Top 3 Gatlinburg Outdoor Activities

Top 3 Gatlinburg Outdoor Activities

Top 3 Gatlinburg Outdoor Activities

Beautiful landscape is one of the most compelling reasons to visit the Smoky Mountains. As a result, while you are organizing your vacation, you will want to look for attractions that will provide you with the opportunity to take in the scenery. 



Here are three of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in Gatlinburg that you should take part in:




1. Take in the sights and sounds of Ober Gatlinburg.

Ober There isn’t a better way to take in the splendor of the Smokies than by taking a trip to Ober Gatlinburg, which is located just outside of Gatlinburg. There are a variety of winter activities for the entire family to participate in! 



Take a trip on the Scenic Chairlift to get you started on your journey. This enables you to take in the most spectacular vistas of the Smoky Mountains without having to go trekking. 



A 3,019-foot-long adventure awaits you on the chairlift, making it the largest of its type in the whole United States. There are a variety of other exciting activities available in Ober Gatlinburg, including snowboarding, an Alpine Slide, the Ski Mountain Coaster, and so much more! If you really want to take in the spectacular grandeur of the Smokies, you should make the drive to Ober Gatlinburg.


2. Fly down Rowdy Bear Mountain in a hot air balloon.

At Rowdy Bear Mountain, you may enjoy the great outdoors while participating in two really unusual thrill rides that are part of the attraction. 



To begin, ride the Mountain Alpine Coaster into the forests of Rowdy Bear Mountain to get a feel for the terrain. This is a gravity-propelled coaster that can achieve speeds of up to 35 miles per hour under the right conditions.


 The most interesting aspect of this attraction, though, is that you have complete control over your pace. On the side of each cart, there are two levers that you may use to regulate how quickly you fly down the mountain. You may increase your speed by pressing down on the handles of the broom.


 If you want to go at a more leisurely pace, just ease back on the throttle. Riding is more enjoyable for individuals of all ages as a result of this! Another exciting activity available at Rowdy Bear Mountain is a trip on the world’s first Mountain Glider, which was built in 1926. 



During your fly over the treetops on this in-air coaster, your feet will be dangling below you! Imagine the combo of a zipline and a roller coaster, and you will get this incredible experience! 


Rowdy Bear Mountain is one of the top outdoor activities in Gatlinburg because of its two unique thrill rides, which are located on the mountain.



3. Make Your Way Through Anakeesta by Climbing

Anakeesta Anakeesta, one of the newest attractions in Gatlinburg, has been gaining in popularity year after year since it first opened its doors. This is due to the incredible activities that you may participate in while taking in the majesty of the Smoky Mountains. 



Going to the top of the Anavista Observation Tower is one of the most impressive ways to take in the scenery. After reaching the peak, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking 360-degree vista of the Smoky Mountains and the Vista Gardens.



 According to one bizarre truth, on clear days, you can see all the way down to Kentucky! There is a guide at the top of the tower who will be able to point out all of the numerous mountain ranges that you will be able to view from there! 



Those looking for a peaceful area to unwind and relax can choose a chair outside the infinity bar and taking in a stunning Smoky Mountain sunset!



Check out some of the other interesting things to do in Gatlinburg now that you’ve learned about some of the top outdoor activities in the region! We look forward to seeing you in the Smokies soon!