Guinea pigs, like some cats, may sometimes jump up and speed about their available area, whether it’s their enclosure or a secure pen. This behavior is similar to what some cats do after snorting catnip.



 It is possible that such conduct indicates a variety of emotions, ranging from pure happiness to fear. Finding out what’s causing the frantic cavalry behavior is easy when you have the right background information.



Verbal Use of the Word “Popcorn”

A guinea pig’s giddy streak is shown by his frequent quick rushing about. In the event that your canine companion is in excellent spirits, you may see him racing about in circles and adjusting his path continuously, whether within his cage or in a larger designated play area of your house. Jumping is a common feature of delighted guinea pigs as they run.



 Popcorning is a term used to describe a group of these actions. You can bet your guinea pig is enjoying himself while he’s snacking on some popcorn! Perhaps he notices the healthy and delectable food in your possession and is unable to keep his excitement under control.. Among young cavies, popcorning is quite prevalent.




Maybe he’s a health and fitness enthusiast.

Even if your guinea pig is running about in his cage, he may not be doing much more than getting a little exercise. If his enclosure is large enough, the vigorous running might be an indication that he is stretching out his legs and releasing some of his excess energies. 


Due to the fact that frequent physical exercise is essential for maintaining guinea pig health and weight, this is generally a positive development.





However, he can be frightened by the situation.

The behavior of your guinea pig, such as jumping and racing at breakneck speed, might signal happiness or fear. It’s possible that your cavy might leap and gallop about in erratic patterns if anything startled him out of nowhere. Additionally, he may emit a great deal of piercing squeaking noises while doing this. 



Many factors, including novel environments, rapid actions, and startling noises from outside, might cause such anxious behaviors in cavies. 

This is something you should not be shocked to see your guinea pig perform when he goes to the veterinarian for a checkup. Not to mention that it’s not surprising if he does it during a particularly thunderous storm.



As well as the possibility of his becoming unwell

Running at a high rate in guinea pigs may also be a symptom of health problems, such as fur mite infestations. 

Along with racing about in circles, other common signs of fur mite infestation in cavies include weight loss, oily or dry areas of skin, itching, and clumps of hair that have been lost or shed. You should arrange an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as you become aware that your pet’s running may be connected to a health problem.




He should be kept under close observation.

Check on your guinea pig’s speed if you suspect he’s being motivated by panic. Because they are in such high fear mode, it is common for guinea pigs to lose track of what is happening around them. 

Yours may sprint so rapidly that he collides with the wall of his cage with the rest of his body.


 A collision with one of his cagemates is possible, which might result in harm to either himself or the other. In the case of guinea pigs that are forced to run for long periods of time due to fear, they will often continue to run until they are exhausted from the effort.

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Is it because Guinea Pigs are nocturnal that they get the zoomies?

You may have seen your guinea pigs running about and getting the zoomies, but have you ever peeked inside their cage?


When they take off and gallop about for a short period of time, they’ll halt for a moment before taking off again at breakneck speed.

So, why do guinea pigs get the zoomies? It might seem to be a bizarre habit that they exhibit every now and again.



They get the zoomies most often when they’re pleased or thrilled, or when they’re attempting to burn off some excess energy. They also get the zoomies when they’re relieved that they have so much additional room to go about.

Obviously, every guinea pig is different, but these are the most typical causes for them to get the infection.




However, at some time in their life, they may decide to stop doing it as often, so while they are still doing it, it might be entertaining to see.



Is it because Guinea Pigs are nocturnal that they get the zoomies?

It’s possible that you’ve seen one of your guinea pigs race around incredibly quickly, pause for a while, and then start running again; this is what’s known as “zoomies.”

They will often run around the things in their cage and may easily dodge them if they are given the chance.



However, although it is adorable to witness a guinea pig get the zoomies on occasion, what is it that causes them to do so?



Generally speaking, the first and most prevalent cause for guinea pigs to experience the zoomies is when they are overjoyed.

It’s very uncommon for guinea pigs to demonstrate their happiness by rushing around their cage really quickly, which may be quite entertaining to watch.

This is a positive indicator most of the time since it indicates that they are content with their current situation.



In addition to being pleased about something, guinea pigs get the zoomies for a variety of reasons.

You can tell that they are doing this out of enthusiasm since they will occasionally do it after they get something new or something that they like.

As an example, this might occur when they’re hungry and you fill up their food bowl, when you give them one of their favorite treats, or even when they get a new toy to play with.



The third factor that might cause a guinea pig to experience the zoomies is when they are attempting to burn off some of the surplus energy that they have.

Consequently, if they’re doing it for this purpose, you’ll be more likely to notice it when they first wake up from a sleep and at other times when they just feel the urge to get up and go.



Another thing to consider is that guinea pigs might be content with the fact that they have adequate area to go about and do their thing on occasion.



When does a Guinea Pig get the zoomies? 
Is this a common occurrence?

You may be wondering whether this sort of behavior is common for a guinea pig based on the way they act and behave.

In any case, guinea pigs are very used to having the zoomies, and most of the time it just indicates that they are content for whatever reason they are experiencing it.

Throughout their life, the majority of guinea pigs will engage in this behavior, which is quite amusing and entertaining to see.

Given that they are quite familiar with their environment, it is usual for them to sprint around the cage at breakneck speed without colliding with anything other than an occasional fellow guinea pig.




As such, if they do get the zoomies, simply remember that it’s one of their natural activities and that there’s generally nothing to be concerned about.

One guinea pig becoming enthusiastic or joyful and getting the zoomies might even induce another one to have them as well, which is very natural.

So if your guinea pigs are engaging in this behavior, you should take advantage of the opportunity to observe them while you still have the opportunity.




The reason for this is because they may eventually cease getting the zoomies as much as they used to, and you will notice that they are doing it less and less as time goes on, as explained above.



Is it always the case that Guinea Pigs get the zoomies?

When your guinea pig is running about and getting the zoomies, it is entertaining to watch. However, how long will it last?

For this reason, when kids get the zoomies, they will often start for a few seconds and then halt for a few seconds before repeating the process again and again.

In most cases, they will continue to do so until the thrill that they are experiencing wears off or until they begin to feel exhausted.




The majority of guinea pigs will do it this way in the majority of cases, but will they always get the zoomies throughout their lifetime?

When guinea pigs reach a certain age, they tend to quit doing it or at least reduce their frequency of doing it. When your guinea pig reaches the age of two, you may notice that he or she begins to do it less often.




Therefore, while your guinea pigs are still young, this is one of the habits that you should take pleasure in seeing them exhibit.

Just because individuals grow out of it as their lives go and they begin to mature, however, does not imply that they are any less content.



It is possible that they will cease because they just do not want to do it any more or because they do not have the energy to run about like they used to. The fact that they are doing this is entirely normal since it is just one of those habits that will subside after a period of time.



Suppose your Guinea Pig has the Zoomies. Do you need to take any action?

When your guinea pig begins to get the zoomies, it’s easy to question whether you should do something about it since it seems to be such an unusual habit.

When kids begin to behave in this manner, you will often not have to do much to help them.




So if you notice them doing that, you can mostly sit back and relax as your guinea pig runs about and burns off their excess energy while also expressing their enjoyment.

When your guinea pigs behave in this manner, it should, for the most part, make you feel happy.



In certain cases, it might indicate that you are doing a fantastic job as their caregiver and that you have an energetic and content pet who is comfortable and content with their surroundings..