7 Easy Ways to Please Your Boyfriend

7 Easy Ways to Please Your Boyfriend

7 Easy Ways to Please Your Boyfriend.
7 Easy Ways to Please Your Boyfriend.

7 Easy Ways to Please Your Boyfriend.

Find out what makes your guy happy and use that knowledge to get the best out of your relationship. When the boyfriend is pleased, he is in a better position to make his lady happy.

The Key to a Happy Relationship with Your Boyfriend

Fulfilling your guy’s emotional requirements would provide happiness to both of you. During the time that you spend conversing with him, show him a great deal of respect and appreciation. If you want your partner to be as happy as possible, you should try to fulfill these demands on a regular basis.

Celebrate Him

Get to know your lover and show him that you appreciate him in order to make him happy. Find out what sets your lover apart from other men.

Applaud him and provide him positive reinforcement so that you may recognize and appreciate his one-of-a-kind qualities. You need to celebrate his birthday, as well as the occasions on which he receives a promotion or wins a personal achievement, and you ought to let him know how pleased you are of him.

Participatory listening

When he wants to talk about his poor day, listen to him and let him vent. Turn off your mobile phone and the television, and remove yourself from any other potential distractions if you want to demonstrate that you are actively listening to what is being said.

Just listen to what he has to say without offering any suggestions until he specifically asks for them. Becoming your boyfriend’s confidante and sounding wall is a certain way to make him smile. Resist the temptation to reveal his confidences and keep his secrets to yourself at all costs.


Take part in his life by being a supporting presence everywhere he goes and attending his events. Do not back out of going through Comic-Con with him at the last minute or decline his request to go through the convention with you. Follow in his footsteps and become involved in the activities that he finds meaningful.

Be Independent

Clingy girlfriends are the worst, and no partner wants them. Demonstrate your self-sufficiency by doing tasks by yourself from time to time. This mindset is beneficial to you as well.

Take care of yourself first, and don’t forget to stay in contact with your pals. It is not beneficial for your health to give up your freedom for your partner, and a healthy boyfriend would not want you to give up your independence for him. Try to fight off the temptation to spend every waking minute with him.

Guy Time

Some girlfriends believe that trust is the best indicator of how much you care for them. You should try to get your partner to get out with his other male buddies. A night out for drinks or a weekend spent on the road with his closest pals may both count as quality “guy time.”

Try not to overstay your welcome with your lover or give in to feelings of jealousy. It will make him happy, and it will help you create a deeper connection with him if you give him room to ponder and simply hang out with him.

Show That You Care Through Your Actions

To a certain extent, physical contact is reserved for individuals who are in a romantic relationship, and it serves to illustrate the unique connection that exists between the two parties.

You may demonstrate to your partner that you care about him and that he is unique by simply holding his hand, welcoming him with an embrace and kiss, and asking him about the sorts of physical contact that he enjoys the most.

Make Your Love Known to the World

You want to show your boyfriend that you are prepared to let everyone know that the two of you are a relationship, even if you don’t want to go overboard when it comes to openly express your affection for him in front of others.

Even within the realm of social media, demonstrating to your boyfriend that you hold him in high regard by posting photos of the two of you together on social media or making endearing proclamations about how your boyfriend is the best boyfriend (or something along those lines) demonstrates to him that you hold him in special regard.

Maintain Constant Contact

Send your lover beautiful messages or give him a call to remind him how wonderful he is on a regular basis, unless he has specifically requested you to leave him alone throughout the day because he has a demanding job or school schedule. In that case, you should honor his request.

The messages don’t need to be long, but they should reaffirm that he’s a wonderful partner and that you consider yourself fortunate to have him. Here are several examples:

“Hey. You really are rather wonderful.”

“As I sit here, I can’t help but think about how fortunate I am to be your girlfriend,” she said.

“You’re the reason I’ve got a smile on my face right now,” she said.

“Do you feel that? I’m thinking about you and sending hugs and kisses your way.”

Awe and amaze him

What qualities does he admire most in other people? If you can learn to accomplish these things, you will amaze him, and he may be glad as a consequence for having selected a girlfriend who is so skilled and versatile.

Perhaps he is impressed by those who are well-versed in a certain book genre or those who can make it through a challenging boot camp session.

Love’s Finest Presents

There are certain men who are extremely into presents, and the fact that your partner will get some will make him pleased. Every few weeks, as a sign of your love and appreciation for your lover, surprise him with a present.

Be careful not to choose really expensive presents since this might convey the incorrect impression and make the recipient feel beholden to you.

Instead, choose for more intimate presents that have a touch of elegance or are customized in some manner. The following is a list of recommendations for gifts that you might utilize while choosing your expressions of love for one another.

Tickets to a Sporting Event If you know that your guy enjoys sports, which is probably the case, buying him tickets to a sporting event is an excellent present idea.

Invest on a couple of tickets to a game of baseball or football being played in the area. It’s impossible to lose when you give him a set of tickets to watch his high school football team play.

The purchase of a set of attractive pajamas for both you and your significant other is sure to put a smile on his face.

It would be lovely for him to wear black silk pajama trousers and a small robe that matched. Specifically for you, pick for some underwear in his preferred shade of the hue.

Food Gifts – Snack baskets filled with salty foods such as pretzels, almonds, and popcorn are wonderful presents for men since they are something they can enjoy. If he has a need for sweets, you should give him an unexpected treat like a box of chocolates.

Make him a casserole or a cake if you’re excellent in the kitchen and like spending time in the kitchen. Meaty dishes such as lasagna provide for delicious dinners that he can eat for many days in a row without becoming bored.

Ask Him

Whether you never ask your partner if he’s happy and instead simply assume that he is, you may be passing on a chance to learn what it is that really brings him joy.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and that people find happiness in a variety of different ways.

If you are open and honest with him about your desire for his happiness, he will most likely experience that satisfaction as a direct consequence of your actions.