Can I Make a living from Blogging?

Can I Make a living from Blogging?

Can I Make a living from Blogging?

It is indeed feasible!
Right now is the finest moment ever to support yourself as a writer!
The internet makes it feasible to market your work to a worldwide audience and utilize it as a means of income to support your way of life. You may now make a respectable living by creating new things in the world.

This might be a brand-new, exciting stage of your life if you’re willing to pick up new abilities and adjust to a shifting environment.

I’m going to detail in this book how I earn a livelihood from my writing and how you can too. With the intention of providing you with concrete advise that you can use for yourself, I’ll be realistic and useful. You may utilize the information in each chapter to expand your study on each opportunity.

Knowing what is available sometimes is all it takes to get you started in the correct direction.

This is not a scam to make fast money.

I’m not a blogging or Kindle millionaire. But I’ll explain to you how I earn six figures via book authoring, blogging, and ethical marketing.
But first, some background information: here’s a brief account of my personal adventure. At the University of Oxford, I completed a Masters in Theology—not the most helpful degree!

I then spent the next 13 years integrating accounts payable and banking into major corporations and small to medium-sized businesses across Europe and Asia Pacific. This led to a position in consulting. I started off doing creative stuff, but I was a cubicle slave.

There were several occasions when I questioned how I had come to work a profession that paid well but severely limited my creative abilities. I liked being paid, but every few years I would leave and try something else.

I created an online vacation planning service, followed by a scuba diving charter boat company, before attempting real estate investing and just taking time off to travel.

Every time I ran out of money, I had to return to consulting work since none of my ideas had been successful. My apparent inability to locate fulfilling employment caused me to become quite frustrated.

By 2006, I was aware that I needed to make a change in my life. I began reading self-help books and made the decision to create my own book on the pursuit of a fulfilling career.

That first book altered my life, not because it was a bestseller but rather because it showed me a whole new universe. I gained knowledge in the areas of self-publishing, blogging, podcasting, internet marketing, and social networking. I began offering my books, goods, and services online.

I started a path that eventually resulted in my writing both fiction and non-fiction, giving professional speeches all over the globe, and quitting consulting in September 2020 to focus solely on being an author entrepreneur. In 2015, I revised the original book and called it Career Alter. It incorporates all I’ve learned about how to change your career’s course.

My company, The Creative Penn, had a modest beginning, and I’ll confess that there were a few shaky days in the first year, but in recent years it has expanded in terms of its internet impact, revenue, and intellectual property holdings. I also get to assist others in realizing their aspirations of writing and publishing via blog, podcast, and speaking engagements.

I’m so much happier doing this job because it’s actually meaningful. The most crucial factor is eventually that. A number of members in our family and group of acquaintances have passed away or become ill during the last several months. These unfortunate events serve as a reminder of the value of savoring each day.

What do you want to accomplish in life?

Because life is much too short to spend it doing things you detest or that don’t make you feel alive, you must choose the answer for yourself. I sincerely hope that this book will assist you in making a living from your love of writing.

The Companion Workbook is a digital resource that you may use to answer the book’s quizzes. A free video series is also available at freedom
Overview: How I support myself as a writer

The average salary of writers has been the subject of several studies in recent years. The majority fall between $5,000 and $30,000.
I wouldn’t call it making a livelihood.
Having various sources of income is necessary, in my opinion, if you wish to earn a respectable livelihood. That’s what this book will cover, and it’s how I manage my own company.

The breakdown of my six-figure revenue is as follows:

50 percent – sales of fiction and non-fiction publications, including ebooks, print books, and audiobooks, sold on several platforms so that my financial independence is not reliant on a single business. This is composed of several books in numerous formats on numerous platforms, so even if sales of one platform decline, sales of the others will increase.

Affiliate commission of 25% on sales of other people’s goods and services made via my site. Over 15+ services, I typically earn five distinct affiliate fees per month.
10% of course revenues come from my own items that I sell on my site.

This used to be my main concentration, but I turned more toward writing books. Now, however, I’m planning to return to courses since they’re such a terrific way to both assist people and make a living.

10% comes from professional speaking fees from various businesses and events.
consultancy and podcast sponsorship account for 5%.