Can Friends cuddle? (13 Essential Facts About Snuggling)

Can Friends cuddle? (13 Essential Facts About Snuggling)

Can Friends cuddle?

Can Friends cuddle?

Friendships between guys and girls may become a little tricky at times, and this is particularly true in situations when both parties are straight. Research that was conducted in 2021 and published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that the majority of romantic partnerships began as platonic friendships. When you spend a lot of time with a man friend, you run the risk of developing feelings of desire toward him. Because of this, some individuals question whether or not it’s appropriate for friends to hug one another.

The encouraging news is that there is such a thing as a friendly hug, and that it’s perfectly OK to give one. According to Healthline, giving or receiving a hug may be a reassuring gesture. There are some things that should not be done during a pleasant cuddling session, in addition to the fact that not all hugging postures are ideal for close friends or platonic friendships.

Consequently, if you have questions such as “Is it normal for best friends to cuddle and hold hands?” or “Is cuddling a sign of love? “, the answers to these questions are yes and no.This is the article that you should be reading. Continue reading if you want an accurate understanding of the distinction between a friendly hug and a romantic hug, both of which are types of hugs.

What Are the Different Kinds of Cuddles, and Do Friends Cuddle Each Other?

It is conceivable for good friends to hold hands or cuddle with one another. Hugging, snuggling, and spooning are all examples of the physical act of love known as cuddling. Cuddling is a type of physical affection that includes intimate physical contact. Even though coziness is most commonly associated with romantic feelings, it can also be a way for close friends to express their love for one another as well as their gratitude and support for one another.

You and a close friend could give each other a hug for a number of different reasons, including to commemorate an important event, to provide solace and assistance to one another while going through a difficult period, or just to express gratitude for one another. Friendships may be strengthened by the act of cuddling, which also assists in the development and maintenance of intimate connections.

The following are some popular sorts of hugs and kisses exchanged between friends:

The embrace on the side

A “side hug” is a form of hug in which one person embraces another by wrapping their arms around the other person’s shoulders or waist from the side, as opposed to completely embracing them from the front or back. This type of hug is often referred to as a “army hug.” Side hugs are often seen as a kind of physical affection that is more casual or less personal than full-on embracing. They are typically offered as a warm hello or departure to a person.

People who are not comfortable with more intimate forms of showing affection, or who want to show affection in a more subdued or low-key way, may find that side hugs are a good option for them. Side hugs can be given by leaning to one side and hugging the person on that side. Because they are considered to be platonic relationships, they are also a good option for people who do not know each other very well and do not have a close relationship.

Additionally helpful in developing and enhancing relationships is the practice of hugging from the side. In times of difficulty or stress, they can also serve as a gesture of comfort and support for the recipient.

One person may stand to the side of the other person and offer them a side hug by wrapping their arms around the other person’s shoulders or waist and drawing them in for a quick embrace while giving the hug. Always be sure to get someone’s permission before giving them a hug, and if they don’t feel comfortable being touched in that way, you should respect their personal space and not embrace them.

A buddy embrace

a bear hug from a pal
A “friend hug” is a hug that is offered between friends as a symbol of respect, admiration, or support. Hugs are one of the most common forms of physical communication. It is a sort of non-romantic embracing that is intended to convey that two people are close to one other and care about each other. It is not a romantic hug.

A warm embrace may be offered for a number of reasons, including to commemorate a memorable event, to express gratitude for a thoughtful act, or to provide comfort and support in times of difficulty or stress. Additionally, they can be exchanged between friends as a form of informal greeting or farewell.

A friendly embrace may look quite different depending on how long it lasts, from a brief embrace to a protracted, intense embrace. They can be full-on hugs, in which the arms of both people are wrapped around each other, or they can be side hugs, in which the arms of one person are wrapped around the shoulders or waist of the other person.

The cheek of the butt.

It comes as a bit of a surprise that the following posture is referred to be a cuddle; in fact, some people would term it a reverse cuddle. The fact is that it may be categorized as a cuddle; the only difference is that it’s more appropriate for friendly snuggling. Since there isn’t an excessive amount of physical contact required for this one, it is likely that you would choose to use it in situations where your cuddle buddy is also a best friend.

When playing the butt cheek, you and your cuddle buddy must both lie on your sides while facing in opposite directions. It is ideal for the butt cheeks and lower backs to contact, and the knees should be bent and brought as near as possible to the chest.

The butt cheek cuddle can be fairly fun, which is why it is better suited for you and a best friend; you and your cuddle partner may extend one leg out and play footsies if you’re interested. The butt cheek cuddle is better suited for you and a best friend because it is more suited for you and a best friend.

