What Do Men Enjoy in Bed? 42 Requests They’d Like But Won’t Make

What Do Men Enjoy in Bed? 42 Requests They’d Like But Won’t Make

What Do Men Enjoy in Bed? 42 Requests They'd Like But Won't Make.

What Do Men Enjoy in Bed? 42 Requests They’d Like But Won’t Make.

To be really honest about your preferences in the bedroom might take a long time. Everyone is different, and it’s not always simple to express what you’re into, whether you’re looking for a one-night stand, someone you’re casually hooking up with, or even someone with whom you’re in a long-term relationship.

We’re always picking up new knowledge when it comes to pleasure and sex. Solo pleasure can teach you a lot, and as time passes, your sexual intelligence will inevitably grow.

Even those with the greatest sexual experience still have a few tricks in their sleeves. For one person, something fantastic could feel completely different than it does for another.

In general, men like a lot of things in bed but won’t expressly request them.

Main Points
Iteration is the key to successful sex. When it comes to sex and pleasure, you never stop learning.
Your sex life will improve dramatically if you surprise your partner in the bedroom.
It’s crucial to take the time to make your spouse happy while also making sure that you are entirely content with yourself.

15 Things Men Prefer to Have in Bed But Won’t Request

What sexual things does a guy want from a woman?

In all honesty, it’s fairly difficult to tell.

Every man is unique, and sometimes it truly does depend on the day. How often have you had the finest sexual experience, but when you try to duplicate it, it simply doesn’t seem the same?

Although it’s impossible to pin down exactly what men want from women sexually because of our ongoing sexual evolution, there are a few sex tricks that can be used to try to keep things interesting.

Take total charge

In the bedroom, males are often the more powerful partner. Although it’s not always true, this is the prevailing perception.

According to research published by Cambridge University Press, “In men, high levels of endogenous testosterone (T) seem to encourage behavior intended to dominate.”

You could be shocked to learn that your lover like having you in charge in the bedroom if you try changing things up.

initiate sexual contact

It’s never a terrible thing to start sex, and it generally surprises your spouse.

We engage in sexual activity sometimes only because it’s expected. Although it may seem absurd, it is true. It’s time for bed, you two are cuddled up and ready to fall asleep, and you could think, “We haven’t done it in a while. We might as well while we have the chance.”

This is all well and good, and I have nothing against planned sex—in fact, I think it can be fantastic for a couple’s sexual life—but I do think that a little spontaneity never hurts anybody.

Your partner may find it more exciting to initiate sex since he will be anticipating your excitement.

Add some flavor.

There are several techniques to make sex more interesting. Take your sex life to the next level by experimenting, wearing lingerie, creating the right atmosphere, and switching up the settings.

Additionally, it’s always a pleasant surprise when you take the initiative to liven things up rather than waiting for your partner to do it.

Verify various sex positions

Absolutely nothing is wrong with the missionary position, but treat him to the 69 position sometimes, ride him, and ask him for a dog. Get in there if you know what his preferred position is.

To prevent your sex from seeming monotonous and repetitive, it’s crucial to vary the activities.

Be bold and surprise him.

Take the initiative and come on to him when he least expects it since men won’t beg for you to surprise them.

Think about approaching him in the kitchen when you’re preparing supper together or having sex in a public area. You may even find a secluded area and engage in some sexual activity there. The unexpected is nearly always exciting and will give you the chance to take charge.

Send him explicit photos or texts.

To be really honest, it’s quite possible that at some time throughout your relationship, your spouse has requested you to give him nudes. However, send them when he least expects it to catch him off guard and make him eager for when he returns home.

You may even text him and tell him what you plan to do to him later. I guarantee you’ll have the sex of your life when he comes home.

Talk dirty

It doesn’t have to be challenging to talk filthy. Although many people are reluctant to try it, it actually has the power to elevate good sex to great sex.

