Waterless Car and RV Cleaner by The Solution

Waterless Car and RV Cleaner by The Solution

Waterless Car and RV Cleaner by The Solution
Waterless Car and RV Cleaner by The Solution

Waterless Car and RV Cleaner by The Solution.

Cleaning your vehicle or RV with The Solution waterless car and RV cleaner allows you to avoid scratching the surface or creating swirl marks. The Solution is a non-porous surface cleanser that is manufactured by Super Seal Specialty Company. Its intended use is for cleaning certain types of surfaces.

The Answer Waterless Automobile and Recreational Vehicle Cleaner

In the 1990s, the Super Seal Specialty Company, which had originally been established in Gallatin, Tennessee, relocated to Southern California.

The firm first produced a sealant for radiators known as Super Seal before moving on to produce a sealant for punctured tires known as Tuff-Stuff. The waterless automobile and RV cleaning and protectant known as “The Solution” was first made available by the Super Seal Company in the state of California.

Initially, the corporation advertised the product on television. Subsequently, the company extended its marketing efforts to include magazines and other more conventional venues. According to the company’s website,

The Solution is used not only by people who own cars and recreational vehicles (RVs), but also by people who own boats, limousine services, motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts, taxi services, kitchen appliances, shower stalls, marble, laminates, mirrors, and a lot of other things.

A Few Suggestions Regarding the Use of the Solution

The Solution provides customers with a solution for cleaning their cars that is less harmful to the environment. Users are instructed to spray the product on all external automobile surfaces (including chrome, mirrors, and windows), and then wipe it off with a cotton towel thereafter.

The instructions also state that they should not rinse the product off. The product is advertised as requiring little to no effort or preparation. Not only is the cleaner biodegradable, but the environmentally friendly solution also does away with the need for:

  • Water
  • Soap
  • Hoses
  • Waxes

The waterless car and RV cleaner from The Solution just requires that you park your vehicle in a spot that provides access to all four sides of the vehicle before beginning the cleaning process.

The Solution is effective in both sunny and shady conditions. After spraying the solution onto the surface that you wish to clean, wipe it down with a towel made of cotton or microfiber, beginning at the top of the car if you are cleaning it from the bottom up.

The solution will assist in reducing and eliminating swirl marks while leaving a surface that is bright, clean, and does not need a wax protectant. When compared to metal surfaces, cleaning glass or chrome takes a less amount of the cleaner.

Begin by working with a tiny quantity, then gradually add more as necessary. If the one-quart bottles are used appropriately, the manufacturer claims that one bottle may be used up to ten times to clean an average-sized automobile.

Always have a spare cloth available, especially if you are cleaning a surface or vehicle that has a lot of dirt on it.

Protection of Water Resources

If you remove the need for water at your vehicle wash, you might save anywhere from 30 to 100 gallons of water every wash, as stated on the website providing information titled “Water Use It Wisely.”

When washing your vehicle at home with a stop-off valve on the hose, the amount of water required is around 30 gallons, but when washing without a shut-off valve, the amount of water required to wash one car may reach up to 100 gallons.

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