Is It Possible To Get A Bidet In An RV?

Is It Possible To Get A Bidet In An RV?

Is It Possible To Get A Bidet In An RV?

An RV provides the unique option to take a full bathroom with you wherever you go, which is one of the major advantages of traveling in an RV. Most recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and fifth wheels include at least one bathroom, no matter how large the vehicle is in terms of overall length.

The most often used fixtures, on the other hand, are typically restricted to three items: a toilet, a sink, and a shower. The use of bidets is becoming more common across the United States, but is there such a thing as an RV bidet?

It is quite feasible to install a bidet in your recreational vehicle! Despite the fact that they are typically bought separately, a range of toilet accessories are available, including a portable bidet, a battery-powered sprayer, and modifications that work in combination with the present toilet.

Depending on the amount of available space in your RV bathroom, you may also choose to install a permanent bidet that is separate from the toilet.

One of the most fun advantages of owning your own recreational vehicle is the ability to customize it to match your personal needs and desires. Having a comfortable and functional bathroom is quite important to many people, thus the fact that RV bidets are capable of being installed will be welcomed news.

Let’s talk about the many different types of RV bidets, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as some popular models to consider when shopping for one.

Bidets are offered in a variety of styles.
Choosing the right bidet for your RV bathroom is the first step in deciding whether or not to put one in your RV’s toilet area. Bidets are available in a number of different forms, but they always need access to a water supply to function.

Bidet that can be taken with you.
In comparison to the other options on our list, portable bidets are the smallest and most user-friendly. They may be kept in the bathroom of a recreational vehicle or brought on outdoor adventures. A little quantity of water is normally included in these devices, which are often compact and portable. Upon pressing or activating the button, they release a stream of water at an angle. They’re also quite affordable. Portable bidets are available in both manual and battery-operated models, and both are as successful in their respective roles.

In addition, there is no need to connect any pipes or to install anything of any kind. Portable bidets are simply little water bottles that may be used in lieu of toilet paper when on the road or at an airport.

Trekking and other outdoor adventures when a restroom isn’t always nearby or easily accessible are great situations for them.

Handheld sprayers are sprayers that are small enough to be carried about with you.
Other options include installing a portable sprayer in the bathroom, which may be used for toilet cleaning purposes as well as general cleaning.

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This kind of sprayer also requires a water supply, which means that it must be linked to something like a sink, plumbing line, or even a bucket of water in order to work effectively. Although the models are available in a variety of combinations, they all function in the same way.

You just connect them to a water supply and activate the sprayer after you’ve finished using the toilet. Because they make it easy to control the flow of water, hand sprayers are quite popular among house owners and gardeners.

Additionally, they do not need elaborate configurations and can be added and removed with great simplicity. Portable sprayers might be an excellent solution when it comes to an RV bidet that is quick and straightforward to use.

Toilet attachments are available.
In the United States, one of the most popular bidets is one that has a built-in toilet connection as part of the design.

These are little sprayers that may be mounted to the seat and are fitted with buttons, levers, or knobs that enable the user to control the flow of water that is being sprayed at them. Because they are always pulling clean water from the toilet’s reservoir, you never have to worry about disconnecting or reconnecting them.

Another advantage is that these toilet accessories are tiny and easy to install, making them even handier. If you use a composting toilet that does not need the usage of freshwater, this sort of toilet may not be appropriate for you..

However, since the majority of RV bathrooms are outfitted with a plumbing system, these toilet attachment bidets are a fantastic choice to investigate more.

Bidet that is available on a permanent basis
In certain cases, a bidet is regarded to be a distinct piece of equipment from the rest of the bathroom. It is not merged with the toilet but is instead placed in the same bathroom as the toilet and sink. In most cases, traditional bidets are stand-alone devices, however, they have evolved somewhat throughout time to accommodate a range of functionality.

Although it is possible to install a permanent bidet in an RV, it is doubtful that it would be the most convenient kind of bidet to use. To utilize it, you’d have to have it constructed particularly for you and have it connected to a separate water supply system. In the event that you intend on living out of your RV full-time and would prefer the comforts of a hotel, you should strongly consider this as a realistic option.

The benefits and drawbacks of utilizing a recreational vehicle bidet
So, yes, it is possible to install a bidet in your camper van (in some form another). Is it, on the other hand, genuinely worth it?

Despite the fact that bidets have been in use around the world for many years, they have only recently begun to gain popularity in the United States.

Despite the fact that some people still find them strange and difficult to use, others can’t imagine their life without them at all! As a result, before you invest your hard-earned money on a new RV bidet, take a moment to consider some of the pros and downsides.

Advantages: Reduces the demand for toilet paper via the following factors: To be honest, toilet paper is a need in most modern toilets, particularly in public facilities.

Despite the fact that this procedure is often successful, it may be rather costly over time. Moreover, since most RV toilets are not built to handle a significant volume of toilet paper flushed, you may find yourself clogging your system if you use an excessive amount of toilet paper.

Cleanliness and hygienic conditions are important considerations. The usage of a bidet decreases the need to wipe your hands, which may limit the spread of germs from your hands to other surfaces. Using pure water, it sprays in a fully automatic manner! In many cases, it is actually more hygienic than using toilet paper in the first place.

There are other alternatives to consider: Bidets, as previously said, are available in a number of styles and sizes to suit your needs. If you don’t enjoy using a hand sprayer, you may use a toilet attachment instead if that’s what you prefer. Portable ones are also handy to use, and much more so to transport from one location to another! For every person, there is a bidet that will fulfill their requirements.


Bidets are not without their drawbacks, though. Mold and mildew growth are two of the most serious of these. Given that these gadgets function on water and sometimes leave a pool of standing water between uses, there is a potential risk of mold and mildew formation in them. Bidets with heated seats are more prone to this problem than other types, so proceed with care if you acquire one of these models.

Installation is required in a variety of situations, including: If you choose a bidet for your RV that is not portable, you will be required to complete some installation work before using it.

Due to the fact that they need water to function, you may need to connect them to a water source such as a sink or shower, or to the plumbing of your toilet. Certain bidets may be more difficult to install than others, despite the fact that this is not a severe concern.

They consume a disproportionately large quantity of water: When not linked to a water source, recreational vehicles have a limited supply of water. Use of a bidet when dry camping and solely depending on your storage tanks may reduce your already limited supply of water and sanitation supplies.

For inspiration if you’re considering acquiring an RV bidet, consider the models mentioned below. These goods have all received favorable reviews, and there is a diverse selection of various styles to pick from.

Bio Bidet is a toilet accessory that is made of biodegradable materials. SlimEdge design on the bidet. Sprayer with a handle for the toilet seat: Attachment for the toilet seat Toilet Bidet Sprayer with a Handheld Sprayer Bidet with a handle for portability: Rock of Mighty Power Meidong Travel Bidet is a portable toilet designed for travel.