Understanding males on a much deeper emotional level is the key to finding a solution. With a few subtle comments, you might make to him, you can truly modify the main reason why men react in this manner.

Take this little survey to find a professional relationship counselor who can assist you in resolving those issues.

Dirty language can be the key to pushing him over the brink since sex is all about the atmosphere.

Keep him nearby

Men and women both like being touched. To promote physical connection, keep him near to you when having sex.

Keep your eyes open.

Nothing makes for more seductive sex than making eye contact. It might be tempting to avoid eye contact, but doing so will irritate him and show that you are confident, and what could be more seductive than that?

together pornographic

Most people mistakenly believe that porn is just used for masturbation, but it may also be a terrific way to spice up your sex life.

You have a chance to be open and sincere with your spouse about your wishes. Have him watch as you get horny by asking him to play you his favorite porn.

Porn is great for fostering experimentation, despite the fact that it may sometimes be troublesome. You may watch a few different films to receive suggestions on how to spice up your relationship with your lover.

Display a show

Put your nicest underwear on and put on a show for him. Give him a lap dance or perhaps a strip tease if you can dance well.

Before you ever touch him, liven things up and get him fired up.


Let him know what works and what doesn’t. Occasionally, if you don’t think your partner is enjoying themselves during sex, anxiety may take over.

Be talkative and converse often; this will help you both and, in the long run, enhance your sex life as well.

Put on his preferred fragrance

Nothing is more enjoyable than having sex with someone who smells fantastic.

Put your perfume on before you get sexy if you know he’s a perfume fiend and see how hot it may make him.

Put in the effort

I would absolutely advise getting dressed up, doing some makeup, and giving him something to look forward to.

That’s not to suggest he doesn’t believe you’re attractive naturally, but sometimes it’s great to go above and beyond and put in a little more effort.

He deserves a massage.

Giving massages is quite seductive and a terrific approach to promote sensual fulfillment.

You should turn on a candle, prepare your finest massage oil, and then gently move your hands over his body. This is an excellent chance to stimulate his erogenous areas, and it may even result in a sensuous handjob to start things off.

Just say it.

A self-assured lady isn’t afraid to be blunt and tell their lover precisely what will please them the most.

Most of the time, males appreciate the advice. As I keep saying, good sex is all about the energy, so they want to know that they are making you feel sexually satisfied in order for them to feel completely satisfied.

Porno movie

Only for your eyes, or maybe not

What you choose to do after recording yourself having sex is totally up to you. Personally, I believe it’s a nice memory to have when you’re feeling frisky the next time, as if it were private pornography meant just for you and your lover to see.

Some individuals opt not to see the footage they record while having sex. Whatever you would like, but trust me when I say how hot it is to whip out a camera while having good sex.

As a side note, you both need to agree before filming and this must be completely consensual. You must also respect your partner’s privacy if he wants to keep it secret and must both agree on whether or not you will show other people.

Show him your assurance.

Sexy is confidence. in the bedroom, especially.

Put on hot lingerie

You can be sure he will be in the mood if you surprise him with a new pair of underwear. Additionally, it demonstrates your effort and your dedication to him.

But if it’s just the two of us, I firmly believe that putting on sexy underwear boosts your sexual satisfaction while also boosting your self-confidence.

Masturbate as he watches.

I strongly advise you to try mutual masturbation if you haven’t already.

It’s one of my particular favorite bedroom activities, but I’m not sure why. In the end, no one will be able to make you happy the way you can. And because you feel turned on seeing your spouse and therefore knowing that he is watching you, you effectively have your own free porn.

You may go one step further and engage in masturbation in front of him just, excluding him from the action. It’s definitely a power move and will enable him to develop restraint. Additionally, it is just very sexy.


I don’t see why anal sex is stigmatized so much; it’s fantastic.

Some guys are afraid of being rejected when they want an anal. But let me tell you that if you put in the effort and make sure you’re well-lubricated and calm, anal can be quite enjoyable.

