The SafeMoon Protocol is a DeFi token run by the community. During each exchange there are three basic functions: reflecting, LP and Burn acquisition.

Driven Community
Equal launch and inspired community. Both the tokens were burnt and everybody else took part in the development squad.

Autopsy LP
Each business contributes to the automatic generation of liquidity in multiple exchange pools.

Static rewards for RFI
By static contemplation, holders receive passive incentives by observing the continuous growth of their SafeMoon equilibrium.


Initialized Protocol
A DogeCoin dealing pair with Bibipom has been successfully integrated and confirmed. We have also successfully initiated WhiteBit incorporation and have started legal paperwork with Bitmart. We doubled our team size and started our marketing strategy.

Qu2 2021 Q2
The first phase
The integration of whitebit tokenomics with SafeMoon App, Wallet and Game is to be completed (s). This quarter will also be done with Bitmart integration with tokenomics. In addition to video game integration, we will start to architect NFT Exchange. In addition to the charity and charitable vote, we will integrate SafeMoon with African market.


We’ll explore other exchanges and start to design the SafeMoon Exchange. We’ll start the project. Our staff will be expanded by 35% and we will have a UK/Ireland office established. We will develop both a crypto-educational software and new collaborators on board.

Holding of the line Q3 2021
We will complete our crypto app and start our own charity project. We will start to list donations for multiple exchanges in the city (i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Kraken). Our first integrated SafeMoon video game will end our NFT exchange and be published. We’re going to grow the squad by 25% to reach the audience (pending covid restrictions). We also integrate with other big excitations.


O Moon, o Moon! – O Moon!
The SafeMoon Exchange and our charitable mission will be concluded. With our first African market, we will finish the integrations and start more integrations with more African markets. We will set up a SafeMoon office in Africa and start recruiting employees in these markets. For our next charitable endeavor, we will take donations and start voting for the next project. In this quarter, we are also setting up a SafeMoon Bursary.

SafeMoon is one of the latest cryptocurrencies, and is fastest increasing. So it operates and how it is purchased

SafeMoon is one the latest and fastest rising cryptocurrencies, also in the recently seen Bitcoin and Ethereum industry, which reaches record high prices and even Dogecoin tongue-in cheek by more than 11,000%.

However, Safe Moon, which places a penalty on someone who wants to exchange their coins (or “toks”), is a most peculiar digital currency. It could also contribute to prospective crypto buying companies seeing it as an unknown quantity just a few weeks old. So, here’s what you need to hear about SafeMoon and how you can purchase the new currency.

What is SafeMoon? What is SafeMoon?
SafeMoon is an Altcoin: a digital currency built on blockchain that is broadly Bitcoin-like, yet yet with specific distinctions. It was released in March 2021, with more than 1 million users now accumulating.

Special characteristic of SafeMoon is that it charges a 10% premium, which is then redistributed to all the other SafeMoon owners for 5 percent, mostly thanking those who hold on tokens and discouraging sales.

A critique of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is because they are not willing to purchase with SafeMoon, however at the very least the sale charge is motivating owners to not merely buy and sell their ticket right now. They simply want to make a shared currency workable to become investment-grade.

SafeMoon may also be seen as more serious input into Dogecoin – the motto of SafeMoon is “Safe to the Moon” and the tongue-in-cheek altcoin with an official “to-mond” rallying cry.

Recent news for SafeMoon (Updated May 10)
CEO John Karony and COO Jack Haines of SafeMoon have unveiled plans to use Minecraft for testing new features.
The pair have revealed their work with Simplex, a website that allows people to buy credit or debit cards or use cryptocurrencies.

Today (May 10) in Times Square in New York a billboard for cryptocurrency was posted, along with a statement that it was “The fastest rising cryptocurrency of the planet.”

Price SafeMoon: What is the value of SafeMoon?
Like Dogecoin, SafeMoon’s valuation is far lower than Bitcoin or Ethereum per unit. Currently, Coin Market Cap has a top-of-the-range $0.00001 at $0.000014 by April, but is up significantly from the start-up valuation of $0.0000000010.

