A Guide to Mindful Masturbation: Sensual Self-Discovery

A Guide to Mindful Masturbation: Sensual Self-Discovery

A Guide to Mindful Masturbation: Sensual Self-Discovery

A Guide to Mindful Masturbation: Sensual Self-Discovery

I could speak for hours on the reasons why masturbation is one of my favorite activities and why more people should engage in it.

You can actually take the time to connect with your body, learn how to optimize pleasure, and, perhaps most importantly, it enables you to take a vacation from the stresses of day-to-day life that you so richly deserve. The advantages of self-pleasure are almost limitless.

There is nothing more fulfilling than a little bit of alone time at the end of a long and challenging day, during which you may relax, clear your thoughts, and get to know your body better.

The practice of mindful masturbation incorporates all that is beautiful about masturbation and elevates it to an exceptional level.

It gives you the opportunity to truly take the time to concentrate on the sensations, to listen to your body, and it will leave you feeling relaxed and pleased at the end of the practice.

What exactly is meant by the term “mindful masturbation,” and how does it differ from regular masturbation?
Practicing mindful masturbation is comparable to attending a yoga session instead of a pilates session.

You get all of the same advantages, but in addition to that, you are better able to submerge yourself in the experience, and it requires much less energy from you.

When you engage in mindful masturbation, you empty your thoughts, make a conscious connection to the sensations that are occurring in your body, and concentrate on the pleasure that you are experiencing in the here and now rather of being preoccupied with reaching some future objective.

While occasional masturbation is typically slower and more focused on the sensation of orgasm. Regular masturbation is all about arousal and pleasure, and it is often aided along by porn or the use of various sex toys.

The purpose of mindful masturbating is to pay greater attention to one’s own health and well-being.

You will probably end up having an orgasm, but the goal is more about the trip, the feelings you feel along the way, and how your body and mind respond to such experiences; it is quite literally a sensuous self-discovery. Although you will feel pleasure throughout the experience, the idea is more about the journey.

Improve your sexual life with these seven benefits of mindful masturbation.
One of the most significant advantages of practicing mindful masturbation is the way in which it may enhance your sexual life.

The practice of mindful masturbation invites you to become more open to the erogenous zones in your body and enables you to concentrate intently on the sensation of pleasure you experience.

This may make us feel more sexual in general, which can increase libido and encourage a better sexual life with a partner. Additionally, it can help us appreciate the experience of having sexual relations with a partner much more.

It is possible to practice mindful masturbating with sexual partners, in addition to practicing mindful sex, of course.

However, I believe that the best way to truly connect with your body is to begin by practicing mindful masturbation on your own at first.

Self-pleasure is typically the greatest method for us to feel pleasure since we are aware of precisely what to do and where on our own bodies to touch in order to get the highest possible level of pleasure.

a heightened sense of pleasure

The sensation of pleasure experienced during mindful masturbation is amplified because it directs our attention just to that sensation.

We are directed by our sexual energy and urged to feel sensations that we normally wouldn’t take the time to engage in during regular masturbation by stimulating fewer erogenous zones. This is done in order to broaden the range of experiences that may be gained through masturbation.

It is possible for this to result in strong orgasms.

When practicing mindful masturbation, achieving intense orgasms should never be the end goal; however, this does not mean that it is impossible to experience them.

During a mindful masturbation session, you will experience more pleasure in general, but you will also take your time… Sometimes, when we hurry orgasms, they do not always feel as fantastic as they could do. When you practice mindful masturbation, you will feel more pleasure in general and you will also take your time.

You aren’t really concentrating on the orgasm while you’re masturbating thoughtfully; instead, you’re just trying to make the most of the moment you’re in and letting your body give in to the sensation of pleasure.

Because of the length of this trip, your orgasm will likely become more intense, which will disrupt the peace that your body has been maintaining.

