What Does a Guy Mean When He Says He Needs Time? 17 Hints

What Does a Guy Mean When He Says He Needs Time? 17 Hints

What Does a Guy Mean When He Says He Needs Time?

What Does a Guy Mean When He Says He Needs Time?

There are certain personal relationships that are peaceful and go smoothly through the stages of their development. In a relationship, there is an initial dating period that progresses to a committed relationship phase that finally evolves into the final bonding of a marriage.

Of course, this is the best-case scenario. It is not always the case that relationships go as smoothly as they should.




Typically, the question of commitment in a relationship is what turns many men off from entering into one. The reason for this is because they are either not prepared or just do not want to face it.



So, what exactly does it mean when a man says he needs time to consider whether or not he wants to commit himself imply? It’s not clear if he still has feelings for you, or it may be something else. Hopefully, the information provided in this post will be helpful to you.



He claims to need more time, but what exactly does that mean?

In many cases, when females are approached with the potential of becoming a girlfriend, they express their reluctance by saying, “I need more time,” while men express a similar reluctance when asked about marriage. Exactly why does a man claim to want more time to consider joining into a marriage are not fully understood.




1. He is concerned about his financial security.

It is the most prevalent reason why most men are apprehensive about joining the institution of marriage, and it is also the most understandable.

You should consider if your partner is dissatisfied with his job or methods of earning a living.



Guys are well aware of the financial responsibilities that come with being a husband and wife — the home mortgage, repairs, furnishings, automobile, and wedding expenditures can all be a significant financial burden. If he is unsure about his ability to bear this weight, he will seek for further time to consider his options.



In order to alleviate some of his stress, it’s better if you and your partner talk about this issue and come to a mutual understanding on how you will manage your financial responsibilities after marriage.




2.His feelings for you aren’t certain yet.

In a long-term relationship, there is a risk of falling out of love at some point in the future.

If your relationship has been going on for a year or more, it’s likely that he has lost some of the zeal that he had at the beginning. If this is the case, you should talk to him about it. 


The prospect of going into the responsibilities of marriage may be depressing for some men when the excitement of a new romance has passed.



The best course of action if this is the case with your boyfriend is for you to explain your relationship in black and white terms.



 If he is no longer in love with you in the same way that he was before, or if he is unsure about having you as a life partner, you should either work to reconcile your differences or end the relationship altogether.



The connection is frowned upon by his parents in number three.

As long as he is the son or the son of his mother or father before considering marriage, he is required to ask their approval first.



if they are out of sync with the dynamics of the relationship, he may begin to feel confused about his own actions. It is common for many men to be highly family oriented and to despise going against their parents’ desires. Then that would be a litmus test for his feelings for you if that were the case.





4.) He wants to get further acquainted with you.

Weddings are more than just a union of hearts; they are also a symbiotic union of minds and bodies.

In the event that he has not yet learned to trust you, or in the event that he is still unsure about how well you will connect after you begin living together, there will almost certainly be reservations regarding marriage in his thoughts.

There might be a lack of emotional connecting in your relationship, or it could be that your relationship requires more time.




(Fifth) He is taking advantage of you

It’s possible that he doesn’t really care about you and is just interested in you for his own gain instead.

How do you interpret a man who claims he needs more time? Just so he can have his requirements satisfied, he wants you to give him more milk. 





The best course of action if you have an instinctive sense that he doesn’t care about you is to end the relationship, no matter how difficult it is for you to do so.





Depending on the level of emotional attachment you have in your relationship, you may either debate it between yourself or just make a decision based on your instincts.

The wisest course of action is to stop the relationship rather than hoping beyond hope that he would change his mind later.

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What Does a Guy Mean When He Says He Needs Time?

“I simply need a little breathing room. I need some space to clear my brain.”

In the best case situation, if your partner speaks such words, he’s actually only attempting to convey a basic desire he has for some alone time.

Alternatively, he could be attempting to exit your relationship as quickly and painlessly as possible (for his own benefit).





In any case, your partner is probably unaware that he has just fired the linguistic equivalent of four little bullets right into your heart.

What does it mean when a man says he wants space, and how much time does he require?



