8 Extremely Romantic Acts

8 Extremely Romantic Acts

8 Extremely Romantic Acts.
8 Extremely Romantic Acts.

8 Extremely Romantic Acts.

Everyone enjoys a little bit of romance, but some romantic gestures might carry things quite a little farther than they need to go. The issue is, at what point do they become completely unreasonable?

Woo with a Boom Box and a Microphone

Prepare yourself for the pinnacle of all over-the-top romantic encounters, which will include… a boom box. Imagine this: one day you’re going about your day as usual, without giving a second thought to anything, when all of a sudden, a rhythm that was previously audible in the background begins to get more audible, until finally – wait!

It may be seen from the window of your bedroom or workplace right now. The need to satisfy your insatiable appetite for information compels you to sneak a glance. Uh oh.

The person who is attempting to win your heart is the one who is playing “your song” at maximum volume on the stereo and singing along in a way that makes it appear as if a thousand cats are being murdered at the same time. There’s no way that this could be a sign of genuine affection, does it?

Approaching a traffic officer who is holding a stop sign

We know what you’re thinking: what could possibly be more romantic than your boyfriend pulling over to the side of the road to tell you how much he loves you and that he can’t imagine his life without you?

That is, until you find yourself on a route where everyone in traffic despises your very existence and honks as if the end of the world is just around the corner. Caution: irrational levels of passion and aggressive driving do not go well together.

Cake Surprise!

When everything is taken into consideration, bursting out of a cake on your anniversary has to be up there with one of the most ridiculous romantic gestures that are now available.

It may seem like an interesting concept at first, but just picture yourself crouching for that long within a cake (oh, the agony… and perspiration! ), the expression on everyone else’s face when you eventually burst out, and all of that frosting that would be wasted on you.

It would be much more enjoyable if one were the only recipient of the cake. Who, after all, would want to consume a cake that had just given birth to a human being?

Duvet Delights picture blanket

You’ve had a long and challenging day, and you’re looking forward to nothing more than falling in bed. But then… wait! Where did you get that crazy thing for your bed?

It’s a humongous print of you and the person you care about, who just so happened to think it would be a good idea to go to bed every night staring at a life-sized replica of yourself and your significant other.

What’s the worst of it? They look at us in return. Additionally, it is true that individuals do in fact sell them.

The individual who would take over the speech was boosted at the conference
When you’re watching a movie, speech bombing may seem like a fantastic idea,

but when your significant other decides to seize the airwaves with discourse about his emotions, you find yourself wondering if you may simply slide all the way down from your seat onto the floor like a piece of slippery cheese.

The romance expert recommended that he interrupt a magnificent speech that you were giving at a workplace party in order to get your attention. Oh my goodness, could that be the security coming for him?!

Kissogram This!

Here’s the point: a professional kissogram is one thing, but the love of your life dressing up in a disguise and traveling to your job in order to deliver a kissogram to Prince’s “I just want your extra time and your….

kiss!” is really NOT a thing that should happen. It’s not going to work out, no matter what the person who made this ridiculously romantic gesture was thinking when they did it, since it’s going to be embarrassing for everyone involved in the situation.

Tom Cruise Gets a Celebrity Phone Call

Prepare yourself for the ultimate demonstration of love: your significant other will show their affection for you via a famous impersonator. That is, in fact, a phenomenon. Imagine the thrill you would feel if a person pretending to be Tom Cruise called you at work to declare their love for you.

You immediately fall out from the thrill, only to come to and realize that it wasn’t really Tom Cruise at all; hence, you now feel like a complete and utter doughnut.

Label the masked vandal who is tagging the city

What could be more absurdly over-the-top than having your name and the name of the person you love scrawled all over your hometown or neighborhood courtesy to a custom-made stencil and some graffiti?

The last time we checked, doing time for committing crimes of vandalism and destruction wasn’t exactly a romantic proposition, was it?

However, the thought of them sneaking around at night while wearing ski masks and engaging out this ridiculous act on the stairwell makes you unable to contain your laughter.

The one and only correct interpretation of the greatest, over the top, cheesy, vintage romantic gesture is: Even though only a genuine geek would show up outside your apartment in a tux with a limo, you can’t help but fall to pieces laughing at the fact that somehow he has managed to fit all of your best friends into the limo, along with himself. You can’t help but fall to pieces laughing.

Mass Convergence This massive spontaneous gathering

POW! Something unexpected happens to you when you are minding your own business one day. People you know and people you don’t start appearing all around you to participate in a flash mob that is patterned after Glee, which is your secretly favorite show EVER!, and it is being performed in honor of your lowly self.

However, in order to get serious marks for effort and forethought, this must be as ridiculous as it possibly can be.

The decision that arises next is whether you should join in and reveal your complete incapacity to dance, or if you should maintain your distance and just enjoy the occasion.

Who says that the age of romance is over?

But, if we’re being honest, we don’t really need anyone to go to such lengths merely to show us that they love us, do we?

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