In the same way that you will begin to experience more wonderful feelings as the session progresses, you will most likely be taken aback by the intensity of the sensation when you finally attain orgasm as a result of truly paying attention to what your body is telling you.

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Aids in exercising one’s own self-control

In the same way that exercising mindfulness, in general, can benefit you, doing so specifically will help you exercise more self-control.

We tend to speed through masturbation for one simple reason: it feels so darn wonderful that we get obsessed with enhancing that sensation and achieving orgasm as quickly as possible.

In contrast, when you take the time to let your body just enjoy the trip, you are exercising self-control, which ultimately results in an increase in the amount of sexual pleasure that you experience anyhow; it’s a win-win situation all the way around.

Gives you the opportunity to be compassionate to yourself

Perhaps the most important advantage of practicing mindful masturbation.

It motivates us to be nice to ourselves and helps us develop a healthy self-esteem, all of which contribute to our ability to fall in love with our bodies.

For the purpose of our contentment and mental health, taking care of our wellbeing and practicing self-care is of the utmost importance.

Spending the time to connect with your body and to have an understanding of your body is a great way to feel more confident about how you look and how you feel about the ways in which you enjoy pleasure.

Reduces feelings of tension and anxiety

In and of itself, masturbation is an excellent method for relieving stress and anxiety; yet, there are occasions when our haste and excessive concentration on the desired outcome can cause us to experience an increase in stress.

One of the most important things to do before engaging in mindful masturbation is to empty your thoughts, get rid of any distractions, and spend some quality time by yourself.

This, in addition to the various sensations and the pleasure that you experience, is a significant contributor to the alleviation of stress.

If you often feel overwhelmed and stressed out, including mindfulness into your daily routine is something you should strongly consider doing since it is beneficial for relieving stress in general.

Motivates you to have a deeper understanding of your body.

The only way to completely discover how to optimize pleasure is to engage in sexual exploration of one’s own body.

When it comes to pleasure, we all have our own unique experiences, and it may be challenging to explain to a sexual partner what it is that excites and stimulates you when you don’t even fully understand the question yourself.

Spend some time getting to know your body and figuring out what makes you feel good. Is there anything else? And pay careful attention to what you have to say.

Because porn frequently gives us the impression that we ought to be into something sexually, you frequently hear about the same sexual trends, such as biting, choking, and spanking, amongst a great many others. Even while a lot of these trends may make you feel extremely good, there may be something else that really revs you up, but you don’t know what it is since you haven’t experimented with it yet.

When we masturbate mindfully, we allow ourselves the space and time to genuinely explore our bodies, which enhances the pleasure we get from both solo and relationship play.

The Mindful Masturbation : 10 Steps to Success
Now that we’ve shown that mindful masturbation has a number of potential advantages, the next question is: how can I really practice it?

In general, train your mind to be aware.

If you practice mindfulness in other aspects of your life, including your day-to-day activities, you will find that your mindful masturbation practice is far more beneficial.

This might be anything, including the following examples:

Keeping your attention on how you are breathing,
Maintaining a regular schedule of mental hygiene,
Having respect for nature,
expressing one’s appreciation, thanks, and gratitude, and
Trying to relax and let go of all the stress.
You may also attempt guided mindfulness via apps or workshops; alternatively, you might take the opportunity to de-stress and think about your day with a friend or significant other.

You will have a better grasp of how to attain a calm and focused state if you practice mindfulness in general, which will benefit you when it comes to mindful masturbation. It will also enable you to focus more intently on the pleasure and sensations that you experience throughout the act of mindful masturbation.

Allow yourself a predetermined amount of time to finish.

Remember that the purpose of mindful masturbation is not to have an orgasmic experience; it is only a side benefit of the practice. A certain amount of time set out for yourself is ideal for this activity.

You may begin with a little amount of time each day, such as just a few minutes, and gradually increase it until you discover a pattern that works for you. When it comes to maintaining focus and warding off distractions, getting started with a shorter period of time will be beneficial to you.

