How Do You Ride A Man? 9 Positions for Women in Leadership to Consider

How Do You Ride A Man? 9 Positions for Women in Leadership to Consider

How Do You Ride A Man? 9 Positions for Women in Leadership to Consider

How Do You Ride A Man? 9 Positions for Women in Leadership to Consider

How to ride a guy is something that you really only learn after a lot of trial and error, and it’s one of the things that I’m fairly sure we all wish we were taught.

However, there are undoubtedly a lot of pointers that can direct you in the right direction.

Riding a guy may be rather intimidating. Feeling self-conscious about things like your body weight, appearance, or performance is totally natural.

To overcome these worries and just have fun—which is, after all, what sex is all about—you should take the time to learn about women-on-top advice.

Is This the Correct Sexual Position for You?

A woman may be on top in a variety of sex positions. The cowgirl position and reverse cowgirl are the easiest and most frequent; if you master these positions, you’re essentially a pro.

You may think of yourself as a bit of a pillow princess, content to let your spouse do the most (or all) of the effort. While this isn’t always a negative thing, you may discover that you’re losing out on a lot of potential pleasure at your own discretion.

Only 18.4% of women orgasm during vaginal sex alone, according to PleasureBetter. Although this is a somewhat depressing statistic, it typically doesn’t bother us as women because clitoral stimulation can be very effective.

Did you realize, however, that riding your boyfriend is probably going to improve your likelihood of orgasming during penetrating sex?

Not always does penetrating intercourse hit the spot, as in the-spot. The g-spot may, however, be more easily accessed in woman-on-top situations, which can promote orgasms and even squirting.

Additionally, because you have complete control, you can maintain any angle that feels comfortable while varying the pace as you, please.

That said, not everyone is a fan of sexual riding. As there is a lot of work involved, it can occasionally be physically challenging; I do have a tip to help with this, but we’ll get to it later. Additionally, it permits really deep penetration, which is great for some people but uncomfortable for others.

whether you’re not sure whether you can handle the physical strain, try riding a pillow to see how you fare. This is also a very efficient masturbation method since the pillow stimulates your clitoris by rubbing against it.

It’s usually preferable to start slowly or to practice simpler positions that allow for deep penetration if you’re worried about discomfort or sensitivity. Doggy style is a nice position to explore when easing into deep penetration.

If there are no issues, riding your boyfriend may end up being the right choice for you after all. Communicate with your spouse and make sure they take it carefully.

9 Positions and Tips to Ride Him and Get on Top of Him

Spend some time on foreplay.

The first step in any attempt at having sex is to start engaging in foreplay.

It seems sense that you would want to go right in, but many women need more time to physically be ready for penetration. For it to function correctly, you must be completely wet and your partner must be fully hard if you want to ride him.

Additionally, it’s a ton of fun and can elevate your entire sexual experience, extending pleasure and promoting intimacy.

Tie your hair up.

Nothing is worse than having your hair hanging in your partner’s face, I assure you. Although you might think you look better with your hair down, I can assure you that it is not worth it.

Tie your hair back so that it is out of the way of your partner’s and your face.

Become at ease

This idea is really crucial. In order to enjoy yourself to the fullest, you must not only be comfortable but also take care not to damage him.

When you ascend to the top, pay close attention to the placement of your hips and place your legs in a position that you will find comfortable for a while.

Additionally, you don’t want to press your entire body weight against him, so think about moving lightly to avoid using your hands too forcefully (my boyfriend is frequently the victim of this, so take my advice and be gentle with your man).

You may love being in charge and tease his penis against your moist vagina as you go to the pinnacle. You are ready to begin riding once he is inside of you and you can see that both of you are at ease. You go, cowgirl!

Apply lubricant

Use lubrication in every sexual situation, that is my best advice. Simply said, lubricant improves everything.

Is trying to convince him to spend time with you like pulling teeth?
Understanding males on a much deeper emotional level is the key to finding a solution. With a few subtle comments, you might make to him, you can truly modify the main reason why men react in this manner.

Take this little survey to find a professional relationship counselor who can assist you in resolving those issues.

While using the right amount of lube will allow for easy gliding and will improve the experience for both you and your partner, I will caution against using too much because you don’t want him to slip out of you.

