Touching a Vagina for Ultimate Pleasure

Touching a Vagina for Ultimate Pleasure

Touching a Vagina for Ultimate Pleasure

Touching a Vagina for Ultimate Pleasure

Have you ever had a feeling of hallucination in your own bedroom? You will find it difficult to avoid falling into a sexual routine after you learn a few no-fail techniques for stroking and massaging your partner’s vagina and causing them to exhale involuntarily.




In the words of Marianne Brandon, Ph.D., author of Monogamy: The Untold Story: “If something works, it’s hard not to keep doing it.” “However, even the most brilliant maneuvers may become stale and stale can become stale. Women are generally concerned about spending too long to reach their climax, but they also don’t want to reach their peak in 60 seconds or less, which is what might happen if you always resort to your failsafe technique.




On the other hand, according to Brandon, if you alter things up, you may discover that your partner’s experience is more gratifying since postponing their orgasm may make it stronger. Plus, according to Yvonne Fulbright, Ph.D., author of Touch Me Here, “new encounters stimulate dopamine in the brain, which encourages bonding.”

So reserve your trademark abilities for the big finale and instead explore with these 17 different methods to touch your partner’s vaginal opening.





Opening the clitoral hood is the first step to take.

When your spouse is not completely aroused, there is a little stretch of skin covering the clitoris that begs to be toyed with. In fact, according to Fulbright, the clitoral dome is an outgrowth of the inner lip. “It has the potential to be a self-sustaining happy place.”





Give a little attention to the hot area on her vaginal surface early in your interactions they’ve been so worked on that her hood retracts: Using your fingers, retrace their inner labia upwards until you reach the fold immediately above their clitoris, and rub it gently to ensure that your digits are suitably lubricated.

In order to initiate direct clitoral contact, “you may use your thumb to gently press that skin up a little bit towards her belly button,” explains Brandon.

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Touching a Vagina for Ultimate Pleasure

2.Locate the G-spot in the first place.

First and first, let’s be clear: the G-spot is not some kind of magical, secret pleasure zone; rather, it is a region of the clitoris that is located inside the clitoris’ internal structure. The clitoris is much more than the little bud that can be seen at the top of the labia; 



the wishbone-shaped organ can be found up to five inches within the body and can be stimulated by doing the traditional “come-hither” motion that you’ve undoubtedly heard about before. (If this is not the case, the technique is to place a finger into the vagina, palm up, and employ a come-hither movement to stimulate the vaginal opening.)



Fulbright advises that you check to see whether she is already wet before proceeding.



The third step is to cup the cervix.

You could find that your girlfriend’s outer labia aren’t as sensitive as the rest of her body, which makes them an excellent place to start when you’re getting them ready for an orgasm.

Slip a finger southward and cradle their vagina, pushing softly, while you’re having a good time! As Derek explains, “this initiates the circulation, which in turn starts the process of arousal.” In a delicate manner, it helps to ease her into the sensation.



4) Use their mound as a base of operations..

A brief introduction to anatomy is provided here. Mons pubis is a fatty mound of tissue that sits on top of the pubic bone and is where their pubic hair develops. The clitoris is indirectly stimulated when the mons pubis is stimulated, according to Fulbright.

Utilize the heel of your hand to depress the mound, pressing downward in the direction of their clitoris, to arouse the area and bring it to life.



5. Give a massage 

Give the lips of your partner’s vagina a little attention before you separate the outer lips of her cervix. According to Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai, Pelvic PT, certified sexuality counselor, and founder of YouSeeLogic, “do lengthy vertical strokes around the vaginal entrance but don’t go within,” The gluteal folds [the crease between your buttocks and thighs] should be massaged down to the clitoris, then back up towards it. A excellent method to generate sensory energy is to engage in this activity.



Take your time before you contact their clitus, though, since doing so will help to increase their excitement. Gently massage their labia majora between your thumb and index finger, stroking back and forth in a soft massaging motion, then gently draw their lips upward.

As an alternative to shaving, Fulbright advocates gently pulling at your partner’s pubic hair if they do not shave.



6.They should be circled in clitoris. 

To avoid the temptation of scurrying to your partner’s clitoris, try teasing them a little bit beforehand.

To begin, place a little amount of lubrication to the padded portion of your finger (a hint: just dip a digit into their vagina) and circle their clitoris while exerting firm, constant pressure to it.

In addition, Dr. UC suggests experimenting with both big and little circles around the clitoris. In the beginning, you may move gently, in both the clockwise and counterclockwise directions, and then gradually increase pace and intensity in response to input from your partner.

In addition, “the circular action is one of the most popular among female masturbators,” according to Fulbright.




7) Gently massage the cervix.

If your spouse enjoys deep penetration, it’s likely that they appreciate the feeling of cervical contact—and a penis or dildo isn’t the only part of their body that may provide this sensation for them.

“Once she gets aroused, the cervix actually tend to pull back a little,” Derek explains. “However, the average vaginal length is not very long.” So softly massage their cervix with your finger till you are unable to go any farther. Increase the pressure only if they react positively to the massage.

“It may be really sensitive, so proceed with caution,” Brandon advises.