Consider set up

This is fantastic for getting rid of distractions as well as establishing the tone for the activity.

The practice of mindfulness is most effective when it is carried out in an environment in which the practitioner is able to cultivate a sense of calm, concentrate, and, to some extent, let go.

You may choose to declutter a room, perhaps your bedroom, light a scented candle, play soothing music, perhaps burn some incense, and lock your door for seclusion. Do whatever works best for you and will assist you in engaging your senses and preventing your mind from straying.

Take deep breathes

The practice of mindfulness entails paying attention to one’s own breathing patterns. Take some deep breaths and use the pattern of your breathing as a guide while you move your hands over your body to stimulate your erogenous zones and cause wonderful feelings all throughout. While you do this, take some deep breaths.

Engage each of your five senses and tune in.

An additional argument for the significance of the setting.

Tuning in with each of one’s senses at the same time is the most effective method for cultivating awareness. Engaging the other senses during mindful masturbation will allow you to truly connect with your body and immerse yourself in the experience. Touch is, of course, the most important aspect of the practice, but engaging the other senses will help you do both.

Avoid the use of sexual toys.

Especially when you’re just starting out.

When practicing mindful masturbation, sex toys can frequently cause us to lose focus on the activity at hand and take our attention away from the real purpose of the practice.

However, while they are fantastic for assisting us in achieving a satisfying orgasm, sex toys remove the intimate component of mindful masturbation, which is the act of using one’s hands.

You become much more sensitive to your own hands, and in addition to concentrating on where you are putting your hands, your concentration shifts to concentrating on how the various sensations feel in those hands.

When you have a truly wonderful masturbation session, and it’s all up to your own body and just your body, there’s nothing better than that. There’s nothing better. Self-love and thankfulness for the bodies we have are both tremendously aided by this practice.

Focus on non-sexual erogenous zones

Discover new sensations by actively engaging non-sexual erogenous zones such as your legs, your back, and your face. This will need some time and effort on your part.

You will, in due time, discover how to create a feeling of pleasure throughout your whole body by the use of your touch. It is crucial to start gently and connect with your body before jumping right in with the regions that we know will get us going, such as the nipples and the vagina. This will prepare you for the most intense parts of the experience.

Beginning cautiously with sexually erogenous zones is recommended.

After you have engaged the less sexual parts of your body, you should then slowly make your way to the body parts that you know you are going to feel sexual pleasure from, ultimately leading up to the clitoris. This should be done in the reverse order of how you engaged the less sexual parts of your body.

while you have taken the time to fully concentrate on the parts of your body that are not sexual, you will experience a great deal more pleasure while engaging the portions of your body that would normally excite you.

It is essential to go at this step at a modest pace in order to maintain a connection with your body. You are not in any haste to reach the destination; rather, your primary objective is to take pleasure in the trip itself as well as the gratifying experiences that arise along the route.

You must prevent your thoughts from wandering.

Keep your thoughts focused on the task at hand.
When we masturbate, our thoughts frequently wander for no apparent reason. Mind wandering is arguably the most noticeable difference between ordinary masturbation and mindful masturbation since it causes you to get distracted from your experience.

You need to maintain complete concentration while also being at one with your body.

It is crucial that you eliminate distractions from the very beginning, such as shutting off your phone and locking the door, in order to afford yourself a predetermined amount of solitary time for your spiritual practice. You may do this by turning off the ringer on your phone.

It is possible to improve your self-control by preventing your mind from wandering, which in turn pushes you to maintain a greater concentration on the task at hand, which in turn enables you to experience and appreciate pleasure.

Don’t get too caught up on the destination.

Do not concentrate on having an orgasmic experience while you are masturbating thoughtfully; this is the most important piece of advice, and it may end up being one of the most beneficial aspects in the long run.

The majority of women do not experience orgasm through sexual activity alone; rather, they need extra stimulation in order to do so. This is why most women rely on masturbation in order to get their fix, however, this only adds pressure and in the long run makes the whole experience less enjoyable.

