Do Women want your friendship on their terms?

Do Women want your friendship on their terms?

Do Women want your friendship on their terms?

The Friendzone and cancer have many parallels.
Cancer begins with a few cells that are frequently undetected at first.
Those few cells continue to grow in size and disseminate throughout the body. In the majority of cancer instances, you don’t find out until you’ve reached a particular stage. You don’t know unless you require significant surgery or have terminal cancer.

The good news is that you may prevent the unneeded drama, misery, and inconvenience of cancer and the Friendzone by using the right detecting tools and adopting the right mentality.
You may avoid the Friendzone as long as you have the right mentality while starting a new friendship or connection with someone of the opposite sex.

I’ve previously gone through the warning indicators and red flags to watch out for when it comes to the Friendzone. When it comes to recognizing the Friendzone, I’ve gone through a few essential factors you should keep in mind.

I’m going to concentrate on the feminine point of view in this article.
Whether or if they are interested in them, women seek companionship from their male pals. Many women are tired of continuously fending off approaches from their male friends, and they just want to have platonic connections with these guys.

Of certainly, they have the right to do so. They desire platonic, and the men want more than platonic, yet neither side is entitled to their preferences.
Friendship isn’t something you get as a bonus.
You must demonstrate to the ladies with whom you desire a sexual connection that you are not looking for friendship.

I understand that it isn’t politically acceptable and that it sounds obscene. This approach may even seem harsh, but if you don’t want your heart trampled on and returned to you flat and bloodied, you must embrace it. It’s OK to be friends with ladies if all you want to do is be friends with them.

After she has rejected you as love or sexual partner, you should not look to friendship as a consolation prize.
Guys who find themselves in the Friendzone on a regular basis will accept any connection as a consolation prize. “I get another shot at that reward,” or “I get another go at chewing the apple,” they’re thinking.
You don’t have that option.

You’re settling for second best. You swallowed your pride and opted to be her friend since the true prize, the one you sought, never arrived. In exchange, what do you get? You get nothing in return, yet she is entitled to treat you like a girlfriend.

Many males will consider this a smack in the face. They’re hoping against hope that this lady would alter her mind and fall in love with them since they’re knights in shining armor. Is it even plausible?
While you’re thinking about these ideas, you may as well be filling out lottery tickets.

When she rejects you, don’t be scared to say “no thanks.” You already have a sufficient number of pals.
You’re essentially purchasing a ticket to liberty. When you say no thanks, you’re taking a sharp left out of the Friendzone.

This isn’t to say that you have to be completely disengaged. It’s possible to accomplish it just in your head. With a broad grin on your face, you can accept the rejection and walk away. Take this as a proclamation of independence from the United States of America.
The worst thing you can do to yourself is kept repeating the cycle of accepting second place and the “reward” of being her buddy.

When you do that, you are just treating yourself as an emotional doormat. You are under no obligation to accept their platonic friendship if they reject your love.

Even if they reject you, women want to keep you as a friend.

The majority of women are happy, loving, and sensitive individuals.
This is why, even if they’ve rejected you on a sexual or romantic level, many of them will still want to be friends with you. They think you’re still valuable. You shouldn’t be offended if people want to be friends with you; it’s a compliment, after all.

The issue is that there is a small percentage of women who want to have their cake and eat it as well.
They don’t want you to be a source of sex or romance, but they do want you to be a safety net or an emotional echo chamber.

When they’re having a rough day with Mr. Right, they want someone, anywhere, to accept their call. When they cry out for emotional support and consolation, they want someone, somewhere, to rush to their aid.
If you’re searching for romance and sexual attention, this is obviously unjust. Exploitation is taking place in this situation.

Great friendships, on the other hand, have a history of being rejected. It’s OK to be absolutely friends with this girl if all love concepts go from your head in her presence. You never know; your relationship might develop into something deeper and more significant over time.

I’m not predicting a romantic connection. That notion must disappear, but it may evolve into something more helpful and meaningful for both of you.
A friendship between you isn’t useless just because your connection began with rejection. What I mean is that you should avoid ladies who utilize the Friendzone as a source of exploitation. These are ladies who have a strong sense of self-confidence.

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