Who would spend $2000 on Nazi wine?

Who would spend $2000 on Nazi wine?

Who would spend $2000 on Nazi wine?

Especially in light of the current political climate in the United States, this wine gives me a really unpleasant feeling. Today, a friend of mine who works in the Swedish wine sector was traveling to Denmark and visiting a wine storage facility there when he discovered this very rare bottle of wine. As a token of appreciation for their service, Hitler bestowed it to his Generals on the occasion of his 54th birthday.

These 1.5-liter magnums are so difficult to find that they practically never go up for auction, and their asking prices exceed £2,000 apiece. The most recent transaction on record took place in 2014. It was initially said that the wine contained therein was of an everyday quality;

however, this would suggest that it is now of an unacceptable standard. I suppose this is appropriate given that the ‘Fuhrer’ was, without a doubt, the most vile person who has ever walked the earth.

Although it can have a market value of 2,000 dollars, in my opinion, it is completely useless. Who exactly is the kind of individual who would purchase this wine? The history of this particular bottle has a fascinating backstory.

A worried widow who was cleaning out her late husband’s stuff and was at a loss as to what to do sent the wine to the supplier in the hope that they may help her. She had previously attempted to sell it, but she was unsuccessful, and as a result, the proprietor of the company was able to buy it at no cost.

Even more intriguing is the fact that Hitler did not partake in the habit of drinking wine. However, he was so full of himself that on the occasion of his birthday celebration, he would hand out bottles of wine with his picture and name as gifts to the people who came to celebrate with him. Just give it some thought for a second.

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