Is it too late to find Love

Is it too late to find Love

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There are those who think it is too late to find love for themselves. You worry about never finding the proper person and never being in a healthy and loving relationship. Many of us have divorced, baggage or relationships that have faded. We have obligations and we don’t generally have our most attractive physical selves any longer.

These doubts are entirely natural. We are fed notions of how life and love should be, seeming to be reserved for young, good and attractive people. Many people enjoy their beauty and youth and they can have incredible lives.
We were there, on the other hand, and it didn’t work out for us in this way. We are therefore older now and left with some boxes, which we can’t tick anymore.


But does this imply we wasted our opportunity and are now condemned to live in isolation, lack, disconnection, and non-performance? Do we never receive the love we want, the companion we’ve hoped for, or the partnership in which we’d adore?
I don’t say that. I know it doesn’t. I know it doesn’t.
Because love is not restricted to socioeconomic demographics of all kinds. Love doesn’t know that. Love is only. It is not discriminatory.


And it’s not too late, therefore.
No love can be experienced too late. It is never too late to feel like you are loved. In respectful, loving and healthy relationships it is never too late. It’s never too late to love, simply.
And how I know is this:
My grandma was 60 when she first discovered somebody who was kind and careful. She was not looking for him. He was not looking for him. She wasn’t hopeless. She didn’t linger around worrying about her missing spouse — if any, presumably she was thankful that she had found some peace and room after decades of violent marriage.

So no, she didn’t seek someone else in a relationship. Perhaps she also believed it was too late for her. But she was mistaken because she surely wasn’t.


She began to make friends with a widower neighbor as she was engrossed in her everyday life. They spoke and spent more time with one other. They went on walks and cooked together new foods. Then, between them, things changed one day. Of course she didn’t tell me immediately, but she told me she had a boyfriend at some time. She looked more like a 14-year-old teenager than a 60-year-old granny when she informed me. It was a particular time, and for her I was unbelievably glad.


I didn’t only feel like that just because I loved her, but because in her life she was a really nice person and she deserved some kindness and joy. At a period when women had no support in violent or abusive marriages, she had lived a dreadful existence and was still compassionate and encouraging. She shared with me what she had learnt over her life – some of them were more beneficial than a decade of college study. I feel she really deserves happiness and thus I was thrilled when she tells me that she’s found love. she is compassionate and generous. For the first time, not once again.


As she trusted me, I realized that she was surprised and startled by how nice and thoughtful another person may be. She remarked she never had such politeness encountered before. Now, we can look at it with a sense of melancholy or even regret, but I chose to be thankful for the experience. She had the type of love that we all dream of. Her tale demonstrates that we can. It was conceivable and possible for you. It was possible.
However, her mindset is what we need to look at. First, from a point of lack or desperation, she did not act. She lived her life and finished her regular tasks. Because she was alone, she didn’t feel incomplete.


But the essential thing was that she said yes.
She answered yes and there emerged a chance. She answered yes although she experienced an abusive husband for decades. He said yes. She answered yes, even if nobody had told her she deserved to be loved. She said yes, despite her husband’s ever being on the point of experiencing abuse and hostility. And anyhow, she said yes.
Her yes was a courageous and kind act.
She granted permission to herself. She was ready to grab the opportunity. For herself, she did this. She said yes. She said yes.
She knew for her what was good and good, and she did so. She replied yes, but she must have yelled no in every section of her.


I applaud her bravery in trying again. She was following her inherent knowledge, choosing love.
I know it’s not too late thus. To find love never’s too late. What we’ve been like, how old we are or how we appear in the past doesn’t really matter.
It’s never too late for that. To choose love never is too late. It always begins with us, however. It begins with Yes, always.

When it seems too late to start your life again and reboot

Whether it is old age, emotional maturity, retirement, a parent, entering or leaving a relationship, everybody goes through changes in their lives. Some of us, though, appear to take better opportunity than others. If there is a shift, we can question how we might begin and make the best of the new conditions.

You were probably in a position where you felt things didn’t work out. Regardless of how things are, whether in your personal relationships or job progression.


You need this change, but nevertheless you’re frightened to make a deliberate choice since you’re not sure what changes you need to make, or you don’t have the time to begin your life.

In the previous five years you have probably been with the same firm, and you are afraid that for the next 5 or 10 years you would do the same. You want to accomplish more, or perhaps something entirely new.