It’s the ideal chance to liven things up if your spouse has always wanted to try anal sex on you but you have been reluctant up to this point.

Start small with finger penetration, a rim job, or even utilizing a butt-plug (another one of my personal favorites) if you’re not quite comfortable with anal sex.

Pay a little attention to his anus.

Similarly, try showing his anus a little affection.

Locate his G-spot

Anal penetration naturally turns on the male G-spot in the rectum, which is also known as the P-spot due to the presence of the prostate. Try inserting a finger, or even propose going a little bit farther…

Mark him

Pegging is the practice of inserting a strap-on dildo into your partner’s anus.

As we have already established the location of the male G-spot, pegging can be very sexy and highly enjoyable for both you and your partner. It is also a very dominating act to perform on your partner as a woman.

Additionally, there are strap-ons that stimulate your clitoris as you perform an anal on him, increasing the likelihood that both of you will orgasm.

Given the widespread misconception that anal penetration is associated with homosexuality, it is highly unlikely that your partner would ask you to peg him. A man’s interest in the potential pleasure of anal intercourse is understandable given that his actual G-spot resides in his ass. Really, it doesn’t get any easier.

Unfortunately, this one takes a little bit of preparation unless you happen to have a strap-on dildo in your nightstand drawer. Planning, however, could actually heighten the excitement.

his erogenous zones, engage

Erogenous zones are areas of the body that trigger sexual sensations when touched or aroused, according to The Human Andrology Journal. They might be extragenital or genital.

Men’s lips, nipples, inner thighs, buttocks, earlobes, nape of the neck, and perineum (the region between his anus and scrotum) are some examples of erogenous zones.

His sensitivity will increase and he will feel pleasure if his erogenous zones are stimulated.

buy fresh sex objects

Visit your neighborhood sex store and leave with a bag full of fresh toys to test.

Show him that you want to change things up sexually, and watch him light up when he discovers your intentions.


Bondage is a fantastic way to learn about BDSM. By varying the power dynamic, you can. Allow your partner to play the submissive role if he is typically the dominant one in the bedroom, and vice versa.

Mattress restraints are one of my personal favorites. You put them below your mattress and then prepare cuffs for each of the bed’s four corners. When you decide to try BDSM, you won’t have to deal with the setup and can use them as you, please.

play acting

Play his favorite roles and indulge in his fantasies. Consider investing in cosplay if he enjoys fantasy, or dress up as a sexy nurse if he has a penchant for nurses.

This will thrill you both, which will eventually make the bedroom feel more exciting.

Apply a butt plug.

Even though we’ve previously discussed purchasing new sex objects, certain objects need a separate discussion.

Since we are aware that the male G-spot is in the rectum, we will indulge him and buy him a butt plug. I would also advise you to try one yourself for selfish reasons.

Aural beads

A clerk at my neighborhood Ann Summers shop once told me that the greatest sex toys for guys to have a strong orgasm are anal beads.

Her suggestion was to insert the anal beads into his rectum and quickly rip them out to push him over the brink. Unfortunately, despite having it on my to-do list, I never had the chance to try this one. Anal beads, however, may be a terrific toy to pique your man’s interest and demonstrate your concern for him as the scene builds to an exciting climax.

Put in the effort

This time, I’m not referring to my hair and cosmetics.

I’m not looking at anybody in particular right now since I believe we have all sometimes behaved like pillow princesses.

Take total charge and sometimes let your spouse be the pillow princess, however, if you really want to liven things up.

Scream for him

Let him see how much he motivates you.

Never forget about his balls

Don’t forget to have a look at his balls.

Try giving him a gentle massage while giving him a blow job, and watch as he soon achieves climax.

Congratulate him.

In the same manner that you should direct him, you should also compliment him on his good qualities.

Be a bit affectionate and flatter him; tell him that you find him handsome, seductive, and that he makes you feel hot.

He deserves more oral sex.