If you want to watch movies on the sofa, this is probably not the greatest posture for you to be in; it seems like a bed would be more suited for that. The butt cheek is also a position that may be done by couples; however, it is not meant to be done in a sexual manner; rather, it is more of a fun and playful cuddling position. Therefore, if you and your significant other simply want to spend quality time together without sex being a focus, this is an excellent option for you both.

The thigh squeeze

The leg hug cuddle is perfect for those times when sleep is on your mind but you still want to feel the other person’s body on yours while you’re sleeping. This is the ideal posture for a passionate embrace, but it may also be modified for use with close friends. The leg hugging position is fairly easy to do; when you and your spouse are laying on the same side of the bed, just rest one leg on the other person’s hip or thigh.

Even though it’s not technically an intimate embrace, some people could find this style of hug to be uncomfortable, and a buddy who isn’t very close to you might not like it. There are certain males who just do not want your legs anywhere near their body.

On the other hand, a close friend, a cuddle partner, or a really special person would not object if you rested your leg on theirs or if they rested their leg on yours, particularly if you both like to cuddle a lot.

Even though you can certainly do it with the guy you’re dating, hugging someone’s legs isn’t something that should be reserved solely for romantic embraces. It’s more of a nighttime embrace that allows you to hold your spouse while allowing you to stay in a comfortable posture so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

The cushion for the lap

This hugging posture is fairly common and may be used by a wide range of people, including friends, partners, parents, and siblings. In fact, you don’t even need to be in your own house to use a lap pillow; if you’re with your significant other in an informal environment outside and you want to rest your head, you may use a lap pillow instead of putting your head on your partner’s lap.

In contrast to doing it in public places like a restaurant or hospital, such activities are more suited for outdoor settings like parks, picnics, beaches, and the like. Even though the lap pillow can be used between two people in a friendship that is not sexual in nature, the practice is typically associated with married couples, and it might be considered strange to use it on a friend who is not particularly close to you.

Even though the lap pillow doesn’t show as much intimacy as some of the other cuddle positions, it’s still a pretty endearing act to have someone rest their head on yours. It consists of one person sitting up while the other one places their head on the first partner’s lap as they do it.

What is the difference between cuddling with someone for friendly reasons and cuddling for romantic reasons?


A friendly embrace is one that is provided without any romantic or sexual aspirations, while a romantic embrace is often given as a symbol of affection between two people who are romantically involved with one another. When two people are romantically involved, snuggling may be a means for one person to convey feelings of love and affection to the other, as well as a way to feel physically close to and connected to the other person.

The act of cuddling may be used as a kind of expression of gratitude in a platonic relationship; however, unlike in romantic relationships, there is no expectation of an intimate or sexual relationship between the two people involved.

In addition, the manner in which you touch your companion and the kind of embrace that you are trying for will be determined by your goals. If you don’t have any secret emotions for this person and all you want is a good warm cuddle with a buddy, then you should try to limit the amount of physical contact you have with them as much as you can.


It is inevitable that you will have skin-to-skin contact with your closest companion while you are snuggling with them. Before snuggling up with someone, you should always make sure to get their permission first, and you should respect their personal space if they tell you they don’t want to be touched. You don’t want them to have a certain sensation, do you?

When it comes to physical contact, people in a romantic relationship may have a better awareness of one other’s limits and preferences, and they may also be more at ease with a more personal connection.

When it comes to a friendship, it may be more vital and honest to speak to them about it and ask for their express approval. In this sense, it demonstrates that you are more attentive of the limits set by the other person. When it comes to snuggling with friends, keep in mind that everyone has their own personal limits and preferences. It is essential to speak in an open and honest manner about what is and is not comfortable for each individual.


It’s possible that romantic snuggling is more likely to take place in private or more personal circumstances, whereas friendly cuddling is more likely to take place in public or among a group of people. It’s possible that romantic partners are more inclined to snuggle in bed, on the sofa, or in other private, pleasant areas, while friends are more likely to do so in public or when attending events or gatherings.

Touching a specific area of the body is also considered part of the location. Cuddling without any strings attached does not entail caressing sensitive regions, groping, or stimulating touches; all of these lead to more sexually intimate behaviors. Instead, you should stick to more pleasant sorts of contact such as patting a buddy on the back, giving them a soothing hug, and so on.

Alternating the breath

Continuing on with the subject of closeness, you should never go so near to someone else when friendly snuggling that your breath mixes with his. This indicates that if you begin to feel his breath on your face, you should attempt stepping away from him by a few inches so that there is sufficient distance between the two of you.