Or you may be late to adult years, where you have set a strong work route, and there is plenty that you have got to do, including taking care of a family. You are financially solid and can possibly focus on your next promotion. But you aren’t quite content, somehow.


Something’s just lacking. Yet it feels like it is too late for all that security to start a whole new voyage of exploration.

Why are so many of us restricting our chances and potential because we believe it is too late to learn how to begin?


Ben is one of the 4 senior executives at age 37 and works with auditors for more than 15 years. He has an excellent wages, his own home, and he enjoys the better things of life, but not without the severe obligations of his work.

It’s like life is worked out on the surface. His next actions would be to promote himself or someone as director.
However, he hesitated before replying when I asked him if he was glad with his job. He claimed occasionally he wanted to leave his work in order to do something less stressful. However, he is used to this way of life and thinks it is too late to give up in order to continue his new profession or an ambition.



Ben’s external difficulties are financial stability, his peers’ social influences, his luxurious lifestyle and his position or acknowledgment of the continued performance of his profession. These may be something that you face, too.

Ben confronts the possibility of losing his buildings inside over the years. It just doesn’t seem reasonable to surrender this work in search of an alternative which would offer his life greater significance.

You may have found a circumstance similar to Ben’s, or a Ben. Whether it’s your job’s responsibilities and difficulties, contentment or stagnation, you have to determine whether you want this wall to fall down or keep letting it go


When it feels too late How to start

The excellent thing is that while our society continues to grow so quickly, it also means that we have greater possibilities to achieve things that had previously been deemed impossible. More people are stretching their borders and defying stereotypes these days.

Not only age or education. This is not about. It’s about you and your ability to take on difficulties and to break from your current circumstances.


Get a new outlook

We need to stand back and have a new insight into what the true constraints are in order to break free of our limitations. Limits on the surface are things that stop you, but if you deepen your digging, you will see that the constraints are what keeps you in a loop.


You keep confronting the same situations, have the same choices and again choose the same action. The quality of your life is defined by limitations. You must break free of the restrictions that hold you on the same track every day, every month and every year if you want to better your lives.

The restrictions you face may seem to be out of control or something that happens only to you. Your reality, however, is based on your viewpoint.


That’s not reality, but how you understand your world. Controlling how you look at things is essential to understand how to start and create a new beginning. Shaping your vision is so strong that it is only a minor shift of viewpoint that may affect everything, from motivation and perspective, to self-esteem and trust.

Determine the challenges

Once you decide to change your point of view and look at things in a new manner, determine what problems you experience when you try to learn how to start and restart life. What’s in your way if you’d like to change your job? Is there a lack of education, a bad employment market.


What problems do you expect in the near future, if you have just left a long-term relationship? You could have to locate a new position, get back into contact with old pals or get accustomed to being alone again.

You may use our Life Assessment to determine what is holding you back and receive a thorough analysis of how you do your life in different ways.

Note them and write down at least three viable answers, whatever the problems are. When you recognize that every problem has an answer, you’ll start to feel comfortable with change.


Check your priorities and values

If you are determined to start your life and change it, make sure you indicate the way you change. Identify and understand your values and priorities and that throughout the years, they have probably changed.

You probably prioritize getting a job and generating money after you finished from college. You could want to build good ties with your children now or to travel throughout the world. During this procedure, be honest with yourself to make the greatest possible difference.



Use the framework for breakthroughs

As described in the Full Life Essential Guide, the Full Life Framework enables a paradigm change in order to convert every restriction into an attainable opportunity.

You may turn your mind and behaviors via each of these four phases to the transformation needed to reach your ultimate goals and really free themselves from your limits.

Step 1: Find the Hidden Chance
Seeing what is in your path is easy. Instead, seek any overshadowed chances that will emerge as you learn how to begin.


Plan your development
Create a plan to modify your desired position. Set a long term objective and then divide it into short-term smaller objectives that you can achieve in the following few of months or years.

3: Investment and priority
Take time and effort to make your strategy and objectives a reality. Prioritize what you do at any time and set deadlines for your strategy to run successfully.

4: Introduce good living and motivation
It won’t work until you create drive and positive behaviors that keep you on track, even if you have a fantastic strategy. These behaviors might involve setting objectives, day-to-day thinking and tenacity.



Last Thoughts
You can make changes in life and discover how to get started. Do not be a person who allows life to slip by just to regret it when you are old or retired. Do not let your life-plateau and squander for the next twenty years in the everyday rock while wasting your potential.

Tired of your limitations being held back? It’s time to liberate yourself and begin to live your finest days.