9 Considerations Before Buying A Robotic Mower

9 Considerations Before Buying A Robotic Mower

9 Considerations Before Buying A Robotic Mower

Choosing the best robotic mower for your home might be difficult if you’re in the market for one.

With so many models, features, and pricing to choose from, it may be difficult to choose an automated lawnmower that meets your needs while also saving you time and effort.

maintaining a robotic lawnmower
To help you choose your perfect robotic mower, we’ve put together this helpful 11-point checklist of things to think about before purchasing one.

Learn about the features and variables to look for, then use this guide to compare and contrast the robotic mowers on the market.

9 Things to Think About When Purchasing a Robotic Mower

Before purchasing a new or replacement robot mower, examine the following 11 factors.

 Cost When purchasing a new robot mower, the cost will be the most important factor to consider.

Investing in a robotic mower for your yard will pay off handsomely in the form of time savings, rest, and relaxation on your carpet-soft grass.

Canada’s Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

The Most Effective Robotic Lawn Mowers

These automatic lawnmowers are pricey, with prices ranging from $500 to $600 for the smallest, most basic versions to $5000 or more for heavy-duty mowers with extensive in-built technology and the ability to mow large areas.

Leading land management and garden equipment stores, such as John Deere or Husqvarna, often offer more costly robotic mowers with added services like as expert installation or maintenance.

Click here to get the most recent pricing for the United States.

The following are the main aspects that influence the price of the mower you buy:

The robot lawnmower’s maximum mowing area
Features that improve agility and the vehicle’s ability to handle a variety of terrain

The battery’s capacity.

WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS 10 are just a few of the advanced connection options available. Garden Dimensions
The mower you pick must be a perfect fit for your yard, and the size of your lawn will be a major factor in the robot mower you choose.

This is due to the fact that each robotic mower has a limited mowing area. Manufacturers normally supply this in square meters or feet so you can compare it to your lawn’s measurements.

For a robot mower, these are some standard grass area specifications:

600 square meters of little gardens
Gardens of a medium size range from 1000 to 1500 square meters.
Garden size: 2000 square meters and above
A professional robotic mower may be a better match for your requirements if you have an estate, extensive grounds, or are buying on behalf of a sports field or professional landscaping firm.

Here’s a quick guide to calculating the square footage of a lawn.

9. Slope Slope may make or break a mower, and a robot mower that suffers over rough terrain will make your life difficult rather than the mower’s.

Most robot mowers can handle some slope in the ground they’re working on, although the amount of slope that may be handled varies greatly across models.

Slope tolerance is influenced by a number of factors, including:

The slope’s grade and angle
Rain and wetness are present.
The tread pattern and wheel design
The mower’s center of gravity (the lower the better)
Calculate the slope of your lawn to get the gradient or percentage of slope to search for. This will need the use of canes, a tape measure, twine, and 8th-grade arithmetic.

Maneuverability (#8)

If your lawn has a lot of obstacles, you’ll need a robot lawnmower that can recognize and avoid them instead of becoming stuck.

The onboard technology of the lawnmower will have an impact on its capacity to detect obstacles. Obstacles in the robot’s mowing route may be detected by integrated sensors, prompting it to shift course.

Mower maneuverability is also affected by the number of wheels, with 4-wheeled or all-wheel drive mowers performing better in more intricate grass configurations.

Aside from the hardware, the robotic mowers’ software algorithms for calculating their mowing travels will dictate how they manage tight corridors, edges, and under things such as tables or trampolines.

7. Safety/Security

When it comes to an expensive and possibly hazardous garden item like a robotic mower, you’ll want to know that the model you choose has solid and trustworthy security and safety measures.

Buying a Robot Mower for the Backyard
Robot lawnmower in the backyard
Because of their size, mass, and dependency on a complementing base station, we keep robot mowers outdoors for extended periods of time and they are not attractive to burglars.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be concerned about security. These basic security elements will help safeguard your garden’s youngsters and pets.

PIN: even the most basic kinds of robot lawnmowers may be secured with a 4-digit PIN. Alarm: many robotic mowers feature an alarm that is triggered if they are picked up or if an erroneous PIN is entered.
Onboard GPS allows you to follow your robot mower and get notifications if it departs from its predetermined path.
Tilt and lift sensors: if the mower is tilted or lifted off the grass, these sensors trigger the mower to stop mowing.



Manufacturer No. 6

The pricing and specs of your robotic mower will be influenced by the manufacturer you choose.

Many Chinese-made OEM robotic mowers are available at low costs, however some consumers prefer to buy a mower from a respected manufacturer via a dealership.

Replacement parts, warranties, service, and even expert installation of your new mower are all available from these brands.

The following are some of the most well-known robotic mower manufacturers:

Landroid by WORX is a line of robotic lawnmowers.
John Deere is a well-known agricultural equipment manufacturer. Tango by John Deere
Husqvarna has a robotic mower line called Automower.
The iMOW line of mowers from Gardena Stihl
Bosch s5. Connectivity
Robotic lawnmowers are intelligent equipment that can be incorporated into today’s smart home environment.

