Are these the top wines from Australia?

Are these the top wines from Australia?

Are these the top wines from Australia?

Wines to the Stars is a company owned and operated by Andrew Roper, who specializes in delivering Australian wines to the green rooms of some of the most famous celebrities in the world when they are on tour. Not just any wines, but the very finest, most costly, and most unique ones in the world!

These beauties would undoubtedly be on the list of the greatest wines that Australia has to offer if there was ever going to be a list of the best wines that Australia has to offer. [You can check out the first version of the article right here.

Drew: You pick wines for the venue by taking into account the city in which the performer would be appearing; what kinds of wines do you suggest?

When I’m in Australia and New Zealand, the majority of the artists depend on my wine expertise, and I make it a point to do a little research on the wines and spirits of each artist whose needs I haven’t previously attended to. I make it a point to do everything in my power to make sure that everyone on tour has the opportunity to sample wines produced in the locations in where they are currently playing.

Western Australia

For instance, when we visit them in Perth, we will present them with some of the wines that we have recently discovered from boutique producers in Western Australia. These producers are primarily located in the Margaret River, Swan Valley, Pemberton, or Mount Barker regions.

Wines from producers such as Cape Grace, Moss Wood, Cullen, Domaine Naturaliste, Robert Bowen, and Lamont Wines are some of the excellent examples that I like to use.

If they have any time off, we will take them to a few of our favorite vineyards in the Swan Valley or, if we have more time on our hands, we will take them to Margaret River.

South Australia (Australian Region)

Same thing in Adelaide with wines from boutique producers in the Barossa Valley such as Rusden Wines (The Black Guts and Sandscrub Shiraz’s with their sheer power & style always work well),

Langmeil Wines with their great range as well as the Freedom Shiraz from the claimed oldest producing Shiraz vines on earth are always well received, then to spoil them with a taste of their birth year ports from Seppeltsfield is always a highlight, wines especially from the hands of the Wines from McLaren Vale in the South of Australia are also wines that we love to show.

These include wines from Serafino Wines, whose Sharkstooth Shiraz is always loved; Kay Brothers, Samuel’s Gorge Wines, whose beautifully created Shiraz, Grenache, and Tempranillo are adored by Bride Wars Actor Kate Hudson, whom we introduced; and the larger producers of Molly Dooker, who always make us feel welcome with a barrel tasting of


In Melbourne, we are huge fans of the lighter-bodied wines that come from the elegant and picturesque Yarra Valley. This region is home to some of the world’s best winemakers, including Sarah Crowe of Yarra Yering, Mount Mary, Yeringberg, and Soumah, as well as larger producers such as DeBortoli, who are responsible for producing some of the finest high-end Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir that money can buy.

The food and wine from Oakridge Estate are usually well received, and Dave Bicknell’s production of some of the greatest types of Chardonnay, Pinots, and Cabernets that I have seen in recent vintages is always impressive.

The emergence of boutique producers in the Yarra Valley, such as Mac Forbes and Dom Valentine, as well as the eccentricity of William Downie and his Thousand Candles, is another trend that we are enthusiastic about.


When we are in Sydney, we never have a lot of time to get to the Hunter Valley; therefore, if we can get our guests out of their hotels, we try to cram as much as we can into the short amount of time we have.

We try to include visits to wineries such as Lakes Folly (known for their two incredible wines, Chardonnay and Cabernet) as well as Peppertree Wines, Brokenwood, and Tempus Two; with these stops, we can’t really go too I also bring the wines from Andrew Thomas, who is known for producing some of the greatest Sems and, of course, his now-famous “cult following wine,” KISS Shiraz. I carry these wines onstage with me.


Is still considered a dream island by a few of the performers, and a few of them have even said that they believed it was a Disney World-Esque make-believe paradise! It gives me great pleasure to bust that notion by presenting them with some of the finest examples of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that can be found anywhere in the globe.

The whimsicality of titles like “Sailor Seeks Horse” and Frogmore Creek, as well as the stunning Sparkling Pinots of Arras and Cabernets from Bay of Fires, are really divine to exhibit.


Even while they are in Brisbane, we will provide them with a tasting of wines from the Granite Belt Region to demonstrate that wine production can really take place in Queensland.

The country of New Zealand

When we are in the vicinity of Auckland, one of our favorite things to do with them is to take them to Waiheke Island. We have also taken them to wineries such as Destiny Bay Wines, Mudbrick, and even Man O’ War Wines, which is quite a distance away.

We also bring in wineries backstage to display their wines, such as Villa Maria, Dry River, Herzog Wines, and Escarpment. We also bring in small producers with the most gorgeous and regionally reflecting Pinots and white wines, such as Elder wines and Shaky Bridge Wines.

I have registered the name “Wines to the Stars Backstage Cellar Door” as a trademark, and I place a strong emphasis on acquiring the finest examples of wine from each area so that I may present them to celebrities as they travel around the country.

I genuinely feel a strong enthusiasm for showcasing the wonderful wines that are produced in this region of the globe, and I feel an even stronger desire for elevating the status of true boutique and artisan wines above those of larger, more well-known brands that are available all over the world.

They always praise me for the adventure of wine discovery across Australia and New Zealand, and more so for the fact that they have now tried wines that they were previously unaware even existed. The independent producer needs both a face and a voice, and by working with me, they will get the kind of tremendous exposure as well as the possibility of endorsement that just cannot be purchased with monetary compensation.

I argue that pricey wines do not always have to be among the best wines.

Drew: What are your top five Australian wines that you make sure to serve to a famous person so that they are impressed?

The following are, in my opinion, Australia’s top five wines, which best reflect the country and are sure to make an impression right away:

  • Yarra Yering Underhill Shiraz or Carrodus or Cabernet Sauvignon are also acceptable alternatives (Yarra Valley)
    Jasper Hill The paddock that belongs to Emily (Heathcote)
    Giaconda Chardonnay (Beechworth)
    Rusden The Black Guts Shiraz, also known as Sandscrub Shiraz (Barossa Valley)
    Elderton Command (Command of Elderton) Shiraz or Ode to Lorraine, which is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Merlot from the Barossa Valley (sorry there are 6) Cullen Wines Diana Madeline
    (We apologize, but there are 7) Moss Wood Cabernet and my top five choices for real Australian style and pure value are the wines from Moss Wood, which include:
  • Tim Smith Wines (Barossa Valley)
    Pinot Noir produced by Oakridge Wines (Yarra Valley)
    Mac Forbes in the Yarra Valley, Tellurian Estate in Heathcote, and Moore’s Hill all fall under this category (Tasmania)

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