In my experience, when a man says he needs space, he’s typically implying that he wants to leave the relationship.


A request for space does not always imply the following: “I need to be alone in order to be a better person — and therefore a better partner to you.” Instead, it nearly always implies, “Look, I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore, but I’m very scared about hurting your emotions, so I’m saying this instead in the hopes that it won’t bother you quite as much.”





The nicest thing about a man claiming he needs time or space is that it might indicate that he is well aware that he is such a terrible apple in the dating arena that he is really doing you a favor by gently withdrawing himself from the relationship.




I realize it makes me seem like a jaded swine, but honestly, I have never heard a guy claim he needs space when he meant anything other than, “I want out, and I’m too much of a coward to be straight and confront your emotions head on.” I’m paraphrasing, of course.




Thinking about this made me question whether males who ask for space are aware of this when they ask for it, or if they ever believe there’s a realistic possibility they’ll come back to you and attempt to salvage the relationship.

Why do males even bother to ask for space in the first place, and what do they expect to gain by asking for and receiving it?




I delegated this question to a group of guys (all of whom will remain nameless for the sake of confidentiality), and what they had to say on the subject was rather eye-opening.



Here’s what  guys believe it means when a man says he needs space or time.


1. “There needs to be a context for how something was expressed in order to give you a relevant response.” If it occurred after a disagreement in your relationship, it is quite probable that they wish to end it. It might also indicate that they just need some time to think out what is going on and want to be left alone for a while.”





2. “It either indicates that they need space and time to go through their thoughts or that they want a break from the relationship in order to be with other women. People may make decisions about which alternative seems more plausible based on the situation.”






3. “I need to take a step back and look at where I am, where I am headed, and so on.”



4. “It indicates that I desire to be alone or at the very least apart from the individual with whom I’m conversing. I’d want to take care of my problems on my own and then return later. “It’s a fairly simple notion.”




5. “I have been in a long-term relationship with the same woman for more than three decades. It is as nice a connection as one could ever hope for. The choice to marry my wife was the best one I ever made. 


Best friend, wonderful lover, most down-to-earth, attractive, and humorous lady I’ve ever encountered.



 Having said that, we both want for some alone time to rejuvenate and enjoy some peaceful down time. Neither of us is possessive of the other or exclusively reliant on the other for contentment or happiness. “A little time apart makes it interesting and satisfying.”




Sixth, “If I need some space, it will only be for a few days at the most, and more often for a few hours.” “I’m probably simply crazy and need some time alone.”




7. “The last time I said this to someone, it was because I didn’t have a single spare minute in my life without her. 

She couldn’t stand the thought of being apart from me, and it reached to the point where I couldn’t excuse myself without her accompanying me to the restroom.”




8) “It implies that you must give me some time alone, and if you are not comfortable with giving me some time, you are free to leave me for forever if you insist. “Sometimes all I want is to be alone.”

9. “I’ve never said anything like this before, and I’m distrustful of individuals who say things like this.”




10. “I’m in desperate need of isolation.”


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11. “I want to be the supreme ruler of the whole universe.”



12. “I’ve always taken it to indicate that I need my own existence. “13. I need my spouse to have confidence in my ability to conduct myself in a professional and honorable manner while they are not there. It provides me with the opportunity to develop as a person on my own. 



This is great since I have a lot of it right now.”

“It might be a variety of things.” 13. Some folks need their own space. Others describe it as a feeling of control. Obviously, he enjoys spending out with you, but he is instinctively picking activities with your emotions in mind, and he may be feeling the need for time to be selfish in his pursuit of pleasure.




 In other cases, it’s just a case of him engaging in a passion that he knows (or believes) you won’t appreciate or that is difficult to share with you.”




14. “It’s possible that I’m referring to a variety of things. The majority of the time, my partners are really vocal, and my dumb brain takes long periods of stillness or isolation to settle into ideas for the most of the time, making it difficult to process things on my own while they’re present. 



Despite this, I’m terrible at asking for space because I automatically believe that the other person is sick of me and is attempting to end the relationship by distancing themselves. It’s crazy, but brains are a piece of junk.”