115H-Mows Up to 0.4 Acres, Gray Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower
They use a variety of wireless networking technologies to enable them to be programmed, protected, and quickly traverse your lawn.

Automatic mowers with Internet of Things capabilities give significant convenience to owners by allowing them to configure and operate their lawnmower remotely.

These app-based controls are generally paid features, and they link to the mower through the following methods:

Wi-Fi: A household Wi-Fi connection may be used to link the robotic mower to an app-based control. You can also use Wi-Fi to connect your mower to your home’s virtual assistant (Alexa) so you can control it with your voice.
Because Bluetooth has a lesser range than Wi-Fi, you’ll need to be within a 30-foot range to preset the mower.
GPS: A robotic mower’s position and progress can be tracked in real time using GPS.
With this explanation video for the Bosch Indego mower, you can get a better picture of how app-based mower control works.

Control panel No. 4

All robotic mowers come with an onboard control panel that allows you to configure the mower as well as monitor its condition and battery level.

In the absence of app-based control, a control panel should be as intuitive as feasible. LCD panels are preferred.

An emergency stop button and a dial for changing the blade cutting height are also included on robotic mowers.


3. The blades

Different blades are used by robotic mowers to trim and mulch your lawn, keeping it healthy and looking its best. Manufacturers and models employ one of three kinds of replacement blades that have comparable cutting action and quality:

Razor blades installed on a revolving disc: these blades are tiny and mounted on a rotating disc. They are prone to wear and tear more quickly than other sorts.
Blades with star-shaped separations: these reversible blades are positioned at a central point and feature four or eight sharp edges.
Individually installed fixed blades: they are tough, long-lasting blades that get the job done.
Choose a mower that has blades that may be readily bought and changed. Blades may be rapidly worn down by grass juices and debris, therefore most mower blades will need to be replaced once or twice every season.

Why not read our article “How to clean and care for a robotic mower” to learn more about how to replace the blades on a robotic mower?

2. Guarantee

Given the high cost of robotic mowers, a good guarantee is essential. If the mower breaks down early, you’ll be on the hook for the repair charges if you don’t have a warranty.

The warranty ensures that the robot mower performs as expected, with manufacturers agreeing to fix or replace any damaged or malfunctioning machines.

Robotic lawnmower for the backyard
Setup for a robotic lawn mower
Robotic mower warranties are normally between one and three years long. Many need mower registration or purchase in order to extend the warranty duration.

1. Materials

A robotic lawnmower will be one of your most used garden items, and it will almost certainly wear out or fail at some point.

You need to know that you can get replacement components quickly and at a reasonable price, particularly consumables like blades and boundary wire and connectors, which are often damaged.



4 Fantastic Robotic Lawnmowers for Smaller Gardens

We’ve selected four excellent robotic mowers for smaller gardens to give you an idea of the sort of mower that could be right for you.

These are perfect for urban gardens and apartments with little backyards.

1. Minimo Robotic Lawnmower by GARDENA SILENO

GARDENA SILENO Minimo – Fully automated robotic lawnmower with Bluetooth App, quietest on the market, boundary wire included, for lawns up to 2700 square feet, Gray
2700 square feet is the maximum grass area that may be mowed (250 square meters)
6.29 in/ 0.78 – 1.77 in (16 cm/ 2 cm to 5 cm) cutting width/height
Lithium-ion battery
Time to complete: 65 minutes
20.4 in. x 13.38 in. x 8.66 in. Dimensions: 20.4 in. x 13.38 in. x 8.66 in (52 cm x 34 cm x 22 cm)
13.44 pound weight (6.1 kilograms)
Warranty is for two years.
Gardena is a German company that makes robot mowers for small and medium-sized gardens.

This robotic mower can mow narrow corridors and complete your edges thanks to features like its CorridorCut option.

It also has a spot-cutting mode for equally mowing beneath things on your lawns, such as tables or barbecues. It is waterproof and can detect frost to prevent damage to your grass throughout the winter months.

GARDENA SILENO Minimo – Robotic lawnmower with full automation.
GARDENA SILENO Minimo – Robotic lawnmower with full automation.
For tiny, intricate lawns: The GARDENA SILENO Minimo is designed to mow smaller yards up to 2700 square feet.
Amazon Prime qualifying price
Not only is the SILENO robotic mower compact, but it also runs quietly. It may also be controlled with the Gardena smartphone app.

Once everything is set up, all you have to do now is input your lawn size and preferred mowing schedule into the app.





2. Indego S 500 by Bosch

1.2 in. to 2 in. cutting height (3 cm to 5 cm)
5832 square feet is the maximum grass area that may be mowed (up to 500 square meters)
27 degrees is the maximum gradient.
Lithium-ion battery
60 minutes of work time
44.5 x 36.4 x 20.2 cm Dimensions
16.8 pound weight (7.6 kilograms)
Warranty period: 1 year
Bosch’s smart and compact mower is capable of mowing up to 500 square meters of grass and comes with the features that smaller gardens need to look their best.

