Where To Look For A Big Rig Campground

Where To Look For A Big Rig Campground

Where To Look For A Big Rig Campground.

There are many large motorhome owners looking for a big rig campground where they can get some space for themselves and their RVs, despite the general trend toward smaller RVs, particularly the growth in the Class B segment. If you own an RV that costs more than $250,000 (and frequently considerably more), you’re probably searching for appropriate accommodations that are a little more lavish than your average campground.

It is a great time to be in the RV business!
There has been tremendous expansion in the RV sector, both in terms of the number of Recreational Vehicles available for purchase and in the availability of sites for us large rig owners to rent and maybe purchase an RV lot in a park. Until June 2021, the RVIA (RV Industry Association) expects to see record growth.

“Incredible results have been achieved thus far this year.” “Through the first six months of this year, there have been 325,032 retail registrations, representing a 38 percent increase – nearly 90,000 units – over the 235,506 registrations during the same period last year.”


All of these figures are in addition to the millions of Recreational Vehicles that are now in use. Also changing is the demographics of RV owners, which has seen a significant increase. There is an increase in the number of young RVing families; they currently account for around 27% of all RV owners.

Every type of campground or RV resort will see an increase in the number of families because of this. Perhaps these young folks seen what their parents or grandparents went through when driving their big trucks and now want to join in on the excitement.

Find a Big Rig Campground Using One of These Seven Tools.
No matter how you slice it, RV resorts, RV campgrounds, and national parks are experiencing record-breaking levels of demand for their services. Some of your favorite RV resorts may have reached capacity or perhaps been completely sold out, which you may have observed.

You’ve probably seen that several National Parks now require you to make a reservation for a timed admission permit. For large rig owners, maybe you’ve seen an increase in the number of RVs at Flying J and Pilot gas stations.

How does a large truck owner locate large truck RV parks for rent and/or purchase?

What resources are available to him or her? Fortunately, there are a plethora of reliable, long-standing programs and websites to choose from. In addition to updating and refining their services via their websites, many of these campsites and RV resorts also use online applications or lists, as well as many useful books, to assist them in their selections and decisions.

a review of a campground
CampgroundReviews.com is usually a good place to start looking for information. It is the alpha, the big dog, the leader in the clubhouse of all campgrounds; it is Campground Reviews, the grandfather of all campgrounds.

RV LIFE PRO’s Top 5 Advantages

The Benefits And Pitfalls To Renting Out Your RV

Is it true that Costco sells RVs?

everything for free, of course In order to narrow down your big rig campground search, Campground Reviews offers a variety of filters. It is possible to add ratings and amenity criteria to your search in addition to the standard filters for large rig access and Class A only.

In addition, Campground Reviews feeds all of the campground data into both the RV Trip Wizard and the RIVING LIFE GPS app, allowing you to use those filters in both the trip planning and the RV-safe GPS navigation phases of your RV trip.

For a portion of Florida, this screen shot from RV Trip Wizard displays campgrounds and filter options.
Big rig parks may be found using the RV Trip Wizard, which is provided by Campground Reviews.

Top Picks for Big Rigs No. 2
Best Bets for Big Rigs Developed by Adam and Alicia Miller, the website (https://www.big-rigs-rv.com) is a paid resource that is accessible both online and as a 500-page spiral-bound hardback.

Owners have relied on them for more than two decades to locate large rig campsites across the United States and Canada. The website also provides a list of nearby gas stations and eateries. I think it’s a fantastic tool to have, and we’ve never visited an RV resort or campsite without first checking up the park in their user-friendly directory.

Resorts with a high level of luxury
For example, Upscale RV Resorts is a relatively new tool that has a website, a mobile app, and a growing Facebook Group. The Facebook group in question, in particular, was started last autumn and has swiftly expanded to include more than 20,000 participants.

Their members have discovered some very fantastic RV facilities, which currently number roughly 250 upmarket RV resorts/parks, according to the organization..

They have selected another 30 or so luxury RV resorts from among these 250 spots, all of which are as sumptuous as the large rig you come in when you stay there. It is possible to narrow your search, even more, using the aforementioned app (available for both Android and Apple devices) by selecting various parameters.

Aiming to identify finer “upscale” RV parks that match requirements such as paved roads and sites that are not accessible via other websites or social media groups, Upscale RV Resorts was established in July, 2020.”

RV parks are becoming more of a destination, where RVers want to relax, socialize, and take advantage of resort-style amenities, rather than a stopover for a few days or a week or a base from which to explore local attractions, and the desire to find higher-end resorts has increased significantly as a result of this trend..

A testament to this is the fact that the total number of members has risen to over 20,000 in less than a year. “Most recently, during the previous 28 days, the group has had 2200 requests to join, 289 new posts, 6700 comments to posts, and more than 13000 responses to posts.”

Upper-Crust RV Resorts by Jim Wolfe

Vehicle Parking Lots for Motorcoach
You could give MotorCoachLots.com a try if you are ready to acquire an RV site to avoid having to seek and book a location many weeks or even months in advance on a regular basis. By purchasing one of these options, you will be able to remove your reservation schedule from your schedule. Their sibling site, Prevost-Stuff.com, is also a slouch in the upmarket department; it is located on the popular Prevost site. Both websites provide photographs, features, and advantages of large rig campsite sites for sale in various locations around the United States of America.

5th, the RV Park Supply Store
The website rvparkstore.com is another excellent source for finding a large rig campground to purchase or an RV lot for sale. Then, choose the proper state and/or zip code, followed by RV Lots, and hit the search button. The ability to search and view what is available is completely free, even if this is a paid site to publish on.

Zillow is the sixth option.
Truly, RV sites for sale may be found on Zillow, which may surprise some people. However, if you discover them, you’ll be greeted with a really clean and smart method to exhibit an RV site, complete with features and advantages, images and price. It may take a little longer to locate them.

In order to sell your home as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), you must create a website, brochure, or video and market it yourself. You may submit your FSBO listing on Zillow (for free). Try looking on Zillow to see if anything interesting is currently for sale. See the example of a personal listing for this author in the section below.

Site-Directed Offerings are the seventh point to consider.

Going to the individual top resorts and looking for Lots or Sites for Sale or Rent would be another excellent way to find sites for sale and/or rent. The website www.motorcoachrvresortidaho.com, for example, lists available lots and sites for sale directly on their website.

Prices, features, and perks, phone numbers, and, in most cases, a plethora of photographs and videos are included.. Most of the major RV parks now do this in order to make it quite simple to view what is offered at each of their individual facilities..

It’s not uncommon for big rig owners to take it in stride from people who argue that “that’s not camping” or “why to
bother…with all of those luxuries, you may as well remain at home.”

These critics are completely misunderstanding the purpose of the situation. It’s not all about the woods, hikes, and campfires when it comes to getting away from everything.

When traveling in a big rig RV, it’s important to avoid motels and airlines, bring pets, and pay attention to the weather forecast. On the road, it’s all about experiencing pleasant things when away from home.

Sure, it’s not for everyone, but for those of us that love it, it all begins with selecting a large rig campsite, taking pleasure in the travel to get there, and taking pleasure in the features and facilities once we are there….