5 reasons why falling in love with a fictitious character is normal

5 reasons why falling in love with a fictitious character is normal

5 reasons why falling in love with a fictitious character is normal.

5 reasons why falling in love with a fictitious character is normal.

There are a ton of programs, movies, and novels available, and each one has its own main character – often highly appealing and beloved individuals that are the focus of the narrative.

It’s little surprise that some individuals find themselves falling in love with fictitious characters on occasion. But there is still one issue that has to be answered: is it strange to fall in love with a made-up character?

The following is a list of ten reasons why the answer is no:

1) It’s natural to have a connection to the characters in books and movies.

To begin, the fact that individuals often discover that they are drawn to fictitious characters is one of the primary reasons why it is not unusual for people to find themselves falling in love with a fictional character.

Take, for example, the widespread consumption of fan fiction.

There are a plethora of accounts of real individuals developing romantic feelings for fictitious characters.

There are also a lot of individuals who develop feelings for fictional characters in films and on television.

Being drawn to someone online is not all that unlike from being attracted to someone in real life.

It could assist you to feel better about this desire if you knew that you weren’t the only one who felt it.

You only need to keep in mind that actual individuals are superior than virtual ones in every respect.

Fictional characters have the potential to be excellent role models; nevertheless, they do not have the same understanding of you as you have.

They are unaware of your capabilities, including your flaws and aspirations. And there’s no way they could ever know how you come across in person.

They are unaware of the way you sob when you weep or the sound of your laugh when you are laughing. Real people are better for you since they are aware of all of these things, which is why you should interact with them.

On the other hand, it is clear that a lot of people share your sentiments given the popularity of fanfiction as well as simple fan profiles for fictitious characters on social networking sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Now, in the case of some followers, it is not always the case that they are head over heels in love with those characters; rather, they are more fascinated with them than they are in love with them.

There are times when obsession is not beneficial.

Even if the person in question is just a creation of your imagination, developing an unhealthy fixation on them is never a good idea.

If you ever discover that you are preoccupied with a fictitious character, it is important to distance yourself from the situation and examine it from an objective standpoint.

Then you need to ask yourself whether it’s good for you to feel this way about a character that only exists in a book or on the screen.

Where exactly do we draw the line between interest and obsession?

My definition of obsession is when you constantly think about the person or thing in question.

When you think about them so much that it disrupts your normal life, that’s when you have an obsession.

If you discover that you are unable to stop thinking about this imaginary character, or if they are taking up too much room in your thoughts, then it may be a good idea to reconsider what you are doing right now and take a step back.

You see, if you start feeling frightened as soon as you don’t have your phone and can’t look at your character, that’s when it may become an issue for you because it’s possible that it will become a problem for everyone else as well.

If you discover that you are preoccupied with thoughts about your character to the point that they prevent you from concentrating on your job or education, then there may be a problem.

Do you ever find that you are difficult to fall asleep at night because your mind is racing with thoughts related to your character? That might potentially create some difficulties.

Just bear in mind that fixation is not a healthy behavior, and that it might result in some very significant difficulties in the future.

You don’t want to get to a point in your life where you can look back on this period and feel bad about the choices you made.

But what about falling in love with one of the characters? That is very typical, and you are by no means the only one dealing with that issue!

2) You have no control over the people to whom you are attracted.

You have no influence over who is attracted to you for the same reason that you have no control over who likes you.

It’s possible that some individuals may try to convince you that you’re living in denial or that you’re attempting to escape the difficulties in your life by being attracted to someone who doesn’t exist.

They may even attempt to convince you that you are acting in this manner because you do not desire a romantic connection with anybody.

It’s possible that they believe you’re attempting to avoid committing to anything or taking responsibility for something.

When you really stop to think about it, all of those things seem completely stupid since you have no influence over someone you find attractive.

You are unable to stop your heart from wanting anything. If you were to pick the object of your sexual desire, you would most likely find yourself in a lot of difficulty.

