Is He Stringing Me Along or Taking It Slow?

Is He Stringing Me Along or Taking It Slow?

Is He Stringing Me Along or Taking It Slow?
Is He Stringing Me Along or Taking It Slow?

Does He Try To Give You What You Want When You Ask?

Yes. – This indicates he wants you to be happy and is just taking things slowly. Unless you’re asking him to move the relationship along quicker!

No. – When a guy doesn’t give you what you want or tries to meet you halfway, it sounds like he’s stringing you along.

He only appears when he wants something, right?

Yes.- this is a significant warning sign that he is just there for himself and not for the relationship, and it shows that he is playing you like a fool.

No.- he probably cares about you and is simply moving slowly if he makes the effort to attend to your requirements.

Does He Avoid Long-Term Plans or Commitments?

Yes. – This often indicates that he is playing games with you and is not serious about the relationship.

No. – He’s probably just taking things easy right now and looks forward to a future with you if he talks up about his future goals and isn’t frightened to commit.

Does He Live Up to Everything He Says and Promises?

Yes.- he is probably moving slowly if he doesn’t simply say the correct things but act on them.

No.- he’s probably simply playing you like a fool and saying what he thinks you want to hear if he seldom follows through on his intentions and speaks a lot more than he really does.

Does He Find It Difficult to Be Open with You?

Yes.- a lack of communication is a clue that he isn’t committed to you long-term and can be playing games with you.

No.- he probably cares about what you have to say and is simply taking things gradually if he takes the time to speak to you honestly and freely.

Has He Introduced You to Individuals Who Matter to Him?

Yes. – this is a clear indication that he isn’t simply playing games with you but really cares about you and wants to include you in his inner circle.

No.- It’s probable that he isn’t seeking for something serious and is only playing the field if he keeps you concealed from his friends and family.

Does He Consistently Break Promises or Alter Plans on You?

Yes.- this is unmistakably an indication that he’s playing games with you and isn’t serious about the relationship.

No.- it shows that he respects you and your relationship enough to make sure he doesn’t annoy you or destroy things if he keeps his word and follows through with plans.

 Have you had the distinct impression that he’s tricking you?

Yes. You should be cautious about how much time and effort you’re investing in the relationship if you have a strong gut sense that he’s playing you.

No. – It might just indicate that he approaches dating at a slower pace than you’re accustomed to if your gut instinct is telling you that he cares about you, even if he goes slowly.


Look for the aforementioned indicators and trust your intuition to determine whether he’s stringing you along or simply taking things slow.

If anything seems weird or you’re not pleased, talk to him openly and honestly.

If you can’t discuss your problems, it’s a sign that things won’t go well.

I hope this piece clarified how he’s treating you and your relationship.