Creating Orgasms that are super-charged

Creating Orgasms that are super-charged

Creating Orgasms that are super-charged

Creating Orgasms that are super-charged

Edging with an Orgasmic Twist

As she approaches climax, gradually reduce the pace and pressure while instructing her to let the feelings to extend throughout her whole body to help create orgasmic energy in her muscles. For example, you could push her to the brink of orgasm at least two times. Bring her back to the brink, but this time while she is on the verge of orgasm, give her one lick at a time and add quick G-spot stimulation until she goes over the edge.



The Triple Pleasure Technique is a method of getting three times the pleasure of a single pleasure.

You should gently push down on her pubic mound with your non-dominant hand, while you are massaging and sucking her clitoris with your dominant hand. The secret to pulling this off is to suck her clit and rub her gspot at the same time. It is necessary to complete all three motions at the same time. 


Raise the skin of her pubic mound to the point where her clitoral hood goes up to reveal her clitoris, as shown. While this is being done, you rub her G-spot and suck her clitoris at the same time, all in tandem. Continue to move gently and rhythmically in this manner. Allow her enjoyment to gradually increase. As she becomes more agitated, increase the intensity and pace of your strokes.



Uncover her preferences on how she wants to be licked without asking her

Knowing how to lick her in the manner in which she like is an indication that you are on the road to oral sex expertise. It is mostly a matter of paying close attention to her and changing your stimulation as needed. Do you know what kind of bedtime routine your wife prefers? Probably some mind-blowing oral sex is going on here.



As previously said, paying attention is the most important factor in determining what she enjoys. What is the state of her breathing? Is it moving slowly or quickly? As your speed, rhythm, pressure, or location vary in respect to you, how does it alter? What is the state of her muscular tension? Is she tensing up because you inflicted pain or discomfort on her or anything else? Or is she tensing up as a result of the pleasure you are inflicting on her? These are just a few of the considerations you should keep in mind before performing oral sex on her.


It is her body that will tell you what she prefers. When you are doing anything correctly, she may groan or adjust her breathing pattern. She may or may not do either of those things at any given time, but she will always do one thing.



It’s common for her to move towards you and attempt to reach her current hot area just where you are licking or caringssing her. In the event that she walks toward you, it is an indication that you are doing something she likes.



Her body is continuously communicating with you, but are you paying attention to what she is saying?

 Make sure your hands are on her body at all times so that they can hear what she is trying to communicate. That is why it is so crucial to caress her. It enables you to feel her muscular tension and respiration patterns without physically touching her. You will be able to better tune your stimulation after that.



She is indicating that you are causing her anguish or suffering by moving away from her. Hypersensitivity is a kind of pain that might occur from time to time. This indicates that you are moving too quickly and have not given her clitoris enough time to get acclimated to the sort of stimulation you are providing. Slow things slowly and then return after you have raised her arousal level to a comfortable degree.



Another important factor in determining what she enjoys is her ability to seamlessly switch between her preferred hot spots. When you do this, it permits her arousal to remain at a high level, allowing you to see whether or not her arousal lowers in the process. It also ensures that there is very minimal loss of arousal energy throughout the procedure. The only way to improve at making seamless transitions is to simply put in more practice. I’m certain that she will not object.


Creating Orgasms that are super-charged

What Is a Tantric Clitoral Massage and How Do I Give One
how sex feels when you’re in love

Creating Orgasms that are super-charged

Practice Oral Sex Skills with Food is a Good Idea

These suggestions may seem strange at first look, but if you put them into practice, you will be well on your way to being an oral master.

1. Do it while you’re eating fruits.

Practice eating the fruits using your tongue, lips, and suction to ensure that you do not bite them. Mangoes, strawberries, grapes, and peaches are some of the greatest fruits for this purpose, as are other citrus fruits. Consider each piece of fruit to be a piece of soft candy.


 Enjoy the fruit as much as you would enjoy her company. Try sucking on a strawberry with your tongue while spinning your tongue around one end of the fruit. This is something you can practice and then use the same suck and swirl motion on her clitoris later on.


Make use of what I refer to as “fruit mouth.” You’re probably familiar with the shape your mouth takes when you bite into a soft peach or ripe pear. In order to get the same result, use the same shape and lay your lips over her clitoris with a flat tongue softly resting on it. Swallow her clit slowly and softly while allowing your tongue to touch against her cervix. 



