The symptoms of a dog’s pregnancy

The symptoms of a dog’s pregnancy

The symptoms of a dog's pregnancy.
The symptoms of a dog's pregnancy.

The symptoms of a dog’s pregnancy.

Does pregnant dogs sleep more? Should you expect to see discharge coming from a pregnant dog as early as 2 to 4 weeks? If you know for sure that your dam has been bred or even if you only have a strong suspicion that this has occurred, you will want to educate yourself on the many signs of canine pregnancy so that you can determine whether or not the breeding was successful.

Signs That Your Dog Might Be Pregnant

The following list, which starts with the early indicators of dog pregnancy and proceeds through the signs of late-term pregnancy, may be found here. Please take into consideration that not every dam will exhibit each and every symptom.

The existence of a cluster of symptoms is often what provides owners with a reasonable indication as to whether or not their dog is really carrying a litter of puppies.

Modifications to One’s Behavior

Anything that is out of the ordinary for your dam, particularly her behavior, might be an early sign that she is pregnant. For instance, a dam who is often reserved may all of a sudden become too possessive, while a dam that is typically loving may express a desire to be left alone.

Variations in Hunger and Appetite

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, a loss of appetite is common in dams, and they may become hesitant to consume anything at all. They will eventually have a hearty appetite again, but by the time that happens, they will need roughly twice as much food as usual to take care of the puppies.

Sickness in the Morning

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, it is common for some women, but not all of them, to have periodic vomiting. This may include anything from watery mucous to genuine food. Because nausea and vomiting may happen at any time of the day, referring to it as “morning” might be a little bit deceiving.

Breast Growth and Development

Following a menstrual cycle, most females will exhibit some degree of breast growth at some point. On the other hand, persistent breast development is a solid sign that a pregnancy is already in progress.

Change in Sleeping Patterns

Do pregnant dogs sleep a lot? Yes! Most of the time, dams will spend either relaxing or sleeping for the majority of the day. This will be most apparent at the beginning and end phases of the pregnancy, with the dam seeming to recover slightly in the middle of the term.

Clear Vaginal Discharge

Discharge in pregnant dogs is normal, and the only time you need be concerned is if it smells bad or becomes brownish in color. It is common for a pup to have defecated in the uterus if there is green discharge, particularly toward the end of the pregnancy.

Abdominal Enlargement

The increasing size of the puppies within the dam’s womb will, of course, cause her belly to expand as the pregnancy proceeds. It is not uncommon for this growth to not become apparent until the middle of the pregnancy.

Milk Manufacturing and Distribution

In most cases, continued breast growth throughout the first and second trimesters of pregnancy is followed by milk production during the third and final trimester. However, some females won’t make milk until the pups actually begin to suckle, which means that a lack of milk is nothing to be concerned about at this point in time.

Puppy Movers and Shakers

Once the pups have reached a size where you can feel them, you will be able to feel them by placing your palm lightly on the bitch’s tummy. Because you won’t feel any movement if the puppies are sleeping, the ideal time to check on them is shortly after your mother has done some light activity, such as right after she has returned from a walk.

Verification from the Animal Hospital

Even while only time will tell for sure, there are some owners who want to know for certain whether or not the pregnancy symptoms shown by their dog indicate that their dog is indeed carrying a litter of puppies or whether or not the symptoms are symptomatic of a fake pregnancy.

The following tests at your veterinarian’s office may confirm or disprove the possibility of pregnancy:


At 28 days of gestation, it is feasible for an expert veterinarian to gently feel the pea-sized embryos that have been placed along the uterine horns. This can be done if the pregnancy has been going on for at least 14 days.

It is critical that you give your veterinarian permission to perform this for you so that you do not accidentally harm any of the embryos by pressing too hard. Sometimes the veterinarian is really able to count how many pups there may be, although it’s impossible to be fully exact with this kind of estimation.

Blood Test

Your veterinarian should be able to do a blood test around two to three weeks following the end of the heat cycle in order to determine whether or not the hormone relaxin is present. This hormone is secreted into the bloodstream after the embryos have successfully implanted in the uterus.


This is the same process that is performed on women in order to obtain a black-and-white image of the contents of the uterine cavity. The method will identify embryos and pups, and offer a count that is reasonably accurate of the total number that will mature into the litter.


The bones of the pups are fully grown and may be seen on an X-ray by the time they are in their last week of gestation. This is often the most reliable method for determining how many puppies to anticipate.

If your dog is pregnant, they should see the veterinarian on a consistent basis.

If you think your dog could be pregnant, you should have her checked out at the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Learn about the evolution of pregnancy from week to week after you have received positive test results so that you are prepared for what to anticipate. To ensure that both she and her puppies continue to enjoy good health, it is imperative that you maintain close communication with your veterinarian.

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