Qualities of high-status people.

Qualities of high-status people.

Qualities of high-status people.

This category fits a wide range of individuals, and it’s intermittent to some degree; if you have high social value, you’re respected, and if you’re admired, you have high social worth. On the other side, there are other ways to be wanted and admired;

gorgeous women fall into this category, but so do politicians, rocket scientists, Rockstars, PUAs, and numerous guys. Beautiful ladies have the upper hand in this categorization.
Men have been programmed to choose mates based on their health and fitness as well as their elegance, thus having a decent hip to waist ratio will always get you farther in this world than having a great set of pecs. Would you believe it if I told you?

They are both comfortable and confident.

High social position requires self-assurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re confident because you graduated from the school of hard knocks or because you’ve been handed everything you’ve ever wanted on a silver platter; if you’re confident, you’re at ease in the knowledge that you can deal with whatever life throws at you and succeed at whatever you do.

This self-assurance will come from the people around you, and it will undoubtedly be a beneficial experience for them. Individuals in high positions will appreciate you, and people in poor positions will undoubtedly favor or envy you. You are not in need if you have leisure and self-confidence. This is beneficial since clingy men might come out as either useless or dangerous.

They behave in a natural manner.

In the ancient dating-advice sense, this is what it means to ‘be on your own.’
If you feel like it, you may burp and fart as well as be dispiriting. It implies that you should not be desperate or needy. This is something I cannot emphasize enough. Of course, you may fake it till you make it, but for God’s sake, make it.

When you’re around needy and try-hard men, socially aware people can tell, and it’s not just unusual, but it may also be worrisome for women. It suggests that you’re hiding anything possibly destructive to your social position, such as nervousness, instability, or a dislike for the unachievable.

Their time and effort are valuable.

You recognize the value of your efforts and time if you have a high social worth. This means that, despite having better friends, you’re ready to break off tedious threads of conversation and spend your time in activities that are always successful, either in terms of enjoyment or in other ways. If your sweetie abandons you ‘to the shower room’ or ‘to go dance,’ you have really exhausted your enjoyment value in her views. Sorry, tiger, but that’s the way things are.

They have excellent social skills.

If you’re socially savvy, you’re aware of the situation. You can tell who is trying hard and who isn’t, who gets laid and who doesn’t, what it means when two females eye-code each other, and so on. You can easily see who has social standing and who doesn’t, as well as what happens when two people flirt, and a variety of other things.

People who agree on something don’t need to talk about it.

Do you all kick back and go, “When you’re going to a football game with your buddies, do you all kick back and go, ” “Think about it… He slammed the ball into the back of the goal! Isn’t that implying a goal? Amazing! He set a goal for himself!” NO! NO, YOU DON’T.

You’re aware of the situation.
The bad thing about social knowledge is that if you are a guy who has it, most females will almost probably possess even more. The good news is that it’s a simple ability to acquire; all it takes is a willingness to watch people’s interactions and to place your trust in the main things you value.

Many people I know see many of the same things that women do, but because they lack (at first glance) a clear logical framework to place them in, they dismiss them as untrustworthy.
Reduced Condition’s Best Features Individuals seek for acceptance and approval.

People who have a low social position face a lack of affirmation. They sometimes don’t get the legal recognition they deserve, and they have to cope with objections or the incapacity to recast the situation. Other times, it’s because they’re neurotic and have a ‘low standing,’ and no amount of affirmation would ever enough. They seek approval and acceptance from others since they are unable to check themselves.
They are erratic and jittery.

When you don’t know what’s going to happen next or whether you’ll be able to manage whatever it is, the world may be a terrifying place. People who lack confidence respond to this wonderful, terrifying uncertainty with a level of constant worry that they pick up from others.
They will undoubtedly erupt in fits of wrath, or demonstrate out of proportion fears of women, of alteration, and of life itself, driven by their own perceived fragility and rage.

They buy what they can’t manufacture themselves.

This is quite important in terms of social standing. Individuals who do not understand how to exhibit worth may attempt to purchase approval from others.
Do you know what this is called? This is called as supplication, as you would have imagined. It does not improve your social standing or make you more attractive to women.

If it’s obvious that you’re shopping with permission, you’ll lose a lot of credibility with women. A woman’s attitude to a guy she doesn’t like begging for acceptance is much the same as your reaction to someone asking for’spare modification’ on the street. Sure, you could give him your additional adjustment, but what if he asked for sex?

Would you definitely smack him? No, I didn’t think so.

They despise what they can’t have.

Individuals with a lower social rank despise what they lack. Because they are unable to achieve what they seek, they preemptively reject it.

  1. This is a sign of men who dislike attractive women.
  2. This refers to females who despise attractive women.
  3. This refers to ugly females who loathe the idea of anybody being laid.
  4. This is a sign of males who despise self-assured, experienced men.
  5. They lack social intelligence.

