Have You Ever Had a Floating Feeling While Meditating?

Have You Ever Had a Floating Feeling While Meditating?

Have You Ever Had a Floating Feeling While Meditating?
Have You Ever Had a Floating Feeling While Meditating?

Have You Ever Had a Floating Feeling While Meditating?

During your meditation, do you sometimes have the sensation that you are floating?

If so, you’re not alone.

I, like with a great number of other people, have had many experiences in which I have had the sensation that I am floating.

There are a few different factors to consider while attempting to describe this sensation and what it represents. I will describe them, as well as several methods in which you might create a sense of “floating” and move your meditation to a deeper level of consciousness.

Is It Doable to Enter a Floating State While Meditating?

No, it is not feasible to truly float when meditating, in the sense that one might levitate.

There have always been tales passed down through the ages about revered religious figures who had the ability to levitate. But there has never been any evidence to suggest that this was genuinely possible for anybody.

However, it is not impossible for someone to have emotions of levitation or floating that are so convincing that they think they are really doing so.

A more enlightened state of awareness may be attained via the practice of meditation. When you are in this condition, a wide variety of things, both mentally and physically, have the potential to take place that will seem completely genuine to you.

Therefore, it boils down to how you understand the word “real.” Some individuals will claim they really floated, others will say they had the sensation of floating, and yet others will describe anything in between these two extremes.

Why do you feel like you are floating even if you aren’t?

When seen from a scientific perspective, the act of meditation is associated with a slowing of the brain waves.

If you are able to attain a profound level of meditation, your brainwaves will enter a range that is connected with a variety of unusual bodily sensations, including floating, sinking, and motions.

When we meditate, we can heal and identify pain spots in addition to other physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing concerns if we can achieve these deep levels of consciousness. These deep states of consciousness may be reached by meditating for an extended period of time.

While in a really profound level of meditation, I’ve had personal experiences of floating, sinking, being weightless, and other sensations that are analogous to these states.

In addition to vividly seeing images, colors (you can read about the experience I had of seeing golden hues here), and situations in which I interact with other people in extremely clear detail.

When you are able to have a conversation with your deep subconscious mind when you are meditating, there are many things that are conceivable that we do not completely grasp.

I can personally attest to the fact that this is in fact doable, having done it many times before.

Then there’s the possibility that you’re experiencing astral travel, which is a lot more profound and profound explanation than the others.

When One Is Meditating, What Exactly Is Astral Projection?

An out-of-body experience is referred to variously as astral travel, astral projection, and astral walking. All of these terms refer to the same phenomenon (OBE).

Meditation is only one of many practices that might help you achieve your goal; it’s definitely worth looking into.

It is often held that when an individual engages in astral travel, their astral body separates from their physical body and goes to the astral realm.

Although I have some personal ideas about this issue and what it represents, I won’t be going into length about them in this piece since I don’t want to bore you. But there is one thing I am aware of, and that is that while you are astral traveling, it may seem as if you are floating.

If you find that this topic is interesting to you, then I strongly suggest that you do some more research on it. It is a profound subject, far more profound than I will be able to do credit to in the few pages that remain in this piece.

Sensations and Emotions of the Body That Are Typically Experienced During Meditation

It’s a positive indication if you have the impression that you’re floating while you meditate. When this occurs during meditation, it indicates that you have reached a very deep level of calm.

Don’t worry about it if you haven’t encountered this problem just yet. If you keep meditating, particularly if you employ body scanning and guided methods meant to help you interact with these feelings, you will most likely achieve this goal at some point in the future.

In order to provide you with a more comprehensive picture of what is typical, or what more you may anticipate when meditating, the following list of other bodily sensations and experiences that are normal during meditation is presented to you:

Feeling Hot or Intense Heat

When you meditate, you could experience a rise in the temperature of your inner body, and this is perfectly natural. Some individuals even claim that they have experienced tremendous heat in certain portions of their bodies, or even all over their bodies.

While you are meditating, you should make an effort to block out whatever is going on around you so long as it does not become too distracting. If it is something that is bugging you, you may even open a window beforehand or do anything else to cool down the room.

My main worry is that it might indicate that you are not breathing properly and that this is causing you to retain heat. Verify that you are breathing appropriately and try to focus more of your air on your ribs in order to release some of the heat.

Feeling Cold

Some individuals report feeling hot, while others report feeling chilly. When it comes down to it, it has everything to do with how different people’s bodies release energy when they are meditating.

It is one of the kundalini symptoms that I have written about on this page, and it is thought to be congruent with the movement of the energy known as kundalini.

When meditating, it is advisable to avoid thinking about it, as is the case with most other feelings. If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable as a result, you need to take some action to attempt to adapt to the situation.

Tingling Sensations

It is very natural to have tingling feelings. They may vary from a mild tingling sensation or a muscle twitch that affects a localized region to waves of intense tingling emotions and sensations in the affected area.

In most cases, it indicates that you are entering a profound level of relaxation and that your muscles are releasing any built-up tension.

Additionally, this is an indication that the chi, also known as energy, may move freely all throughout your body.

If you notice that a certain part of your body is giving you the same feeling again and over again, it may be worthwhile to look into whether or not this has any connection to one of your chakras.


Tingling sensations are not to be confused with vibrations in any way. Tingling is an interior sensation, while vibrations may begin inside the body, but they manifest outside as shaking and vibrating.

Again, just as with any of these other experiences, it might imply something entirely different to each individual. It is commonly thought that this indicates that you are carrying around some stress or exhibiting indicators of having a chakra that is obstructed.

The next time you meditate, see if you can get your body to relax more before you start. In addition to this, do a body scan to see if there are any parts of your body that do not feel completely relaxed.

In Conclusion – The Floating Feeling That Occurs During Meditation

It is my hope that you now have a better understanding of why it is possible to feel as if you are floating when meditating, as well as some of the other prevalent emotions and experiences.

All of these emotions and experiences, in the broadest sense, are to be regarded as good. Even in the event that you find out that you have a problem with the way energy circulates throughout your body, as is the case while vibrating, for example.

It is preferable to have any problems brought to your attention via the practice of meditation as opposed to going about your day blissfully unconscious of them.

That right there is the strength that comes from practicing meditation. It is a means by which one may investigate their mental, spiritual, and bodily well-being.

Accept, educate yourself, and maintain your level of practice.

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