Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukrainian Fashion Week 2021

For the first time in November 1997, the Ukrainian Fashion Week took place. It was Eastern Europe’s first professional mode tournament. In Ukraine it is a unique event which completely meets international requirements for ready-to-wear exhibitions, takes place twice a year, brings together more than60 participants, accredits more than 200 Ukrainian and foreign mass media and visited every time by more than 15,000 visitors. Ukrainian Fashion Week is the driving force for Ukrainian fashion business, a worldwide location for Ukrainian fashion.

The 49th Ukrainian Fashion Week took place this September.

We can see that 2020 and 2020 have become years of tests and experiments for the whole fashion business of Ukraine by analyzing the developments in the global fashion sector, whose spark was a COVID-19 pandemic.

A few seasons ago the Ukrainian Week of Fashion stated that it was prepared to respond to the problems facing any fashion week in support of the Ukrainian designers.

ukrainian fashion week

NO SEASON and began the event’s phygital format. Thanks to unrestricted internet access to shows, UFW’s hybrid format allows inclusive access for all those interested in Ukrainian mode. The professional community – the media, Bavarians and influentials – is asked to visit the Fashion Week and become familiar by respecting quarantine limitations with the design collections offline.

Priority topics of the Ukrainian Fashion Week continue: emerging designers’ assistance, sustainable fashion growth and cross-sectoral development.



 FREE! Summit of Fashion

The 4 th BE SUSTAINABILE! Fashion Summit will be held on the 4th September 2021, at the Ukrainian Fashion Week Noseason Sept 2021, online format and offline. BE SUSTAINABLE topic for the fourth! Circular fashion – Fashion Summit.
Speakers will discuss contemporary difficulties of circular mode and the specific characteristics of local market growth. Marta Marquez, the Creator of the Fashion Revolution’s founder, Marques Almeida, Orsola de Castro, and Kerry Murphy, Founder of The Fabricant, Frolyak (editor-in-ch), are among the participants.


In support of the concept that fashion and industrial production may be equally sustainable, the Fashion Summit was advocated by Biosphere Corporation.


The Ukrainian Fashion Council presents in the context of the new UFW season a unique concept for young designers: New Fashion Generation.
This is the first comprehensive program for several categories of young designers in Ukraine with diverse professional experience and who are seeking fashion success.


An essential element of this initiative is that it allows new designers to get unique information and expertise from renowned Ukrainians. The Ukrainian Fashion Council was made up of a new generation of fashion mentors.
The program comprises a number of lectures, private consultations, a mentoring program and the development of collections by the project’s young designers. On September 5, as part of the Ukrainian Fashion Week in Sept 2021, the next generation of fashion creations will be introduced.



With the help of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation the project is being implemented.

Ukrainian Week of Fashion offers out new Ukraine fashion brands over its 24-years of operation, encourages and encourages emerging designers to flourish. The focus and achievements produced by this approach may demonstrate that 16 young fashion designer shows have been included in Ukrainian Week’s official program.


NFT Exposition of Art

Ukrainian Fashion Week is always open to partnerships with creative sectors.
For the first time in September 2021, Ukrainian Fashion Week will have a modern crypto art show. To participate in the show, the journalists and visitors of the 49th season of Ukrainian Fashion Week will be given 30 pieces. Works that are related to the concepts and pictures of current modes represent their styles, philosophy, and effect on modern people’s knowledge will be preferred.



The Ukrainian Fashion Week will conclude the fall session with a shortlist of 7 artists selected to produce collectable NFT in partnership with the well-known Ukrainian designers. This partnership will become part of a different art project in February. This cooperation will continue. The exhibition is organized by Ukrainian Fashion Week and Mint a Star. Taizia Poda is the curator of the initiative.
The partner of the NFT Art Exhibition is absolute Yachts in Ukraine.



Ukrain Fashion Week Special events Sept 2021: Special events

– tea dresses presentation POUSTOVIT. This award ceremony will be held in collaboration with the LOVARE brand, with the support of the State Film Agency of Ukraine, and will be presented at the ceremony of the Fashion Film Festival Kiev 2021, which will be the award ceremony of “LOOK into the future,” with the support of the Ukrainian Fashion Council and the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. In the Billionaire Space, photographs will be shown.


Format of Phygital Ukrainian Fashion Week offers all presentations and activities via the MEGOGO worldwide media service. MEGOGO browsing is also free for unregistered users. From anywhere in the globe, you may access the radio. The program is accessible in the section “Show.” Everybody may view the event from any device supporting the media service, such as smart TV, laptops, smartphones and more.


The UFW Organizing Committee, volunteers and the week’s technical crew will pass an expedited test for COVID 19 antigen through the collaboration between the Ukrainian Fashion Week and SYNEVO. The temperature screening and masks will be carried out by all individuals present at the UFW location.


IRON THREAD is the current style brand.

Eno Enieokpon, the IRON THREAD designer and creator, began his designs in Nigeria.

He made clothing for himself and his pals as a youngster. Eno began making clothes for order thereafter. Eno’s collections are designed in African styles and some are made of authentic African textiles. Eno Enieokpon was the first Ukrainian black designer.

In 2017, the designer earned the first fashion prize, the NEW NAMES BFW Grand Prize, which was held at the Belarus Fashion Week.
Today, at the Ukrainian Fashion Week, the company IRON THREAD has already introduced three collections.

The designer invites people to go farther and show originality by means of clothes.

The Ukrainian celebs are already selected for their stylish clothes by IRON THREAD (Dima Monatik, Volodymyr Dantes, Serhiy Babkin, and others).

A.M.G.  Olena Bettyar

A .M .G

Olena Bettyar began her career in producing magical baby wear by A.M.G. brand creator. The brand AMG was eventually established and women's apparel manufacture commenced. The designer tried to promote comfort and beauty ideals throughout the world. The designer has inspired a wide range of different materials and the impact of contemporary trends to make clothing comfortable and pleasant to wear both at night and in everyday life. To produce collections, only high quality textiles are utilized. The character of the girl is traced in the clothing of A.M.G. He is a dynamic, independent guy who distinguishes himself from others.


The emerging brand Anna Grove, established by designer Anna Gayova, is delightfully introspective. After winning the Safe Fashion competition for young designers in September 2019, Anna exhibited a checkered cap coat and copper tweed skirt with reflective features. The notion of beautiful safety came into being. Since that time, the designer's major focus has been on the notion of blending traditional design and elegant shapes with reflective components to guarantee foot safety in the dark. Anna Grove continues to expand the notion of road safety and shows the reflecting components are both a harmonic and effective aspect of an attractive design and a uniformity in public services. For the sake of traffic safety, your personal style must no longer be compromised and sacrificed. Anna Grove – that's your style!