While some men feel awkward, others are happy to request more oral sex.

This would very certainly be at the top of your partner’s list if he isn’t making requests in the bedroom.

Be sentimental

Both men and women like romance.

Being amorous in the bedroom is essential for generating energy and a positive atmosphere. However, it’s also nice to take it slow and be sensual with your partner. Sometimes, rough sex is the way to go.

Three of you, please

Making the decision to play threesomes might be challenging.

While for some couples it may not always be the best course of action, for others it can work wonders in strengthening their bond. Discuss if it is undoubtedly appropriate for you as a pair with your spouse.

But if you and he both like the concept of a threesome and you are aware that he has been desiring this for some time, why not give it to him?

to live out his desires

Ask him just what he wants, then provide his fantasy.

You could come to the realization that you’ve been having the same fantasies but have been too afraid to share them with each other. Being honest about your sexual wants can help your sex life.

Use a blowjob to startle him awake.

You’re all probably acquainted with the phrase “morning glory.” In essence, it occurs when a guy awakens with a hard-on.

Nothing is more seductive than giving your lover a blowjob while he’s sleeping. It will undoubtedly give the day off to a good start.

Give him a quickie as a surprise.

Quickies are fantastic and often unexpected.

Why not wait an extra five to ten minutes after you’ve already been late for your dinner date and have a hot quickie before your cab arrives?


I won’t hesitate to admit that I don’t swallow and to be fully honest, I’m not sure why some guys find it so attractive. It must just be a nice way to cap off a good blowjob, I suppose.

It will undoubtedly make you look good and give him more sexual satisfaction if, unlike me, you are able to satisfy this desire.

After he reaches his climax, be gentle.

Have you ever seen how at ease your boyfriend seems after the climax? Men experience drowsiness and relaxation as a result of chemicals (prolactin, oxytocin, and vasopressin) produced following the climax.

Make him feel completely satisfied sexually by cuddling and relaxing with him.

What sexual things does a guy want from a woman?

Since everyone is unique, it is very challenging to provide an answer. In general, a man prefers a woman who puts forth an effort.

You’re off to a good start if you’re open to trying new things, desire to please your boyfriend, and explain how you want him to please you. Maintain a healthy level of vigilance in the bedroom and give each other plenty of time to improve on your sex life.

Any relationship needs sex, so it’s crucial that you take advantage of this opportunity to pamper one another.

How do you get your boyfriend to smile in bed?

You may do a number of things to help your boyfriend feel comfortable in the bedroom. It’s usually a good idea to put the emphasis on his enjoyment and to change things up. Change up your dominance tactics from time to time, give him a massage, engage in oral sex with him, and eventually make sure that you both feel happy sexually in the bedroom.

What do men detest while having sex?

Again, it’s difficult to respond since everyone is unique. However, in general, men dislike the following during sex: a toothy blowjob, when you grip his penis too firmly, when you feel incompetent when there isn’t enough foreplay when you’re too loud, and when you’re faking it.

There are probably a lot of things that men dislike when having sex; certain things will annoy some men more than others. In the end, asking him is the best method to get the answer.


In the end, having a satisfied guy will lead to better sex. There is nothing better than when you are both completely satiated because great sex is all about the energy you put into it.

Giving your spouse a pleasant surprise demonstrates your desire to enhance your sexual relationship and should motivate him to go above and beyond to thoroughly satisfy you.

It’s wonderful to pamper your lover once in a while. You don’t always have to feel good together. Spend some time making him happy, and you’ll feel good about yourself for a job well done.

I advise you to do the same. You could also discover that the increase in experimenting encourages him to be more forthcoming and talk about what he genuinely desires in the bedroom.

Sexually, we are continually changing and growing, therefore it’s critical to put up the work necessary to maintain the spark in your relationship.

Please remark and pardon us if you have any other advice for pleasing a guy with something he may not especially want. As usual, forward the word to a buddy who might use some sex tips to keep him engaged.