A gradual and steady build-up of suction on her clitoris may lead to one of the most intense clitoral orgasms she has ever experienced. I’m fairly certain that no other male has taken the time to give her a long, slow, and unbelievably intense orgasm by slowly sucking on her clitoris in this manner before. Even more enjoyment may be had by combining it with manual stimulation.



Bonus: Although popcorn is not a fruit, you may attempt eating it by extracting it from the bowl with just your tongue, despite the fact that it is not a fruit. Start with a moderate pace and gradually raise your tongue speed as your skills improve. To make the drill more applicable to cunnilingus, try licking the popcorn out of the bowl instead of scooping it out.



2.Delicious Obstacle Course 

Spread some peanut butter on a platter and cover it with cheerios to serve. Experiment with varied rhythms and speeds while licking away the peanut butter. Using your tongue, locate a cheerio on the plate, collect it with your lips, hold it in your mouth, and then lick off all of the peanut butter before eating it is the proper technique.



 Cleanse the plate with your tongue to practice tongue strokes. I shouldn’t have to mention this, but just in case: you may want to try this out while you’re alone in your own house, in the comfort of your own surroundings.


As an added bonus, try to smash some cheerios using just your mouth..
Apply the skills learned to oral sex and grin as she screams with delight for a month after practicing these techniques many times a week.



Going Down on Her: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Fundamentals

There are other repetitions of the aforementioned strategy, as well as concrete actions to implement them. The small redundancy has been included on purpose. Repetition is still one of the most effective methods of learning for humans. There are several essential facets to the art of eating pussy that must be understood. (If that term offends you, please go have an orgasm before continuing reading this.) However, there are four things you should pay particular attention to.


It is her relaxation that comes first out of the four; if she is not calm, everything will feel odd for both of you, and she will refuse to come no matter how hard you try. Make all effort in your ability to ensure that she feels comfortable.

Relaxation makes it easy to become arousable as well.



1) Enthusiasm and Positive Attitude

Trust me when I say that if you aren’t enjoying yourself when dining with her, she will sense it. Take pleasure in it! Let her know that you are head over heels in love with the taste of the satisfaction she provides. As a result, she will be more calm and will place a greater amount of faith in you. As a consequence, she orgasms even harder and more quickly!


Inform her vocally how gorgeous her pussy is, how delicious it tastes and smells, and how much you like it. When you initially place your head between her thighs, say something along the lines of “Mmm, you smell great” or anything along those lines. “Mmm, I adore the way you taste, I could eat your pussy all day,” or simply “Mmmmmm,” after placing your finger inside her till it is covered with her secretions and establishing eye contact with her.


Don’t undervalue the importance of this. As soon as she realizes you appreciate her sense of taste and scent, she will relax and allow pleasure to take over her whole body. Oral sex should be treated as a significant event (because it is)… For the time being, disregard sexual relations (she will remember you later!). Her level of relaxation is unparalleled. The most enjoyable oral sex is spontaneous and unasked for.



2) Don’t be in a hurry.

Take your time licking her. She’s worth it. Some excellent comfy postures will be discussed in future article, however for the time being consider the following: If she senses that you are just interested in giving her an orgasm, she will perceive a separation. Instead of doing something TO her, oral sex is something you do WITH her. 


Examine every inch of her body, and in particular, every feature of her clitoral region. Find out which area of her clit is the most sensitive and which side she is most responsive on. Keep an open mind about her and her enjoyment. Make her joy a source of pleasure for you. Always begin slowly and gently, as though you are learning something new.



3) Pay Attention to Details

This is a critical consideration. Using their breath, hips, muscular tension, and noises, all women will tell you exactly what they need to climax. REMEMBER TO PAY ATTENTION! All women have different preferences when it comes to stimulation, such as how much pressure they want, the pace at which they prefer, and so on. 



Developing the ability to go down on her is as easy as paying attention to her body and reacting with whatever she need in order to be lifted higher at that particular instant. Pay close attention to the tongue strokes that she reacts to the most favorably. Preserve eye contact with her in order to maintain closeness and emotional connection.