Better Pleasure provides the following information on the frequency of orgasms:

81.6% of women don’t orgasm from intercourse alone (without additional clit stimulation). Only 18.4% of women report that intercourse alone is sufficient to orgasm.
Women take an average of 14 minutes during partnered sex to orgasm – an average of 8 minutes during masturbation.
The ability to orgasm through masturbation is present in 92.4% of all females.
Women most often have their first orgasm through masturbation.
5-10% of women have never orgasmed, though many of these women will later in life.
Taking away the stress of reaching orgasm, especially during masturbation, is what actually helps us to achieve it.

Take the time to practice mindful masturbation, focus on self-pleasure and live in the present moment. You’ll find that when you do actually reach orgasm, you’ll be much more thankful for the intense climax, and a lot more stress free.

You’ll also have better orgasms by really listening to your body, that and you’ll learn a whole new concept of self-love and appreciation.

What are the best masturbation positions?

Most women masturbate when laying on their back, as typically it’s the easiest position to masturbate in, but there are many positions that are great and even help contribute to a good orgasm.

A popular one is to prop yourself up on your knees, you may squat, you may simply sit on the edge of your furniture. It’s all about what’s the most comfortable for that particular session.
For example, if you’re masturbating with a dildo, you’re probably going to be the most comfortable on your knees as this will provide easier access. When massaging your clitoris you might prefer laying on your back. It really does depend.

You can also straddle a pillow and grind against it, this can achieve a really powerful orgasm and allows you to feel pleasure without having to focus much on how to achieve it.

What is mutual masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is where you would masturbate with a sexual partner, and in my opinion it’s massively underrated.

Think about it, it’s like free personal porn. You get to watch somebody who arouses you, knowing that they’re aroused by watching you… It’s this really fantastic situation where you both feel great, thanks to both yourselves and each other, without the complexity of having sex.

Sometimes, sex can be underwhelming, but typically when we masturbate we usually end in success.

What is guided mindful masturbation?

Guided masturbation is usually an audio, or an app that helps us to achieve mindful masturbation.

Like guided masturbation, kind of like porn audio, only it helps you to focus on your breathing and sensations rather than specifically arousing you.

Why can’t I have an orgasm?

Some women can’t orgasm due to health reasons, and for others, it’s simply not happened yet, but it will.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Anorgasmia is delayed, infrequent or absent orgasms — or significantly less-intense orgasms — after sexual arousal and adequate sexual stimulation. Women who have problems with orgasms and who feel significant distress about those problems may be diagnosed with anorgasmia.”

Multiple factors can lead to this, such as intimacy issues, medical conditions or medication. If you’re concerned, then it’s always best to book a consultation with your doctor.

There are many other reasons why you might not be able to orgasm such as high stress or high anxiety. I would suggest trying mindful masturbation and focusing on the pleasure you feel rather than working towards reaching climax and seeing how that works for you.

It might be something that is so worked up in your brain, that you need to completely dissociate from it in order to achieve it in the long run.

Mindful masturbation has many benefits, and not all sexual.

It’s important that we take the time to reconnect with our bodies, and allow ourselves time to de-stress and relax.

The best way to achieve mindful masturbation is to practice mindfulness generally. Consider mediation, classes, and simply take the time to yourself to feel good; that’s what it’s all about, feeling good within yourself.

Our bodies are capable of pleasure that we’ve never even imagined… Who better to explore and to learn about what your body can achieve than you? Only you will truly understand how you become aroused, how you experience pleasure and how you respond to touch in different erogenous zones.

Once you find your rhythm, find a routine that works for you and practice mindful masturbation weekly, or even daily if possible.

If you’re experienced in practicing mindfulness and have any further tips for those looking to try mindful masturbation then please feel free to comment. As always, share with a friend in need of some relaxation and masturbation tips.