5 tips to move your life in a different light.

5 tips to move your life in a different light.

5 tips to move your life in a different light.
5 tips to move your life in a different light.

5 tips to move your life in a different light.

Start with what you have (Again and Again)

BEGINNING WHERE YOU ARE This has major significance. Tonglen practice (and other forms of meditation practice) are not about the future when you’ll have everything together and be this super-respected person.

The fact that you could be the most aggressive person ever is a good place to start. Juicy and odorous is a really rich place to start. You may be the person with the worst depression, the worst addiction, or the worst jealousy on the whole planet.

You could believe that you are the only person on the earth who despises yourself this badly. It’s a good idea to start with all of that. The best place to start is right now, where you are.

Your actions toward yourself, including any acts of compassion, tenderness, honesty, and clear-eyed perception of yourself, will have an impact on how you see the world. In fact, it will alter the way you see the world.

When you take care of yourself, you also take care of others, and the reverse is also true. In the tonglen practice, it becomes harder to tell what’s outside and what’s within as you trade yourself for others.

Try New Things in Life

A woman is escaping tigers by running. She runs continuously as the tigers inch closer to her. She approaches a cliff’s brink. She descends and grabs onto the vine after seeing it there.

She then turns to look underneath herself and notices that there are also tigers there. She sees a little mouse munching on the vine she is hanging to at the same time. In addition, she notices a lovely small cluster of strawberries coming out of a neighboring patch of grass.

She glances at the mouse while also looking up and down. She then selects a strawberry, bites into it, and savors it fully.

Tigers above and beneath. This is the situation we are always faced with. We are all born, and eventually, we all die. Every instant is exactly what it is. We cannot see, hear, taste, or pleasure if we are resentful, bitter, or harboring a grudge.

The strawberry we are eating right now may be the last one we ever eat in our whole lives. This might either make us sad or make us finally appreciate it. We could savor the value of each and every moment.

Watch What Is

LIFE IS LIMITED WHEN WE HOLD ON TO BELIEFS. That is not to say that ideas, views, or beliefs are flawed. The issues arise from our obstinate attitude of insisting on things being a certain way and clinging to our thoughts and viewpoints.

By using your belief system in this manner, you choose to be blind instead of being able to see, deaf instead of being able to hear, dead instead of alive, and sleepy instead of awake.

There is a clear directive we may follow as individuals who wish to live a good, complete, liberated, adventurous, and genuine sort of life: see what is.

When you see yourself clinging to ideas or beliefs, simply accept what is. Recognize your belief without declaring it to be correct or incorrect. Clear your mind of any bias and let it go.

Remain in the here and now. You may do this right now and until you pass away.


THERE ONCE WAS A woman who was pompous and haughty. She questioned all the authorities for advice since she was determined to become enlightened.

“Well, if you climb to the top of this extremely high mountain, you’ll discover a cave there,” was the reply given to her. A knowledgeable elderly lady is sitting within the cave. She’ll let you know.

The woman eventually discovered this cave after facing several challenges. As it turned out, there was a serene, elderly lady dressed in white sitting there with a beatific grin.

I wish to become enlightened, the lady knelt at this woman’s feet after being overcome with awe and reverence. Tell me how.

Are you sure you want to become enlightened, the wise lady softly questioned as she turned to face her. The lady then said, “Of course, I’m sure.”

Then the happy lady transformed into a monster, got to her feet while wielding a huge stick, and began rushing after her while yelling “Now! Now! Now!” That woman would spend the rest of her life unable to escape the demonic voice that kept yelling, “Now!”

That is the crucial point right now. Being mindful teaches us to be totally present, aware, and interested in the moment. The in-breath, the out-breath, awakening from our fancies, and even the imaginations themselves are now.

The more fully present you can be, the more you become aware of how you are constantly in the center of a holy circle. Whether you’re wiping your bottom, chilling your meal, or cleaning your teeth, it’s no little matter. Anything you’re doing right now is what you’re doing.

expanding the compassionate circle

It takes courage to keep no one out of our hearts and to not label anybody as an enemy.
If we start acting in this way, we’ll realize that we can no longer categorize people as wholly right or bad.

More slick and fun than that, life is. We create a hoax on ourselves to make ourselves feel safe and comfortable in which we try to identify ultimate right and wrong.

Recognizing when we begin to establish our own righteousness or establish our own wrongdoing is the first step in acting with compassion, being present for others, and being able to behave and talk in a manner that communicates.

At that time, we may simply reflect on the fact that bodhichitta, an alternative to any of them, is available. If we can touch this soft, unsteady region, it will teach us to open up more rather than close down more to everything we experience.

We’ll discover that something will change in us forever as we start to dedicate ourselves to the practice of tonglen and as we start to enjoy qualities of ourselves that we once thought were so unattainable.

Our long-standing behavioral habits will start to relax, and we’ll start to recognize the voices and faces of those speaking to us. The circle of compassion—what and whom we can engage with, and how—expands as we learn to be compassionate toward ourselves.


When you begin the warrior’s path, you’ll discover that it’s often quite inconvenient. You realize that life itself is uncomfortable when you decide to live life to the fullest rather than choosing death.

Although it is a priceless gift, nobody can genuinely offer you their wholeheartedness. You must seek out the heart-centered way and then travel it perfectly.

By doing so, you repeatedly experience the discomfort of your own tenseness, headaches, and falling flat on your face. But this difficulty is not a barrier when training and walking the road sincerely. It’s just a certain texture and vitality of life.

Additionally, there are occasions when you abruptly fall flat on your face after taking off and everything feels so amazing that you believe this is the route with heart. Everyone is focusing on you.

“Whatever happened to that route with heart,” you ask yourself. In my face, this feels like a muddy trail.

It pricks you, it pokes you because you are fully dedicated to the warrior’s quest. It sounds like someone is laughing in your ear while pushing you to come up with a plan of action when you have none. It brings you low. It makes your heart open.

Increasing the Circle’s Diameter

HOW IS AGGRESSION ON THE PLANET TO DECREASE, NOT INCREASE? How can I learn to speak with someone who is harming me or others?

Let’s take this to a more intimate level. How do I communicate such that the air clears and we both start to connect with some kind of universal intelligence?

How do I interact such that situations that seem icy, impractical, and inherently hostile start to loosen up and some kind of sympathetic interchange starts to take place?

Start by allowing yourself to experience what you are going through. Be prepared to develop a sympathetic connection with the aspects of yourself that you believe shouldn’t exist.

Something starts to change if you are willing to use meditation to be attentive of both your comfort and your discomfort; if you even aim to be awake and open to your feelings, recognizing and acknowledging them as best you can in each moment.

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