Are you experiencing heaviness as you meditate?

Are you experiencing heaviness as you meditate?

Are you experiencing heaviness as you meditate?
Are you experiencing heaviness as you meditate?

Are you experiencing heaviness as you meditate?

Today, I was talking to a buddy who said that, lately, he’s been experiencing something that he describes as “feeling heavy while meditation.”

These feelings were so vivid to him that it’s been giving him a lot of trouble.

When I pressed him for further information, he revealed that on occasion, certain regions of his body experience a heavy sensation. If he attempted to move, it seemed as if his head would be too heavy for him to do so.

Or perhaps it seemed as if his whole body was glued to the surface of his bed (he meditates lying down).

It was intriguing to chat to him about this topic since I’ve had similar sentiments in the past, but I’ve never truly discussed them with anybody else. Absolutely no one who had also felt weightiness when they were meditating.

Therefore, I thought I’d share what it is that we spoke about here. We can only hope that some of this will ring true for you and that it will even assist some of you in better grasp what it is that you are experiencing when you meditate.

Is It Typical to Feel Heavier Than Normal or Grounded When You Meditate?

Indeed, this is the norm. When I say “normal,” what I really mean is that it’s not all that unusual, so there’s no need for you to panic out or feel as if anything is wrong.

One thing that I’ve been aware of is the fact that I used to have these sensations a very long time ago, but I haven’t had them in a very long time.

My buddy who is going through similar sensations is also quite new to the practice of meditating; he has only been doing it for about a year.

If it’s any consolation, I believe it’s something that can be overcome with practice and experience.

After having a conversation with him about it, I decided to find out what a meditation instructor who attends a mindfulness meeting that takes place in my neighborhood had to say about it.

He explained to me that it might often indicate that you are awakening your kundalini chakra, which can result in very intense and deep experiences. Consequently, this is something that has to be investigated in more depth.

However, this is only one possible reason. There is a wide range of potential causes, the majority of which may be connected to the individual’s own mental and physiological condition at the time the event occurred.

What Course of Action Should You Take When You Are Feeling Like This?

The most important thing to remember while you’re trying to meditate is to ignore any thoughts, sensations, or images that come into your head.

People who are just starting out with meditation will find this to be the most challenging obstacle to overcome. I can hear you now, saying, “how can I not concentrate on something that is happening?” I know what you’re thinking because I can hear you.

Because you are not concentrating on any one particular issue, you are experiencing these sensations. This is the most significant benefit of meditation. Besides the sound of your own breath, of course.

It requires a lot of practice, I am fully aware of this fact.

Don’t beat yourself up if something that seems strange or is brand fresh first grabs your attention the first few times it happens.

After some time spent meditating, you will eventually develop a natural tendency to let your body guide the experience, in which case you may just let go and let whatever transpires take its course.

Observe what it is that you are experiencing rather than analyzing it, since this is how I’ve heard it expressed most effectively.

In our day-to-day lives, we make decisions based on the ideas and sentiments that we have gleaned through our analysis of everything. The purpose of meditation is to bring one’s attention to the present moment.

When you meditate, do you experience any other feelings or sensations?

When you meditate on a consistent basis and go further into the practice, the sense of heaviness is not going to be the only emotion or sensation that you encounter.

Other sentiments that are quite typical include the following:

If it’s warm or even quite hot, you need to make sure you’re breathing correctly and keeping your body temperature under control. Even though it may be painful, heat is often seen as a positive indicator that energy is moving freely throughout the body.

Difficulty maintaining wakefulness; dozing off while meditation is quite typical and should be expected.

After all, you are slowing down the frequency of your brainwaves and entering a profound state of relaxation. This topic is discussed in further depth in the piece that follows:

Connected: How to Tell the Difference Between Meditating and Sleeping

Pains that appear out of nowhere – Most of the time, when we experience pain, it is connected to a traumatic event that occurred in the past or to a blockage of energy that is associated with a certain chakra. When you are not meditating, you should investigate the region that is giving you discomfort. This will provide you a lot of information.

The sensation of floating — In my opinion and based on my own experiences, the sensation of floating is one of the most powerful and fascinating sensations. In certain instances, I’ve had the sensation that I’m floating above the ground, which prompted me to investigate this phenomenon more; if you’re curious about this topic, please continue reading below.

To summarize:

If you have begun having emotions or sensations while you are meditating, this is an undeniable indication that you are connecting with your subconscious mind and making headway in your practice.

However, this does not always assist when you are left feeling anxious or puzzled about the situation. You are absolutely correct to inquire about and investigate these sensations in more depth.

Despite the fact that there isn’t always a “correct” answer and that everyone will have their own one-of-a-kind and personal experiences, I hope that I’ve been able to assist you get a better understanding of what your mind and body are going through when you meditate.

Continue to hone your skills, broaden your horizons, and make daily baby steps toward your ultimate goal. I hope everything works out well for you!

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