What Is The Best Way To Purchase Wine For Others?

What Is The Best Way To Purchase Wine For Others?

What Is The Best Way To Purchase Wine For Others?

The notion of selecting wine for others poses a unique set of challenges since you are unable to make selections based on your own personal tastes. Here are some tips for selecting wines for others that they will like, whether you’re shopping for presents, weddings, another member of your family, or a dinner party.

1. Know what you like.

Make Yourself Well-Informed
When buying anything for someone else, the first question to ask is “what do they like to drink?” If you have more particular facts at your disposal, making a selection will be much simpler.

If you discover that they like white wine, for example, this information is less useful than discovering that they enjoy Chardonnay, or even better, California Chardonnay.

You may find out this valuable information by personally approaching them or by speaking with someone who knows them well. Pay attention to the wines they offer while entertaining, as well as the bottles on their wine rack if it is visible to the public.

2. The Sure-Fire Bet

If you want to be safe, attempt to purchase them something that is close to the brand they already appreciate, rather than buying them something that is identical to the brand they already adore. If they already have a bottle of a certain wine in their cellar, gifting them an extra bottle is nice, but not very memorable.

As an alternative, consider surprising them with something they haven’t heard of or attempted before. As a result, you have a decent chance that they will enjoy the wine while also learning something new in the while.

A new experience is valuable in and of itself, particularly if you take the time to explore it beforehand to ensure that it will be pleasurable in the future.

If you’re unsure about what to buy, contact your favorite wine merchant by phone or email. The top establishments have knowledgeable staff members who will gladly propose wines that are related to whatever you want to mention.

3. For the More Daring Among Us

In this case, you’re in luck if your giftee or visitor is a little more daring and willing to experiment. There are hundreds of wines available that will entice them with unusual flavors and intriguing tales, and they may choose from among them.

Look for wines from uncommon wine locations that are created from grapes that you haven’t had much experience with before. Perhaps, if you’re fortunate, the wine will be opened at a time when you happen to be there, allowing you to participate in the journey for yourself.

Nonetheless, you may want to keep a few fundamental categories in mind while you brainstorm. Some individuals may be interested in trying any sort of sparkling or white wine, but they may not be interested in red or dessert wine.

Keep your choices inside the parameters of the styles they want, and you’ll still have a large number of options.

4. Exceptions for the use of wildcards

As previously said, you should aim to choose a wine that is within the parameters of what the giftee currently appreciates; however, you may make an exception if you are purchasing more than one bottle for them. Consider the following scenario: your buddy likes hot reds from the New World.

This opens us to a plethora of possibilities, from Australian Shiraz to Californian Zinfandel and everything in between.

Buy them another bottle and you can throw a wildcard into the equation with something a little less predictable. Purchase a bottle of Shiraz from the Barossa Valley in Australia and pair it with a bottle of Negromaro from Sicily, for example.

The second wine, despite the fact that it is not from the New World – and so falls outside of the established criteria – is nevertheless a spicy, full-bodied wine from a warm region. You may gift the two bottles in the following manner:

“Here’s a Shiraz from Australia since I know you like that sort of wine.” I also brought you something from Italy that has a similar flavor to what I brought you.

I’m not sure whether you’ll enjoy it, but I thought it could be interesting to compare the two of them nonetheless. “Perhaps you’ll come upon a new favorite.”

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