It’s likely that you’d find yourself drawn to the wrong kind of individuals. There’s no use in disputing the obvious reality that you have feelings for fictitious people because they fascinate you.

It’s fine, and there’s no need for you to alter it in any way. You are not required to investigate the factors that are causing this to occur. It’s not necessary; all you have to do is acknowledge the situation and figure out how to adapt to it.

Now, taking into consideration the fact that you have no control over the people to whom you are attracted, let’s add to this by stating that fictitious characters are always portrayed as being the most gorgeous individuals conceivable.

The male and female leads are appealing to look at, their personalities are endearing, and they are consistently depicted in a favorable manner on screen.

It should come as no surprise that you have feelings of attraction for them. You have no control over the people who find you attractive.

Because you can’t pick and choose with whom you fall in love, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it or attempt to conceal it.

You are unable to control who you love in the same way that you are unable to control what your heart yearns for.

You may be able to control whether or not you act on the emotions you have for the character and seek a relationship with them (even if it’s fictitious), but can you stop yourself from falling in love with them? You have no power to have any influence on it!

Now that those characters are being made to seem as appealing as humanly possible by the media, it is natural for people to be drawn to them.

You are drawn to them, but it does not imply that you are obligated to act on that attraction in any way.

You have the ability to exercise control over how you react to such sensations.

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3) It’s not even a relationship; it’s simply a crush.

It’s possible that some people may assume you’re already involved romantically with the persona you find yourself drawn to.

It’s possible that they’ll tell you that you’re in denial or that you need assistance.

This is really absurd! They are nothing more than crushes! Since you are not in a committed relationship with them, you do not have much need to be concerned about this matter.

You are not engaging in any kind of inappropriate behavior by daydreaming about them.

Having said that, it is essential for you to be conscious of the fact that, despite the fact that falling in love with a fictitious character is not in any way unusual, you must maintain a healthy dose of realism about the fact that you cannot really be with them.

You are not permitted to date them, you are not permitted to marry them, and you are not permitted to live with them.

They are fictitious characters, hence it is impossible for them to really exist.

It’s natural to be attracted to someone, but it’s crucial not to get your hopes up about really being able to hang out with them or see them in person anytime soon.

Being realistic and living in constant denial are not interchangeable states of mind.

It is not a problem if you find yourself drawn to someone you do not know. It doesn’t make you a bad person or an immoral one.

It does not imply that you need to alter who you are in any way. It only indicates that you are a human being, since all humans are subject to the feeling of attraction.

It is to be expected! Both you and the people you have a crush on are in the dark about each other. You have no idea what they are like in real life or how they would behave toward you if they encountered you.

4) Real persons have sometimes served as inspiration for fictional characters.

Some of the characters in works of fiction are, in fact, based on real persons.

Consider the number of actors and actresses who have portrayed their own memoirs on fictional television series or in films based on genuine events.

Because there are so many programs in which the same actors play several roles, it’s possible that you’ll find yourself gravitating toward a fictional character that’s modeled after a historical one.

It’s possible that you have no idea! You could have a crush on a man from a movie, but it’s possible that the real-life inspiration for the movie is the one who has your full and complete affection.

It goes without saying that it’s also possible that you’re only in love with the actor or actress who plays the fictitious character, rather than the character themselves.

It’s possible that you have a thing for The Hulk, but secretly, you have a thing for Lou Ferrigno.

It’s possible that you have feelings for Hermione Granger, but it’s equally possible that you have feelings for Emma Watson.

You have no idea what’s going on! The idea is that even if you believe you are attracted to a fictitious character, there is a chance that you really aren’t.

It’s conceivable that a real person who portrays a fictitious role might genuinely pique your interest and make you feel drawn to them. It’s a mystery why it occurs, but it does!

You have to understand that a lot of people are fans of actors and actresses, and when they do, they tend to fall in love with practically every role the actor or actress does.

5) It does not signify that you are damaged or deficient in any manner in any way at all.