This little mower utilizes LogiCut technology to mow your lawn in simple parallel lines, completing the task in the shortest amount of time possible.

It’s designed to trim borders without the straggly finish that some bigger mowers leave. It also includes inbuilt sensors to help it navigate even the tiniest of passageways (75 cm wide).

If you have many tiny lawns, the MultiArea feature may mow up to three of them within its maximum area of 500 square meters.

Using its calendar function, this Bosch robot mower can determine and execute a mowing plan for you after everything is set up.

3. Robomow RX20 Mower (Automatic)

Robomow RX20 Battery Powered Mower-Smart Robot Lawn Mower for Small Yards, Green, 7-Inch Mowing Width
Cutting 7 in. wide x 7 in. tall (17.8 cm) cutting height may be adjusted
180 square feet is the maximum grass area that may be mowed (16.7 square meters)
Gradient maximum: 8.5 degrees
Lithium-ion battery
Size: 26 in. x 22 in. x 12 in (66 cm x 56 cm x 30 cm)
Weight: 27.9 lbs (13.5 kilograms)
Warranty period: 1 year
Another robotic mower firm, Robomow, has a monopoly on autonomous lawn mowers for smaller gardens. With its excellent cutting and mulching action, this cheerful beetle-like mower will maintain the grass in a small garden in outstanding shape.

Because the producers recognize that this mower would appeal to children and dogs, it has been equipped with important safety features such as tilt and lift sensors that halt the blades, as well as PIN access to the control panel.


4.Battery-Powered Robomow RX20 Mower

CUTTING PATH FOR SMALL YARDS: In smaller yards up to 1/20 acre (2,180 square feet) and inclines up to 8. 5 degrees, the 7 cutting width provides a fast and successful cut.
Amazon Prime qualifying price
It can cut beyond the wheel, so you can put your strimmer away since it will take care of your edges and other difficult spots.

The Robomow RX 20 may be controlled by Bluetooth, and if you’re searching for a robot mower with a smaller footprint, the Robomow R12u is the smallest robotic mower on the market right now!

15H Husqvarna Automower

Small – Medium Yards Husqvarna Automower® 115H Connect/4G Robotic Lawn Mower (0.4 Acres)
8.7 in/ 2 in to 3.6 in (5 cm/ to 9.1 cm) cutting width/height
10882 square feet is the maximum grass area that may be mowed (1011 square meters)
30 degree maximum gradient
Lithium-ion battery
60 minutes of work time
23.22 inches by 17.71 inches by 27.62 inches
20.7 pound weight (9.07 kilograms)
Warranty period: 1 year
This is the smallest of Husqvarna’s great series of robotic mowers, and it can successfully cut lawns up to a quarter ace in size.

Husqvarna is a terrific brand to purchase from since they provide exceptional customer service and replacement parts and service are readily available across the United States.



Husqvarna built this 115H model primarily for compact lawns, so you’ll be pleased with the cut quality. It has excellent mobility and can avoid a wide range of garden obstacles.

It’s one of the finest and most straightforward models for clearing passageways, and it can go around curves and tight spots on your lawn.

Automower® 115H Connect/4G Robotic Lawn Mower by Husqvarna

Easy to Do It Yourself – The straightforward Husqvarna Automower installation method may be DIY (Do-It-Yourself)! From boundary wires to unique guiding wires, your Automower comes with everything you’ll need to install it yourself.
Amazon Prime qualifying price
Programming the 115H is a breeze since you can connect to it through 4G/LTE, allowing you to manage your mower from anywhere with a cellular connection.

For continuous performance and longevity, this is a fantastic small robotic mower.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Garden Robotic Mowers
Is it simple to set up a robotic mower?

Installing the charging station, a boundary wire that surrounds the grass area the robot will mow, and selecting your mowing schedule and settings through the mower’s onboard control panel or via an app are all common tasks for robotic lawnmowers.

Is it possible for my grass to be striped with an automated mower?

Surprisingly, just a few robotic mowers are capable of doing this. This is due to the fact that an automated mower’s mowing pattern is basically random, covering the whole grass piece by bit.



Will a robotic mower harm my garden’s trees and shrubs?

Many homeowners are concerned that their robotic mower could lose control and run over their beloved rose bush or other manicured plants.

This is improbable since the mower is unable to mow beyond the boundary wire that is set around the perimeter of the grass. Boundary wire may be used to encircle trees and bushes in your yard.




Adding It All Up
We hope our 11-point shopping advice has given you some food for thought as you search for the perfect robotic mower.

As previously said, this is a significant investment, but if done correctly, these mowers will provide excellent performance and value for money.



If you’d like to have a look at some of the robotic lawn mowers now on the market, our article “Top Robotic Lawn Mowers USA” has a round-up of seven of the best models for gardens in the United States.

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