8) Adjust the angle of their body.

Continue to use your normal method of arousing your partner—the one that gets them incredibly excited—but change up the position you are in.

Because a woman’s body is so highly sensitive, even the smallest changes may have a significant effect on her, explains Brandon, “it will feel different.” As a result of what you’re doing, she will have a different emotional response than you do.”





Instead, if your spouse is used to being on their back while you elicit an orgasm, doing the same method on all fours may seem more animalistic. Create a unique situation for them by having them recline against a wall, bend over the kitchen counter, or back straight have them do the motion they like the most.




9) Stimulate the opening of the vaginal canal.

With the exception of high-school boys, you’ve probably discovered by now that regular fingering—just sliding in and out—doesn’t do anything for your partner. Fulbright advises using two or three fingers to work your way in and out of the vaginal canal rather than merely going up and down. “Make sure you’re not just going up and down—firmly press against the lower vaginal canal,” she adds.




If you want to, you may even stay at the entrance of their vagina, moving your fingers in a circular manner, without ever removing your fingers entirely. “Most of the nerve endings are in the bottom portion of her vagina,” adds Brandon. “Women prefer to feel incredibly full at the opening.”






10) Play the keyboard.

Position your index finger on one side of their clitoris, your middle finger on the other side, and imagine you’re playing the piano, moving back and forth, from side to side, says Fulbright.

It has been shown that rhythmic movements are the most gratifying for persons who have a vulva—and that massaging the delicate skin near to their clitoris is a simple approach to develop arousal and anticipation for an orgasm, according to her—

Once you’ve mastered this maneuver, you may elevate one finger such that it rests on top of the clitoris itself for a more intense variation.






11) When doing cowgirl, use your hands.

It is by this method that the cowgirl posture has whole new significance: Put the vulva of your partner’s upper forearm on top of your inner arm, so that it rests on your wrist and lower forearm.

In the words of Fulbright, “Place your hand between her legs and cup her buttocks.” Afterwards, let them to grind against your arm, and once they’ve developed a rhythm, adjust your arm to match the tempo and intensity they desire.





According to her, “you’re able to touch a lot more surface area—it enables the whole room to come alive, rather than just one specific point.” Furthermore, the vaginal stimulation is less direct, which makes it more comfortable for persons who are very sensitive to it.

12) Make a thorough sweep of the area.

Grasp your whole hand along the length of your partner’s vulva with long, sweeping strokes as you’re warming them up.

Cut to the chase be concerned about getting into all of her nooks and crannies along the journey. “It’s more difficult to keep things rhythmic and fluid when you’re sinking within,” adds Fulbright. “There’s one thing that ladies have told me gets them off: becoming repetitive and constant.”





13) Participate with both hands in the activity.

According to Fulbright, you should use the thumb and index finger of one hand to widen their labia, and the other hand to stimulate their clitoris.

It will not only allow you greater access to their pleasure zones in their vagina, but it will also make them feel vulnerable, which may be quite stimulating.





14) They should keep their underwear on.

Leaving your partner’s underwear on might give a little nice friction to your touch, even if you’re ready to take them down. Alternatively, if your spouse is particularly sensitive and likes more indirect interaction, this method is ideal.

According to Derek, the ideal circumstance is that your spouse is wearing satin panties rather of cotton, which will easily slide over their genitals when you excite them.

Shane recommends that after they’ve become completely aroused, you should continue the motion by pulling their pants aside rather than removing them. The phrase “I’m doing something bad since my clothes are still on” has a “high-school feel to it,” says the author of the book.

That is, without a doubt, a scorcher.






14. Delegate the direction of travel to your companion.

When it comes to learning about your partner’s preferences, seeing them masturbate is the ideal method—but for some individuals, that kind of vulnerability may be daunting.

To begin, place their hand on top of yours and say something like: “Show me what you like, sweetie.” In Brandon’s words, “do it in a seductive manner, not in a ‘I’m confused, please help me out’ type of way. Leave it up to them to direct your steps—and remember to take mental notes along the route to their climax!








16. Strike the clitoris from every angle you can find.

The typical stimulation of side-to-side, up-and-down movement is certainly awesome—and nearly always results in an orgasmic climax for them. Nevertheless, this is merely a part of the clitoris’s total area of influence

After softly squeezing it between your fingers in a circular motion between your fingers, Brandon recommends wadding it up with your fingers if you were wadding up a piece of chewing gum. It will be possible to touch and apply pressure to the hot region from all sides in this manner. A fantastic orgasm is in the cards if you follow this formula.





17. Bring in some sex toys for the staff members to enjoy.

A vibrator may be really beneficial in this situation, according to Dr. UC. To tease your spouse gently, you may use a vibrator on a high setting to produce strong feelings, or on a low level to produce mild sensations. “Remember that the clitoris has lengthy legs that come down on both sides of the pelvic bones,” Dr. UC adds of the instinctive want to place the vibrator squarely on your partner’s clitoris.




 It is possible to deliver vibrations to other areas of your partner’s vulva, rather than only their clitoris, by using the vibrator. You may use another approach to stimulate your partner’s clitoris with your free hand in order to get the most enjoyment out of the encounter!