How to Tell if a Dog Has Been Mating

How to Tell if a Dog Has Been Mating

How to Tell if a Dog Has Been Mating.
How to Tell if a Dog Has Been Mating.

How to Tell if a Dog Has Been Mating.

Should you acquire an unsterilized, intact, or “whole” dog, it is imperative that you exercise appropriate behavior during the mating season by preventing your dog from coming into contact with other canines of the opposite sex.

There are a few indicators that you should look for in order to determine whether or not your concerns that your dog may have been involved in an unplanned and uncontrolled mating are correct.

Indicators of Sexual Activity in Dogs

Timing is a very important factor to consider when trying to establish whether or not a mating has taken place. When a dog is in heat, there is a greater chance that they will mate.

There are a few symptoms that you may watch out for that happen quickly after the mating has taken place.

However, if you come back to your dog many hours later, you probably won’t be able to determine whether anything at all happened to him, at least not immediately away.

This is because it will have been too long. It’s possible that the only way to know whether your female dog has been bred is if she starts showing symptoms that she’s pregnant. This is because female dogs don’t always exhibit signs of being fertile.

There is evidence of “Wooing.”

The presence of a great deal of dampness on the female dog is one of the first symptoms that you could notice shortly after mating has taken place.

This behavior is referred to as “wooing” because the male would lick the female before to mating in an attempt to attract her into the act of mating.

During mating, the female dog may also be exposed to the saliva of the male dog. The areas of the head and face of the female dog, as well as the back, all the way down to the tail, are more likely to have matted hair that is wet.

The aroma of sexual encounters

A highly distinctive stench coming from your female dog’s hind quarters is another one of unmistakable sign that she is in heat. This odor is more prominent than any other odor associated with the heat cycle.

It might be strong enough to be noticed in the local vicinity, or it could be something that you only notice when you go near to your dog.

The Genitalia of the Dog

You could see that the male victim’s penis is still aroused and erect, and that it has not yet recovered entirely to its usual size, although this depends on how soon after the occurrence you arrive at the scene.

One further indicator that has to do with the genitalia is that the male and female dog may lick their own genitalia a lot more after mating in an effort to clean them.

Rolling Behavior

If you witness the male dog rolling around on the ground while lying on their back, this is another indication that your canines may have mated. Even though it is more common in men, this behavior may sometimes be seen in females.

It is possible that mating did not take place even if this activity seems precisely like how a dog would roll about on its back in the grass.

However, if you observe this behavior coupled with a few other signals, it provides more persuasive proof that the dogs were together.

Alterations in the Behavior of Female Dogs

After mating, female dogs often develop a hostile attitude toward male dogs. Additionally, they can seem tired and sleep more than they normally would.

Another sign that a female is pregnant is a distinct shift in the way that she walks, which researchers believe may be caused by the discomfort of mating.

In most cases, this resolves itself within a short period of time, but you should get in touch with a veterinarian if the female dog’s abnormal gait persists beyond one day.

Because the dam may continue to bleed until the end of the heat cycle, one change that you probably won’t witness after mating is a stop in the bleeding that occurs after mating.

Variations Seen in Male Dogs

It’s possible that your male dog has grown much calmer, particularly if they were highly anxious when they were around the female dog in the past.

Dogs who have their attention concentrated on a female that is in heat are likely to become highly energetic and will refuse to leave the female alone. If this has abruptly changed, it is most probable that mating had a place, which put an end to the eager and persistent conduct of the male dog.


Your female being pregnant is the clearest indication that your dogs have successfully mated. In the first week or two following the suspected mating, if the dam’s heat cycle comes to an end, their nipples begin to bulge, and they begin to show less interest in eating, you should call your veterinarian as there is a good likelihood that the female dog is now pregnant.

How much time does it take for people to mate?

Because the act of mating itself doesn’t take very long, it might be difficult to determine whether or not your dogs have lain together while you were not around to supervise them.

A male and a female dog are said to be “tied” while they are engaged in the process of copulating, which is also referred to as the “copulatory tie.” The majority of ties last for an average of roughly 20 minutes, although some may go for as long as 40 minutes.

Is There a Chance That One Puppy Could Make Another Pregnant?

It is common for dog owners who are new to breeding to be ignorant of how young dogs may be to successfully mate.

This is likely due to the fact that in their thoughts, they are comparing a puppy to a human kid at that age. In all seriousness, a male dog may successfully father a litter of puppies as early as 5 months of age.

Does the Size of the Dog Make a Difference When Mating?

Another prevalent fallacy is the belief that dogs of dramatically different sizes cannot mate and that there must be a tie in order for a dog to get pregnant.

It is possible for two different breeds of dogs, such as a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd Dog, to mate, despite the fact that it is a very unlikely event.

It does not matter how much larger the male dog is than the female as long as the female is willing to tolerate him, and it is conceivable for fertilization to occur without an actual tie being present.

Is There Going to Be a Discharge After the Mating?

Aside from the fact that the female will continue to bleed until their heat cycle is through, you should not see any other kind of discharge coming from either the male or the female.

Two to three weeks after the mating has taken place, the female may bleed clearly if she is pregnant. This may happen anywhere from two to three weeks after the mating has taken place.

How to Tell If Your Dogs Have Been Matched Together

Always keeping a close eye on your dogs is, of course, the most reliable method to find out whether they were able to successfully mate with one another.

If you do not want your dogs to breed, the easiest option to avoid mating is to board the male dog somewhere else until the female dog’s heat cycle is through.

Male dogs will go to great lengths to mate with a female dog that is in heat. This also entails keeping a constant watchful eye on your female to ensure that no other male canines in the area get access to her for any length of time at all.

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