Sweet Red Pepper and Cucumber Relish

Sweet Red Pepper and Cucumber Relish

Sweet Red Pepper and Cucumber Relish.

Sweet Red Pepper and Cucumber Relish.

PREP TIME: 15 minutes COOKING TIME: 20 minutes SALTING TIME: eight to twelve hours This recipe makes four half-pint jars, and it may easily be doubled.
This specific recipe blends the bright yellow color of a southern-style sweet pepper relish with the familiar flavor of a hot dog relish made with cucumbers. But don’t only put it on hot dogs.
Additionally, it is wonderful when used with potato salad and deviled eggs.


  1. 2 Cucumbers
  2. 3 big red bell peppers
  3. 2 onions of a medium to big size
  4. 2 teaspoons of kosher salt or sea salt with a medium grain size
  5. cornstarch equivalent to 112 teaspoons
  6. ½ cup apple cider vinegar
  7. a quarter cup of sugar or a half cup of light honey (honey made from orange blossom, clover, or wildflower flowers all work nicely). a half teaspoon’s worth of celery seeds
  8. 1/2 milligram of turmeric
  9. 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg that has been freshly ground
  10. 1 eight-hundredth of a teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper


Pickle that has been finely diced and is often of the sweet-and-sour kind is what is known as a relish, and it is typically used as a condiment on various types of food (think hot dog relish).

The following recipe serves as a foundation for a variety of delectable relishes that may be made by substituting zucchini, beets, and other vegetables.


  1. Clean the cucumbers with water. Remove the cut ends of the stems and either compost or throw them away.
    Peel the cucumbers (you may omit this step if you want a relish that is red and green in color, but peeling the cucumbers will result in a relish that has a gorgeous pink hue). Using a sharp knife, halve each cucumber lengthwise. If the cucumbers have a lot of seeds, remove them with a tiny spoon and either put them in the compost or throw them away. Chop the cucumbers very finely or run them through a food processor a few times. You want to make sure that they are chopped rather than pureed.
  2. Remove the stems from the red bell peppers and cut them into thin strips. They should be halved, and the seeds and any white pith should be removed before eating. Onions are peeled, and their ends are sliced off. Chop the seeds and any white pith to a very fine consistency. Onions are peeled, and their ends are sliced off. Prepare the red peppers and onions by chopping them very finely or pulsing them in a food processor several times. Similar to how you should prepare the cucumbers, you should chop them instead of puréeing them.
  3. In a large bowl, combine the chopped cucumbers, sweet peppers, and onions. After adding the salt, thoroughly combine the ingredients. It doesn’t matter if it seems like a lot of salt since the majority of it will be removed in the following step when you rinse the meat. Because the salt causes the water in the veggies to be drawn out, the relish that is produced as a consequence will have an improved flavor and consistency.
    Place the bowl of salted veggies in the refrigerator and let it sit there covered for between 8 and 12 hours, or overnight.
  4. Place the veggies in a strainer with a fine mesh and allow them to drain for a few minutes. They should be washed under cold water, and then allowed to drain for an additional minute or two after that. You may remove as much moisture from the veggies as you can by pressing on them with the back of a wooden spoon or by using your clean hands.
  5. In a large saucepan, stir together the apple cider vinegar and cornstarch using a whisk. After stirring to ensure that the sugar or honey is completely dissolved, add it to the mixture along with the spices and bring the whole thing up to a boil over medium heat.
  6. When the spiced vinegar syrup has reached a boil, immediately stir in the minced veggies. Bring the mixture back up to a boil, then decrease the heat to maintain a simmer for the next ten minutes while stirring periodically.
  7. Transfer the relish to sterilized and hot canning jars using a spoon. If there are any air bubbles in the relish, you may pop them by pressing down on it with the back of a spoon or your clean fingertips. Leave a head gap of half an inch. Put the canning lids on the jars, and then process the relish in a boiling water bath for ten minutes (the canning time may need to be adjusted if you live at a high altitude; for more information, read the chapter on canning using a boiling water bath). Once the relish has been processed in a canner that uses boiling water, it can be stored at room temperature for at least a year in jars that have been sealed tightly. The relish may be stored in the refrigerator for up to three months after it has been opened.
  8. Before serving the relish, let the flavors meld together for at least a week so that they may fully develop.

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