This may not suffice to make it a top performer in cryptocurrencies by market value, but prospective buyers are now drawing interest when SafeMoon is still cheap — considering the sale price.

Most cryptocurrencies have begun little, yet note. Until the beginning of this year, Dogecoin did not value any more, but since that time has climbed by over 10,000 per cent to about $0.50 per coin.

Is SafeMoon safely available?
Cryptocurrencies are also very unpredictable, and SafeMoon looks not to look very different from current evidence: as its value increases it is still vulnerable to large collapses, one of which happened already in April.

Although it is a match for the course, SafeMoon is often contrasted with a Ponzi scam, as all gains you can earn are dependent on somebody who pays for the tokens more than you did farther down the road. The purchase fee and allocation model also encourages early adopted persons, who will benefit the most from subsequent sales.

Investor in cryptocurrency and influencer Lark Davis on Twitter warned SafeMoon: “Remember just because a Ponzi is making money doesn’t change it’s a Ponzi.” Davis also compared SafeMoon to BitConnect, a cryptocurrency which shut down after two US securities regulatory bodies in 2018.


WarOnRugs, a crypto-monetary anti-scam group, criticized SafeMoon owner’s lock-out over 50% of the liquidity pool. The team states that that could lead to a “rug pull,” a kind of exit scam that deliberately drains liquidity from a market, which would prevent traders from selling. John Karony, CEO of SafeMoon, retains liquidity to protect currency.

SafeMoon How to shop
You can buy SafeMoon from one of four crypto exchanges if you are prepared to take the risk: PancakeSwap, BitMart, WhiteBit and Bakery Swap. It’s a more difficult procedure rather than just purchasing a currency, such as Bitcoin.


For example, you must download the Trust Wallet App first, then purchase BinanceCoins (both BNB or BSC) and add it to the wallet in order to use PancakeSwap. Then you go to the PancakeSwap with the Trust Wallet app and find the SafeMoon tab.

A SafeMoon dedicated wallet is in operation so I hope it will ease the process. Keep in mind that the most possible use of cryptocurrency is dangerous, because it finally is your own money on the line.

SafeMoon – a Simple Step by step guide How and Where to buy

With SafeMoon, they plan to use the concept of static recompenses to reduce any burden on the toke that might happen when toks are sold (making the recompense conditional on the amount of token traded). The White Paper also states that its “reflect mechanism” gives SafeMoon holders incentives to retain their tokens longer or more long time. SafeMoon’s Automatic LP also enhances protocol reliability by supplying token holders with a price floor. According to their white paper SafeMoon’s manual burning technique will also benefit SafeMoon holders in the long-term.

How many coins are in circulation SafeMoon (SAFEMOON)?
The white paper of SafeMoon describes: A cumulative supply of 1 million million, thousand thousand million, with 223 thousand thousand thousand thousand burnt dev tokens and an adequate launch supply of 777 million million thousand thousand,

According to the White Paper, the SafeMoon Protocol operates as follows: each exchange receives a 10-per-cent premium, which is halved. At that point, the other 5% of the fee is divided in half and 50% is sold in BNB by the deal, with the other 50% being immediately combined with the aforementioned BNB and added to PancakeSwap as a liquidity pair. Although the fee is then divided into 5%.


How does the Network of SafeMoons work?
The SafeMoon white paper has a roadmap for the safety of its protocol: before launching, all toks were burnn by the designer in the Dev Wallet, DxSale was fairly launched, DxLocker was locked in the LP for 4 years and PancakeSwap is locked and an LP for each exchange has been created.

Where will SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) be purchased?
SafeMoon on PancakeSwap and BitMart can be purchased in April 2021.

See our guide here for more details on buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


SAFEMOON is currently numbered 2489 in Coinmarketcap and, at the time of publishing, recently rose a heavy 53,42%.

In contrast to other key cryptocurrencies it has not been specifically acquired with fiats capital. SAFEMOON is listed on a number of cryptocurrencies. You can, however, still easily purchase this coin with Bitcoin from any big exchange first and then pass it to an exchange which offers this coin to trade, and we will discuss in more detail the steps to purchase SAFEMOON in this guide article.