1 of 10 reasons why it isn’t abnormal to fall in love with a fictitious character by David Matos xtLIgpytpck used with permission from Unsplash.
It’s possible that some individuals may attempt to make you feel guilty for developing romantic feelings for a character in a work of fiction.

They may attempt to make you feel as if something is wrong with you or that you are flawed in some manner.

But you’re not! You’re simply a regular person who can experience feelings of attraction to other individuals as everyone else does.

You’re not damaged or faulty – you’re simply a human! You are a person who is capable of developing romantic feelings in the same way that everyone else is.

People who don’t like fictitious characters often don’t want to recognize that it’s possible to develop romantic feelings for someone or something that doesn’t exist in real life.

They don’t want to recognize that it’s possible to develop romantic feelings for something that doesn’t really exist.

It doesn’t matter how much effort they put into making you feel guilty for enjoying a fictitious character, you shouldn’t pay attention to what they have to say about it.

You should not be embarrassed by your sentiments and you should not make an effort to modify them.

It is not necessary for you to feel as if you have to apologize for being a person. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to experience joy. Instead, you need to acknowledge and accept your emotions!

You see, there is nothing wrong with falling in love with a fictitious character; in fact, it demonstrates that you are a normal human being and that you have the potential to love another person.

You shouldn’t try to escape your sentiments but rather accept and work through them.

You need to come to terms with who you are and learn to appreciate yourself for exactly who you are!

6) You do not need to feel guilty or embarrassed of your emotions in order to continue to take pleasure in the activities that bring you delight.

It’s possible that some individuals may attempt to make you believe that you can no longer watch the program that you love or read the book that you love just because the fictitious character that you adore is in it.

You shouldn’t, however, allow yourself to feel guilty, humiliated, or embarrassed because of the activities you like doing.

Because you develop feelings for a character who only exists in a book or television program does not mean that you have to quit watching those shows or reading those books.

You should not feel the need to pretend to be someone else! The character in the story is made up and not genuine.

There is no need for concern about how their emotions may be damaged by what you say. They are not being disrespected in any way by you. You are not deceiving them in any way. It makes no difference whatsoever.

Even if the things you love aren’t real, it is OK for you to continue to appreciate those things.

It is not wrong to continue to delight in the activities that bring you pleasure. There is no need to make yourself feel bad for enjoying the activities that you like doing.

It seems that you are not need to keep your emotions a secret. There is no need for you to be embarrassed about the person that you are.

Why would you feel guilty about falling in love with a fictitious character when there is no ethically wrong with doing so? There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a fictional character.

Think about it: people have had romantic feelings for fictional characters for a very long time. In the past, it was characters in books, but these days, it may be characters in movies or novels.

Is there anything inappropriate or embarrassing about that? No!

7) Falling in love with a character from a book might help you determine the qualities you want in a romantic relationship.

It’s a terrific thing to fall in love with a fictional character because it may help you figure out what you’re looking for in a real-life companion.

You may utilize a fictitious character you’ve created as a kind of model for the qualities and characteristics you want in a romantic relationship.

Think about it: you may ask questions such as, “What would they be like as a couple?” and “How would they treat each other?” What actions would they take given the circumstances? What kind of response do you anticipate from them? What aspects of their life would they want to see improved?

You will be able to get a decent picture of what you are looking for in a relationship if you answer these questions.

You are able to take a look at your made-up character and say, yes, that is exactly what I want in a companion!

You may use a fictitious crush as a tool to help you find out the qualities you want in a romantic relationship.

And the most exciting thing is…

You may also use your made-up crush as a tool to assist you in discovering more about who you are.

When we fall in love with a fictitious character, it may teach us a lot about ourselves, both in terms of our personality and the things we crave.

If you find yourself falling in love with a fictional character, you might look to that connection to get insight into the qualities you want in a romantic partner.

Now, keep in mind that fictional characters are not actual people, and that they often serve as a representation of an ideal, particularly when it comes to the way they seem on the outside.

Actors and actresses spend hours applying makeup in order to achieve the ideal “no-makeup makeup” look and the ethereal appearance of having “just woke up.”