You may even combine it with a warming or tingling lubricant, which is a particular favorite of mine.

Keep your eyes open.

There are a few things you should be considering whenever you are riding your boyfriend. The first one is that you need to look him in the eye. Sex is an intimate act, regardless of whether you are doing it with someone you are madly in love with or only for one night.

Everything is hotter when we establish intense eye contact.

Men are highly visual beings who want to see everything. Watch him as he observes your enjoyment.

Observing how your movements affect how your man perceives you can also be incredibly satisfying. For instance, if you’re bringing him to climax, he can give you a serious look or perhaps let his eyes drift back. Eye contact is crucial no matter what occurs.

Spend some time kissing.

You should continue kissing him as you engage in sexual activity. Even though he will appreciate it when you bounce up and down on him, he will find it so great if he can sometimes feel your lips on his.

You never want to hurry anything; instead, you want to enjoy the moment for as long as possible without having to stop. While prolonging the pleasure, taking a break from riding him to give him a passionate kiss will keep you both excited. Small details like this elevate ordinary sex to extraordinary sex.

Because kissing is such a passionate expression of love, it can transform having sex into a passionate act of lovemaking.

Talk dirty

Talk back to him filthy and use your influence to help.

You may whisper in his ear while crouching down to get closer to him. Inform him of your desire to harm him or how satisfying it feels to be in control of him. Both his thoughts and his penis will be stimulated by your presence.

Engage his and your erogenous zones.

While you are riding him, you should touch his body. He will lose his mind if he can feel you all over his body. You may do this by softly grasping his thighs or moving your hands up his chest. Holding his thighs will also help you maintain your balance and will give you a little more energy if you start to become fatigued.

It’s as crucial to pay attention to your own body as it is to his. Additionally, it might be beneficial to teach him how to enliven you. Allow him to see you sit up straight and caress your breasts. Whatever feels wonderful, rub your hands all over your body while you demonstrate your technique to him.

You may even grasp his hands and direct them in the direction you wish.


Let’s discuss the technique now.

The simplest and most common tactic is to bounce on him and ride him up and down. Even a forward slant might help activate your G-spot.

You may use your knees as support or you can literally twerk on his penis in order to execute this method.

Swing your hips around in a circle.

Without a doubt, the in-and-out motion is fantastic, but it can also be quite exhausting. It’s also okay to change things around.

Start moving your hips in a circle. Consider attempting to feel his penis in every nook and cranny of your body. Really work him over.

Enjoy it and move your hips softly in circular directions. He will be able to sense that he is moving deep inside of you, which will likely cause him to reach his climax more quickly than usual. Additionally, you’ll probably feel better because it should continuously apply pressure to your g-spot.

Back and forth rubbing

The easiest approach to use, but in my view the most enjoyable.

This method isn’t very popular with males unless what makes them excited is witnessing you induce orgasm.

You basically want to grind into him, moving back and forth against his penis, as opposed to bouncing up and down. If you really take your time during foreplay, it should almost induce him to go into orgasm, which will enable you to be slightly selfish when selecting the method and eventually fall on top of him.

As you are essentially pressing his penis against your g-spot until you reach climax, it doesn’t exactly give men a lot of stimulation, which is why it isn’t a favorite with them. Having said that, you may experiment with the process and take your time.

Do a clitoris rub

The key is clitoral stimulation.

You can very much promise that you’ll have the finest orgasm of your life if you combine excellent penetrative stimulation with clitoral stimulation, which we know works well in most women.

Try standing in a reverse cowgirl stance.

This posture will appeal to him if he is an ass-loving guy. You may decide if you want to ride him forward first or into this posture immediately.

In order to maintain excellent eye contact and begin to feel more at ease and secure with your partner, I would advise riding your boyfriend facing him at first. You can get off after you’ve had a terrific time. He may seem disappointed that you have moved away from him, but he is unaware of what will happen next.

Then, turn around and descend onto him, always guiding his penis into you with your hand. Simply begin riding him as you did before. If you are a little self-conscious about making facial expressions or moving your breasts, this posture could be incredibly useful to you.

