancements to their goods.

Unbeatable value for your money

As of right now, RV LIFE Pro is an excellent deal at a starting price of $49 per year. Even at that low price, I don’t think it’ll be there for much longer.

The most comprehensive RV trip planning package available would cost you no more than $8 per month, even if you paid twice as much as that.

With the integration of Maintain My RV, it becomes even cheaper for the consumer. Even though Maintain My RV has made significant improvements, the onboarding process for those who are not technically savvy continues to be arduous. T

hey, will most likely polish it to the same shine that they have given their other equipment over the following year or so.

Best of both world

RV LIFE Pro caters to everyone’s needs, whether you are a die-hard app user or like to utilize the large screen whenever available. A browser-based tool, RV Trip Wizard is compatible with common online browsers like as Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, among others.

On a laptop or other device with a bigger screen, most customers will choose to complete their extensive RV trip planning. For those cat-like ninjas capable of typing out a whole novella on your iPhone at a pace that would make Evelyn Wood faint, you may organize your vacations, in the same manner, using your phone.

You can still navigate your journey with the RV LIFE GPS app, no matter which side of the large screen vs. small screen argument you are on when you’re ready to travel the open road.

None of the alternatives come even close.
There is no other RV trip planning and routing tool available that comes close to this level of sophistication. Some of the apps are only available on mobile devices, while others use automobile routing rather than recreational vehicle routing. While some are restricted to certain campsites, others are comprehensive and brand-neutral, while others are confined to chosen or branded campgrounds.

None of the other options available are quite as comprehensive and extensive, enabling you to plan elaborate multi-week or multi-month journeys while still having the freedom to take a fast, ad-hoc trip to nearby camping over the weekend. Nothing else compares.

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As the RV industry has discovered, RV LIFE is a firm to keep an eye on. RV LIFE Pro demonstrates its dedication to providing a high-quality product to RVers and the RVing community as a whole by launching this website. RV LIFE Pro will be beneficial to both new and seasoned RVers.