When you start to think that this is how people genuinely appear in real life, you may start to have expectations that are unreasonable both for yourself and for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

However, this is also a positive thing since it assists you in gaining a better understanding of what qualities you want in a romantic partner, which is an essential element of the process of developing relationships.

This implies that you will know what you desire in a mate in terms of their physical appearance – what are you drawn to in a person?

yet also in terms of personality, you know, fictional characters often have extremely extreme personalities. For instance, the brooding hero or the introverted yet creative artist are both examples of fictitious characters who have quite extreme personalities.

Even though individuals in real life may not always follow all of these personality characteristics, you may discover that you are more drawn to guys who have heroic qualities or women who are creative.

Therefore, it is vital to have a clear idea of the qualities you want in a relationship.

And it’s important to be aware of the qualities in a spouse that you absolutely cannot tolerate.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with harboring romantic feelings for characters from works of literature.

It teaches you what you want out of your own relationship, as well as what you don’t want, which is really valuable information to have.

It’s possible that falling in love with a fictional character might help you figure out what you’re looking for in a romantic companion.

And believe me when I say that having a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a romantic partner will put you in a much stronger position later on!

8) It’s not as if you’re following the actor around or anything… is that correct?

It’s possible that some individuals may attempt to make you feel guilty for having romantic feelings for a character in a work of fiction.

They may attempt to make you feel as if you are following the actor who portrays that role in order to get your sympathy.

Even while I understand that you could be following the actor or actress on social media (which is perfectly OK), I highly doubt that you are truly stalking them, right?

You are probably not engaging in stalking the actors and actresses as long as you respect their right to privacy, acknowledge that they have their own lives outside of their work, and do not consider them to be fictitious characters.

It’s not as if you go out of your way to attempt to get a sight of the actor or actress in the normal course of your life, is it?

There shouldn’t be any issues so long as you are aware that their lives are separate from yours and you respect that.

It is considered stalking if you make an effort to get a sight of the actor or actress in real life or make an effort to chat with them while they are truly just trying to go about their lives since this is what they want to do.

So just keep this in mind when somebody attempts to make you feel guilty for falling in love with a character that only exists in a book or on the screen.

As long as you are not following them and stalking them, you should be OK.

9) It has the potential to enhance your dream

Being in love with a character from a book or movie can do wonders for your imagination and creativity, and this is one fact that cannot be disputed.

You have to understand that when you fall in love with a fictitious character, the only thing left to do is dream about what it would be like to be with them in real life.

And this is a really positive development!

Because our capacity for imagination is a significant contributor to what it is that makes us human, the more we are able to indulge in it, the more developed our creative abilities will become.

Therefore, if you find yourself falling in love with a character from a work of fiction, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to entertain fantasies about that person.

It is certain to make you a more original and inventive person!

You shouldn’t worry about it as long as you keep in mind that it’s all in your head.

10) When you finally discover the person of your dreams in real life, it will be even more amazing.

If you fall in love with a fictitious character, it will make finding your ideal mate in real life that much more satisfying when you finally meet them.

It’s like if you’ve been yearning for pizza for a very long time, and then all of a sudden you get to indulge in some.

The issue is, daydreaming is enjoyable, and fictitious people are most likely the “ideal” companion, but there is nothing more satisfying than being in the company of someone who is real and concrete, someone you can speak to and touch.

When you finally meet the person of your dreams, you will experience an overall improvement in how you feel about everything.

You’re not strange at all.
The most important thing to take away from this is that the fact that you are drawn to fictitious characters does not make you a weirdo.

That is very normal, so don’t worry about it!

Don’t be embarrassed to bring it up in conversation, and don’t allow anybody to make you feel guilty about it.

It is quite OK for you to discuss it with your close friends if you feel like doing so; but, if you choose to keep things to yourself, that is also acceptable as well.

Please keep in mind that you are not the only one dealing with this issue, and there is absolutely nothing strange about it.

It’s not strange at all, and it doesn’t make you strange that you like fictitious characters.