Fourth, Rhythm Is The Secret To All Orgasms

Rhythm is the most important thing. The most important things to remember about her when she is very turned on are rhythm and consistency. It is my opinion that the most effective method of ensuring an orgasm through oral sex is to use constant rhythmic tongue strokes. When she is on the verge of orgasm, there is no need to go faster, alter your tongue strokes, or swap positions on her clitoris.


Everything should remain the same.
If you need to make a difference, increase the pressure and speed with which your tongue moves. Keep everything consistent unless you are really skilled at gauging her arousal and are familiar with her body well enough to avoid accidentally postponing her climax by altering the pace. You will lose some (if not all) of her arousal/pleasure momentum if you break the rhythm of the encounter.



The general consensus is that you should start slowly and vary the stimulation, but you should pay close attention to the consistency of your strokes in order to increase her arousal level over time. However, once she is on the verge of orgasm and you have discovered the specific stroke, pace, pressure, and so on that makes her go crazy, you are in business. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.
Maintain a consistent pace and intensity until she arrives. When she arrives, don’t put a halt to anything. Trust me when I say that she will stop you when she is through.



To go down on a lady successfully, you must grasp the delicate balance between movement and stillness. Make sure you include some form of rhythmic pause (it doesn’t matter how long or how short) between each lick. Allow each lick to complete its pleasure-inducing reverberation throughout her body before reaching out to her with your tongue once again. Allow enough time for each note (or lick) to reverberate completely. As the melody of cunnilingus builds to a crescendo, the sounds may begin to blend together and become indistinguishable as indescribable ecstasy vibrates through her whole body.



Preparing for Foreplay and Building Anticipation

It’s impossible to turn a lady on more quickly than by kissing her and communicating both desire and calm via that kiss. She wants you to be in charge of your arousal, but she knows you’ll be unable to keep your fierce desire for her under control. I like creating a mixture of harsh and gentle sexual tension in my work. What exactly do I mean by this? I’ll press her up against a wall (in a safe manner) really quickly, with my elbows making contact with the wall first. It feels hard to her, but it is not physically harmful to her.



Then I give her a passionate kiss on her neck and jaw line. My woman seems to have a clit in her earlobes, therefore I like kissing and sucking the insides of her ears as well. All of this is done in a frantic and passionate manner as my hands are either on her lower back, ass, or lightly holding her neck in my possession. I then placed my lips close to hers, a millimeter apart, in a split second. I let her to kiss me first, and she did so passionately. I stop the kiss and begin it again with a wonderful torturous slowness that is almost painful to bear.



Everything I do becomes more deliberate; my kisses and caresses grow softer. I gently pull her hair back (if you do this, make sure you are aware that it turns her on, otherwise it is pointless), rub my body softly up against her body, and kiss her very softly in return. 



Experiment with different combinations of strong and gentle passion to see what happens to her. Whenever I want to interact with a woman, I kiss her. In order to liven things up, I’m now kissing her in a manner that communicates, “I’m loving your lips and your whole body,” which progresses to teasing kisses with the occasional sexual statement thrown in for good measure.
One of the most appealing aspects of cunnilingus foreplay is that, when done correctly, it naturally creates anticipation.



She just has to be aware that you are going to turn your back on her, and her subconscious will take care of the rest. Sending my woman a naughty text message with phrases such as “I can’t wait to taste you later on tonight” or “Come over, I can’t stop thinking about going down on you” is something I like doing. When it comes to women, mental foreplay is more crucial than we could ever think.



As soon as she is physically there in our presence, however, we begin to build anticipation by descending down to her vulva and kissing/licking her inner thighs, but not yet her labia or clit…
Inform her that you are having a good time taunting her. Slowly work your way up to her breasts, stroking and kissing them as you go… Enjoy her full body, but don’t pay attention to her clitter or nipples until you’re going to get down to business with her.


Oral Foreplay as a Means of Transitioning to Oral Sexual Contact

In the hopes that her trousers (or underwear) are still on throughout the foreplay, but if they aren’t, give it a go anyhow. I get to my feet and begin kissing and stroking her all over her body. After kissing and sucking her neck and breasts, I’ll go on to her stomach to begin oral foreplay.