People that have a poor social status are not socially intelligent. This is you if you utilize kino touch incorrectly or not at all. This is you if you can’t recognize the stages of acceleration when it whacks you in the head. This is you if you don’t know when to move or leap.

Standing has been transferred.

These are fundamental notions that will undoubtedly improve your social situation.
If you don’t have any to begin with, they will almost surely not work, and I repeat, will almost certainly not work. They need a steady base of at least moderate coldness. As a result, it is said…
When your worth is acknowledged and respected, you gain condition.
The higher the social status of the person who values you, the more status you get. This is crucial.

TRICK, TRICK, TRICK! Take out a highlighter and, if necessary, use it on your IPAD. Keep this in mind!
Not only that, if you develop high worth, ladies will undoubtedly risk losing their social value in order to obtain your approval. They’ll wager and pursue you. This is also why you need to qualify her if you overqualify and DHV (display more value) the heck out of some inept chick until she secures. If you don’t qualify her, you’re not recognizing and appreciating her true worth – there’s no reason for someone as fashionable as you to be interested in her.

The more your social worth, the more girls will want you to acknowledge and cherish them. Women will try to grab you for a long-term relationship even if they aren’t looking for one or otherwise, just because of the implicit social evidence you provide. This is just a social reaction.
Even more to the point, they’ll almost probably speak with you.

Individuals are looking for your approval.

They are being try-hard when they certify themselves to you or plainly strive to thrill you. To someone who knows the score, however, this indicates that you are socially valuable. You are deserving of being impressed, and you are deserving of sacrificing your status in order to be impressed.

You demonstrate competence in a natural way.

You get fashionable elements from girls when you DHV without trying too much.
This isn’t brain surgery, therefore there shouldn’t be any additional explanation required.
You EXPLICITLY demonstrate social awareness.
UNCONDITIONALLY. Simply stated, you may act as if you’re a woman. You decode with your eyes. All alpha male rivalry is ruined because of you. You join the ‘Secret Society,’ a group of people who understand how points work.

Here, I’m going to back up what I’ve said so far and also assert the opposite: it is feasible to openly express your social knowledge and make it function. However, these tactics must be handled with caution. You might come off as a creepy arrogant loser if you don’t have the worth to pull it off.

You make the decision.

You may improve your replication value by evaluating those who are attracted to you. This is why women say that no woman has ever had sex with a guy who is not very attractive and has a high social rank.
However, we recognize that women make love on purpose! It’s not like the woman you met over the weekend faltered, fell, and landed in your lap.

If someone pursues you, they have a lesser status than you. This is why you say, “Would you want to come over and look at my stamp collection?” rather than “Would you like to come over and have sex?” Individuals are pursued by women.

Worthy women are used to being screened. In order to retain her social worth, she must maintain the idea that she did not intend to have sex with you.

You’re Still Standing When: When you demonstrate outcome-dependence.

You lose face when you admit that you are outcome-driven. By exhibiting outcome-dependence, you’re making it apparent that you’re not having fun (which high-status folks do, remember) – rather, you’re risking your time and health in the hopes of a pay-off in the form of sex with this lady who you clearly think is cooler than you are. You’re recognizing her value by making her the prize.

You’re attempting to purchase acceptance.

You make a request. You’ve indicated that you don’t know how to properly portray your own worth, therefore you might think about attempting to purchase the approval of individuals you’re implicitly identifying as having greater worth than you. Why would you care what she thought if she wasn’t cooler than you?

You are the one who pursues.

Taking a chance is a big risk. It’s a hostile search when you’re being pursued. It may thrive, yes, but it also gives the other individual, the higher condition individual, the chase, the opportunity to screen. You don’t get to pick; they do.

Because they are at the bottom of the social totem pole, women will do whatever they can to avoid being labeled “sluts.” These so-called’sluts,’ in the traditional sense, are ladies with such a strong want for validation that they have spent all of their social buying power attempting to satisfy it. A woman who is viewed as trashy will have a tough time finding any type of high-quality man since high-quality men will most likely screen her.

What does this imply for the pick-up musician?

Because the PUA has worked hard for his social rank and understands how he achieved it.
An excellent PUA has had to work hard for its social standing. He has not been handed anything and has invested a great deal of time and effort in improving himself. As a result, he may interact with women in ways that women are ill-equipped to handle.

Consider the following scenario: who would be better off, a self-made millionaire or a lottery game-winner? The self-made individual! Why? Because he understands the worth of his money, as well as how to invest it and grow it. While some of this seems to be aggressive, keep in mind that women aren’t thinking about it when they do it. This is all instinct for the majority of women.

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