What Is the Best Way to Upgrade Your Camper Door Lock?

What Is the Best Way to Upgrade Your Camper Door Lock?

What Is the Best Way to Upgrade Your Camper Door Lock?

Most of the time, you don’t think about your camper door lock until it gets stuck or has a key broken off inside it. Year-round exposure to the elements may have a detrimental effect on the performance of door locks.

In addition, if your door lock is not changed, it may be keyed the same as many other factory-installed door locks, which is not a good thing. The installation of an upgraded door lock ensures that you will have secure and trustworthy access.

Many camper enhancements are primarily focused with looks and aesthetics. Although it is not the most important feature of your camper, replacing your door lock is a simple and moderately cost improvement that will offer security to your vehicle. Check out this video to learn how to replace the lock on your camper door.

RV door locks and handle components are all of the same design, which makes them easy to replace. This means that the process of updating your RV will most likely be the same no matter what brand you own.

Is it really required to have a keyless entry system installed?

First and foremost, you must decide whether you want to upgrade to a higher-quality keyed door lock or if you want to switch to a keyless door lock. The advantage of utilizing a keyless lock is that you don’t have to worry about having to carry a key about with you all the time.

Furthermore, if you have a large number of people entering and exiting the camper, there is no need to keep a key in the camper. Consider that you will still need a key to be stored somewhere in case the battery dies or if there is a problem with the keyless keypad.

The elimination of the present camper door lock is being considered.
The removal technique is quick, and you will most likely just need a single screwdriver to do it. To achieve this, the striker plate, which is located on the edge of the door, will have to be removed.

Once this has been completed, remove the screws from the inside of your doors that hold the door handle assembly in place until it can be replaced.

Immediately after removing the old assembly, carefully examine the cut-out in the door to confirm that your new component will fit appropriately in the existing space. It’s important to thoroughly inspect the door around the cut-out for any signs of water intrusion around the door handle assembly.

Check to be that the deadbolt and striker assembly on the new lock are aligned with the existing holes in the door frame before installing it. If required, the door jam striker plates may typically be changed by a little amount if they are not too damaged.

Before you put your new door lock in place, check to see that it works smoothly and efficiently. Examine your keyless entry system to ensure that a numerical code has been recorded and that it is capable of locking and unlocking the doors and windows.

Many keyless systems are also fitted with remote control, known as a fob. If yours does, double-check that the fob is functioning properly.

The new camper door lock was installed in the vehicle.

The technique for installation will be the polar opposite of the procedure for dismantling the existing system. Install the assembly into the cut-out in the door and fasten the assembly with the proper hardware to complete the installation.

If the striker plate has been removed, it must be reinstalled. Once the door lock and deadbolt have been completely installed, check to see that they are both in perfect working order. Ensure that the door is still closing and latching appropriately by doing a visual inspection.

Storage compartments are secured with locks.
The majority of campers have storage compartments that are unlocked using a key that is rather common, the CH751. As a result, the majority of campers will have the same key, according to this assumption. As a result, although this will keep the honest people out of your storage facilities, it is a good idea to upgrade the locks on these facilities as well.

It’s also really convenient to have your door and storage compartment locks locked the same way. On their storage compartments, most campers use tumbler locks, which are notorious for seizing up and bending keys when they are not being used properly. Typically, a lock will be placed on one side of the storage door and a latch will be located on the opposite.

In this case, the difficulty is that the latch side of the door frequently does not close quite as tightly as the lock side, leaving it more vulnerable to manipulation by would-be thieves. The fact that the locks and latches can be swapped out means that putting locks on both sides will give an extra degree of safety.

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