 I grab her hips with my hands and gently pull down her jeans, revealing her pubic mound in the process. I softly suck on her pubic mound while giving her deep open-mouth kisses on the lips.


As a result, her hips are generally grinding strongly at this time, and I remove all of her clothes and open her legs to thoroughly admire her vulva. Suck on her inner thighs and kiss her inner thighs softly to start. In the meanwhile, I normally run my hands along the sides of her body, caressing her breasts. 


All of your efforts up to this point have been focused on generating tension and anticipation in order to make her need a release that can only be provided by your tongue. Approach her vulva carefully and tease her; she enjoys it more than you would ever realize how much she enjoys it.


Lick her perineum, next the groove where her inner thigh meets her outer labia, and finally the back of her neck. Long licks on both sides of the groove are a must. Just before you put your hand on her vulva for the first time, take a deep breath and spread it around the whole region, as if you were fogging up a mirror. Move dangerously near to her clitoral region and then float away from her.

Creating Orgasms that are super-charged






Caution: Never blast air into a woman’s vaginal opening.

 It has the potential to create an embolism, which might result in severe damage or death.


The First Touch is the first step.

The initial lick you give her must be both memorable and arouse a desire for orgasmic fulfillment in her as soon as possible.
Following the suggestions provided below will achieve this by increasing sexual tension, as she may already be bucking her hips and looking forward to the first caress of your tongue on her clitoral area at this point in the game.


 Let’s have a look at how to set the tone for the whole session by effectively completing the initial touch. Consider your tongue to be a snail probing the vulva of a female snail for the remainder of this section. Silly? Yes. Effective? Yes, please!


2.The Long, Slow Snippet

Her sexual tension is increased by making and breaking touch, as well as contrasting gentle and forceful pressure, and this tension is soon compelled to be released via an orgasmic release. For this portion, I like to have her lying down on her back with her legs bent in the air.
1. Place your gentle flat tongue on her fourchette, just as you would a kiss (the base of her vulva). Feel the pressure of your tongue on hers. Take a moment to let both of your nerve ends to interact. As you taste her vulva, your tongue will merge with her vulva and then… shatter.
Making contact in the same spot as before, licking upwards as you glide past her vaginal entrance and inner lips VERY SLOWLY. As you get closer, apply more pressure to her clitoral frenulum, and once you’re on her, don’t let go.


3. As you approach the clitoral head, reduce the amount of pressure you apply. 

At this point, the interplay between forceful and mild pressure feels like delicious torment.


4. Keep licking her clitoral hood until your tongue is exactly over her clitoral hood, then stop. 

You should be able to feel her clitoral shaft just behind the hood of the hoodie. Increase the pressure on the shaft and give it a few horizontal licks gently and steadily.


5. Make a slow downward sweep towards her fourchette, allowing your tongue to linger over her whole vulva and vaginal opening. 


6. At this point, I’ll sometimes stretch her legs back over her head and insert my tongue deep within her while moving it around. Then I cut off all communication once again.

Sometimes, while giving her this long, slow lick, I passionately grasp her hips, drawing them closer to me, increasing the pressure on her vulva and clit through my tongue for a brief moment of greater pleasure. Squeeze, lick, and then release the pressure. I prefer to timing the pressure such that it occurs just as my tongue reaches the tip of her clitoral hairs on her genitals. It expresses my pleasure and desire to her in a positive way. Subtle things like these convey a lot of information to women.


2nd step: Establishing a Consistent Routine

It is critical for you to be able to feel the beat and see how it is building up as the song goes on. Rhythm, rather than licking methods or counting, is what makes the next stages successful. If you recall anything from this experience, it should be to establish and maintain a rhythm. This will help you to segue easily from each component to the next phase in the process.



2A: Lick the Pause button (Stillness and Movement at Play)
Starting with her fourchette, gently lick your tongue upwards until you reach the top of her clitoral hood, then lick downwards to the fourchette once again. Take about 5 seconds to complete a full lick.


2. Place a flat, gentle tongue on her vulva for around 5 seconds and release.
Don’t worry about counting, however, since it may disrupt the emotional connection she is experiencing…
Rather of guessing the time, try feeling it out. Just make sure that the lick and the pause are around the same duration before continuing. Start by getting a sense of the rhythm you wish to generate. For the time being, take it slow and steady.


