Does serving food to each other make a relationship great?

Does serving food to each other make a relationship great?

Does serving food to each other make a relationship great?
Does serving food to each other make a relationship great?

Does serving food to each other make a relationship great?

The power of attraction is a mystery, but research is showing more and more that the keys to understanding desire may be easier to find than you may believe. The capacity to send a person’s attraction soaring may be achieved by the use of simple hacks such as wearing the color red, exhibiting kindness, or adhering to a characteristic smell.

Now, new research has added one more easy trick to make your date unconsciously swoon: presenting food that is spicy. This adds to the list of ways that have already been established.

During the course of the study, which was carried out by academics from St. Cloud State University, a total of 89 different women volunteered their participation so that the researchers could investigate the relationship between taste and attractiveness.

They then showed the ladies images of males and asked them to score the beauty of each man on a nine-point scale, after which they separated the women into three groups and offered them a variety of foods.

The fact that the women who had consumed spicy meals rather than sweet or bland foods gave the men’s photographs a rating that was 21 percent more beautiful overall provided confirmation of their idea.

It’s possible that there are other explanations for why eating spicy cuisine might pique one’s interest in another person.

Because of our cultural associations, we tend to think about spiciness in conjunction with other meanings of “hotness,” which may make a date appear more appealing.

To this point, the research highlighted that while spicy tastes induced higher degrees of physical attraction as well as a romantic interest, “it was supported that adjectives such as spicy and hot might get embodied into a person’s cognitive processing of relationships.”

A cognitive link that might further feed desire is that the act of consuming spicy food is related with seeking thrills and engaging in risky or exciting activities.

According to the findings of a survey conducted by the online dating service, an overwhelming majority of singles surveyed thought that an adventurous spirit was a “highly desirable” attribute in a potential partner.

And last but not least, there are the impacts that eating spicy food may have on your body. According to research that was published in Helix Magazine by Northwestern University, many of us report an improvement in our mood after eating dishes that are quite hot.

This is due to the fact that the chemical molecule capsaicin, which is present in a great many fiery peppers, has the same effect on the nervous system as a physical burn would, and as a result, it causes the brain’s natural pain response to be activated.

The brain triggers the production of endorphins and dopamine, which stimulates our pleasure and reward regions, resulting in what some individuals refer to as a momentary state of euphoria that is analogous to a “runner’s high.”

When you consider that all of those endorphins are pouring through our bodies, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the person sitting across the table from us can benefit from our enhanced mood.

Therefore, on your next date, do something different and exciting to see where it leads you. It is possible that it will only crank up the temperature in your relationship.

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