You may bounce around on him while rubbing your clit. Additionally, he’ll probably grab your behind while you’re riding, which will feel great.

concentrate on enjoying yourself

It must be said, as self-centered as it may sound.

This is arguably one of the rare roles that put the woman in charge, therefore not only will you feel powerful and confident in this role. You may improve your mood by using your body.

I occasionally make fun of my boyfriend by saying that I essentially masturbate with his penis, but it’s sort of true!

Consider treating them as though they are only an object of your enjoyment. You may reach your climax before he does, and then focus on him after if you feel the need to.

It’s usually so simple for guys to attain climax, so why shouldn’t you get to experience your orgasm? You’ll probably be able to orgasm more than once since he will likely take longer to reach his climax as it is.

It’s a win-win situation since it’s likely that whatever makes you feel good will also make him feel good.

Possibly include toys

Your sexual life may go to a whole new level by adding sex toys. There is no wrong in acknowledging that sex toys enable us to experience levels of pleasure that are otherwise difficult to achieve.

You’re in the ideal position to utilize vibrators or suction devices or anything else that stimulates the clitor. Cock rings are fantastic toys for penetrative sex, but in my opinion, a beautiful, basic vibrating butt plug would be the greatest compliment. This is the one for you if you want double penetration.


Since everyone has different sexual preferences, it’s critical to know what works for you both when you’re together. You might just inquire about his sources of pleasure and express your own in return.

Consent and communication are always crucial, but safety always comes first. It’s critical that you have the self-assurance to speak out if something doesn’t seem right.

Expressing your feelings may also be quite sexual; it’s essentially a type of filthy talk! Have fun with it, being as honest and open as you can, and tell him that you enjoy the sensation of his penis within you. Also let him know that you’re on your way.

Pleasure yourself

You should both be having joy while having sex, which is one of the most crucial factors.

There should sometimes be some amusement and errors. Since nothing in life is flawless, neither should sex.

If anything goes wrong or neither of you are feeling as you want to be feeling, don’t be hard on yourself. It often takes time for various positions to feel pleasant, but that’s alright since sex is always a learning process.

When women take charge and are clear about what they want in the bedroom, it can be a huge turn-on for men. You want to ride your guy well, of course, but it shouldn’t be your primary goal. Your main priorities should be enjoying yourself and spending time with your spouse.


How can my exercise help me become better at riding?

Any sex situation in which a woman is in the dominant position calls for a certain level of physical fitness to aid in stamina and endurance. Nothing is worse than riding your partner to climax and then having to stop because you’re exhausted.

First off, you may always think of simpler postures and strategies that don’t include bouncing if you don’t want to exercise. But any cardio or leg exercise will help you strengthen your legs and make it easier for you to last longer if you want to improve at bouncing on your man.

How can I make playing the cowgirl more enjoyable?

There are various methods to increase the pleasure of this sex position. First of all, it’s crucial to schedule foreplay since it establishes the mood for the remainder of your sexual time together. Second, you may include gadgets that stimulate the mind without causing penetration.

Communication with your spouse is of utmost importance. Discuss what makes you feel good and what doesn’t in order to discover how to get the most enjoyment.

Why are cowgirls so beloved by men?

There are a variety of factors that make being a cowgirl, or any woman on top, pleasant for a guy. All men are different, of course, but it’s less work, sexy, and different, you get to see breasts bouncing around, and you get to see your woman enjoy herself like never before. What’s not to love, after all?


It shouldn’t be as intimidating as you think to ride your boyfriend. Many suggestions can be helpful, but until you’re actually riding him, you won’t know what feels good for the two of you.

The most crucial thing is that you enjoy yourself and take your time.

Some men prefer being in positions of dominance, and if that describes your man, you should use this posture to make him feel submissive. It’s also good to be able to have authority in the bedroom, where males generally rule.

If you ever start to feel self-conscious, keep in mind that having complete control will allow you to enjoy penetrative sex like never before. If this doesn’t turn on your sexual partner, you’re sleeping with the wrong man.

Not much can go wrong if you talk to each other, take your time, and just enjoy yourselves.

Please feel free to comment if you have any further advise or anecdotes about riding, and as usual, spread the word to a buddy who may use some riding suggestions.