3. Repeat this for about 10 times.
2B: Approximately half-full
Begin with 5 half-licks and 1 full-lick; however, continue in this rhythm (5 half-licks and 1 full-lick) for about 5 times.
Getting halfway through your licking (in this context) signifies that you have reached her clitoral frenulum and have stopped. This helps to tickle the tip of her clitus, causing it to want the taste of your tongue even more. Pay close attention to licking her inner labia near the clitoral frenulum throughout this section. This will entice the clit to come out and join in the fun.


1. Lick up half-way and then lick down the rest of the way. Repeat this for a total of five times. Maintaining the beat, lick her frenulum on both sides of her inner labia from both sides of her inner labia.



Creating Orgasms that are super-charged





Secondly, give her one complete lick over her clitoral region.
3. Do this a few times till you feel comfortable.
2C: Seduction of the Clitoral Glans


When licking, be playful and concentrated on stimulating her clitoral region. The clitoris enjoys being coaxed into paying attention at first, and this pattern does precisely that by seeming to be completely random.
1. Lick up half-way and then lick down the rest of the way.
Count from 1 to 10 times.
2. Give her a full lick on the crotch that goes all the way down.
3. Repeat the preceding procedures about 20 times.
It’s almost time for Step 3:



Her clitoris has become really hard at this point and is begging for a continuous rhythm in order to be freed from the wonderful pain you have been subjecting her to. Allow her orgasm to meet you, but do it in a calm and collected manner; there is no need to rush…patience. Finish the masterpiece in the same manner in which you began it. To get her into orgasm, I prefer to employ a number of methods, but a combination of the stimulation techniques listed below is a fantastic way to liberate her climax and transform all of the tension you’ve generated into beautiful pleasure.



One of the most crucial things to remember right now is to have a decent rhythm and consistency throughout. Look around for a few solid ending strokes and stay with them until she shows up. 



A little flick of her clitoris or clitoral hood may be all that is needed to drive her over the brink right now. One of the most straightforward methods of inducing orgasm in a woman is a delicate flicking of her clitoris while concurrently massaging her anterior vaginal wall, which happens to be one of my personal favorites. However, I’ll teach you a more straightforward method of inducing a mind-blowing orgasm in her. For the time being, let’s concentrate on reading her and her body.



Trying to Guess Her Reaction

When you’re trying to get her attention, pay attention to the following:
She changes the tempo of her breathing and the tone and pace of her moans/vocalizations according to her mood.
Muscle twitches in her vagina, abdomen, and thighs; color changes in her vulva; and the size of her clitoris are all things to look out for.



When you excite her, pay attention to how her lower abdominals flutter, how her hips move, how her back arches, and how her thighs, vagina, and anus contract. If you are doing everything correctly, she will move in a rhythmic manner and toward you. Sometimes she may not move at all because you are doing everything correctly and she just wants to soak up all of the pleasure, and moving would interfere with her ability to do so.



As soon as you make a change, PAY ATTENTION TO HER and adjust your actions (such as speed, pressure, and so on) in reaction to her response.
All ladies are unique in their own way. Nothing in this essay should be treated as gospel, and everything I’ve mentioned should be taken with a grain of salt until you’ve inquired as to what she’s interested in. 


Female preferences differ in the following areas: o How much pressure they prefer o How much speed they prefer o Where and when they prefer a certain stimulation versus another; whether or not they prefer a lot of stroke/stimulation variety; whether or not they prefer a repetitive stroke pattern; whether they prefer direct or indirect clitoral stimulation.



Even ladies who are averse to direct clitoral stimulation may find themselves enjoying it after being fully aroused. If she is groaning, trembling, and bucking her hips, don’t alter a thing. Just keep doing what you’re doing and nothing will change.
Rapid breathing and writhing of her hips and body are also signs of trouble in the making. The most essential thing is to experiment with different ways rather than assuming she would enjoy whatever you do.



As far as I’m concerned, you should make it crystal-clear that you will not be insulted or wounded by her telling you what she need in order to orgasm.


How to Tell if She Likes It There are a plethora of reasons why women may be hesitant to express themselves vocally about their desires. For the time being, I will not go into detail on the language aspects of the game since Lick by Lick explains it better. With that stated, we must search her corpse for any signs that can lead us to her whereabouts. If her hands are pressing on your body, be on the lookout for any pressure. When she pulls you closer, she is indicating that she wants more (deeper, quicker, and/or harder, for example).



You are too harsh or providing too much stimulation if she pulls you away or moves her hips away from you. Slow down the licking pace and pressure by a large amount, then gradually resume the licking and provide additional stimulation when you get signs that you should.



 Whether she is holding you forcefully yet comfortably, you will know you are doing things correctly. You might think that increasing the pressure, speed, and other factors will help her orgasm, but she may disagree. The majority of women like that you maintain the same rhythm that brought them to you in the first place. Some people may prefer or require a gentler form of stimulation when it comes to orgasm. Unless she specifies otherwise, leave everything as is until she says otherwise.



In essence, knowing where she is in terms of arousal provides you a sense of where she is going. Paying attention will allow you to recognize when it is appropriate to stop raising her arousal with diversity and begin bringing her to climax with steady rhythmic stimulation and stimulation. If she is on the verge of orgasm, don’t make any changes to what you are doing.
Please continue reading if she is really excited but still some distance away from climax. I will share with you one of my favorite techniques to conclude a cunilingus session with a spectacular orgasm.


Creating Orgasms that are super-charged




Step 4: The Exhilarating Closing Act

The following are descriptions of the approaches that will be shown in the demonstration:



Clitoral Suffering

Gently sucking on her clitoral area and releasing it It’s similar to using a pacifier. Constant suction and release pulses are felt throughout the body. Alternatively, give it a nice suck. The pacifier-like rhythm, on the other hand, seems to be more effective; moderate pressure, such as sucking icing off of your finger, should be used.


Clit Swirl is a fictional character created by author Clit Swirl.
Apply pressure to her clitoral region with your lips and wrap the tip of your tongue around it. Depending on her clitoral location, the swirls may be on or around her. Alternatively, you may gently swirl around her clit to tease her before gently beginning to swirl straight on her clit.




It’s Clit Flick time!


Move her clit with your tongue, up and down or side to side, carefully. Accelerate slowly and steadily, paying attention to her body language. If direct clitoral stimulation is too much for her, then concentrate on “flicking” the hood of her clitoris to relieve the tension. The flick is similar to “ice cream cone” licks in appearance. You may choose between hard and gentle flicks, but I suggest that you stick with the softer ones.
Thumb is teasing you.



Insert your thumb to just the first knuckle, then make slow circles or gently push her while licking her till she screams with pleasure. Moving/thrusting your thumb inside of her (but not far enough to fulfill her want for sexual contact) slowly increases her desire to have sexual contact with you. An even greater tease is to just have your thumb within her without moving it at all, since this increases the intensity of the need even more than before.




Taoist Licking



I’m not sure whether you’ve ever heard of Taoist thrusting, but I like to refer to this as Taoist licking instead. The Taoist thrusting technique is characterized by an intercourse stroking rhythm consisting initially of 9 shallow strokes followed by 1 deep thrust that is maintained continuously. Each time, the number of shallow strokes decreases by one, while the number of deep thrusts rises by one.



Taoist licking is based on the same idea as traditional Chinese medicine:
9 licks on the halfway mark 1 complete lick
8 Approximately half-way Two-thirds of the way through the seventh 3 Complete… Until… 1 Halfway through 9 Full
To begin, do 5 half-licks and 1 full lick; however, after you have completed a set (5H 1F), add 1 half-lick at a time until you have completed 9H 1F. You should seamlessly segue into Taoist licking once you have completed 9H 1F.



This in and of itself may be enough to push her over the brink. If you don’t want her to climax right away, slow down gradually to keep her arousal so that you don’t lose all of the pleasure you’ve created up to that point. If you want to get her close to climax again, gently increase the speed from the modest pace you started with to the quicker speed that had her on the verge of orgasm.
The wonderful thing about Taoist rhythm is that it can be applied to nearly any sort of stimuli, which makes it very versatile. Do 9 midway licks and 1 clitoral sucking, or 9H and 1 clitoral flick, or 9H and 1 clitoral swirl, or 9H and 1 clitoral suck.



Creating Orgasms that are super-charged