In the meanwhile, when it comes to romantic snuggling, the less inches that separate the two of you, the better. Even while you’re having a conversation with your significant other, you never get weary of being in really close proximity to him. If you and your partner are snuggling in an extremely loving position, like the snuggle burrito, the half spoon, or another position like that, things are likely to become a little bit hot.

Because both of your bodies are relatively close to one another, it is highly likely that you will find yourselves entangled in each other’s bedsheets. Positions in which you and your spouse are cuddled together, such as the spoon, the half spoon, and others, all make it possible for you to combine your breaths. You should probably aim to avoid these cuddles with your male buddies as much as possible.

Contact with the lower body

Being best friends with someone of the opposite sex may be challenging. One day you could have a regular friendship with this person, but after one incorrect touch, you can start to question whether there’s more to the relationship than just friendship. Because of this, many individuals are uncomfortable with the concept of snuggling with friends and wonder whether there is a straightforward approach to keeping things proper.

You won’t believe it, but individuals who share the same social circle do sometimes cuddle, and there are a few different postures of cuddling that you may do with your man pals. The first significant distinction between a friendly embrace and a romantic embrace is whether or not there is contact made with the lower body.

Because cuddling with a romantic partner is a more intimate activity, it is appropriate for your lower bodies to touch when you do it. In point of fact, when things start to get a little hot, the vast majority of the time, the lower body contact is extremely purposeful. On the other hand, friends do not need this kind of communication under any circumstance.

It would be simply too strange if you and your buddy touched each other below the waist, and it’s just this kind of unwelcome physical contact that may destroy a connection. So, whether you’re spooning with your friends who are guys or you’re just holding hands, try to keep a safe distance between your lower body and his. This applies whether you’re spooning or holding hands.

The number of times you touch someone

frequency of physical contact
When two people are snuggling romantically, there is often a lot of caressing involved. You surely like touching your lover from time to time, even if physical contact is not your primary mode of communicating affection between the two of you. You are going to like it when he puts his hands on you as well.

According to a number of studies, the manner in which you touch your spouse might provide insight into how you feel about them. However, there are times when you need something more than just a cuddle when you’re with your partner. A good cuddle already gives you the opportunity to enjoy some physical touch with your partner.

The length of time spent holding hands

It’s possible for a hug to last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the circumstances and the intents of the persons involved. A brief hug or a lengthier, more drawn-out display of love may both be considered to be examples of cuddling.

Friendly hugs and kisses often include a more relaxed and unplanned exchange of body contact, which might result in a shorter time for the actual hug itself. Friendly cuddling may entail a brief hug as a sign of support, or it may just consist of the participants sitting in close proximity to one another for a few moments.

In romantic cuddling, the duration of the cuddle may be longer, as it is often done as a way to foster intimacy and connection between partners. Romantic cuddling may involve prolonged physical contacts, such as holding hands, entwining legs, or spooning, and may last for several minutes or even longer.

Kiss or no kiss

It is inappropriate for platonic hugging to ever escalate to romantic kisses such as smooches or a French kiss. A little peck on the cheek is nothing to worry about, but a passionate kiss might put a strain on your relationship.

So, if you’re cuddling up with your friend, try to keep a safe distance and avoid touches that may lead to anything steamy. Sometimes even people who don’t have feelings for each other can get carried away by physical contact.

On the other side, kissing is encouraged while engaging in romantic activities such as snuggling. Since cuddling is a pretty intimate way to connect with your partner before you engage in sexual activity, the majority of couples incorporate it into their foreplay.

Cuddles that involve being completely close to your partner are more likely to lead to the steamy stuff. So if you’re doing a cuddling position like the cuddle burrito, there’s a big chance you may end up kissing or smooching. This is how you can tell when you’re participating in a romantic embrace.

Does cuddling mean anything?

The act of cuddling simply shows that a person has some kind of affection towards you; it’s like hugging but in different resting positions. People with all sorts of relationships can cuddle and it means different things in these different relationships. For couples, it could mean trust and romantic love while to people who are related or just friends, it’s a sign of endearment.

Is it okay to cuddle with someone you’re not dating?

Yes, it’s okay to cuddle with someone you aren’t dating. There are numerous different cuddles and you can experiment with the more moderate ones if you’re cuddling with a friend. A cuddle may be required if your friend needs comforting or when you’re just having deep conversations.

Can I cuddle with a friend while in a relationship?

If you’re in a relationship and you feel the need to cuddle with someone who isn’t related to you, there may be an intimacy problem in your relationship. It’s possible to have a partner who doesn’t necessarily enjoy physical touch. In this case, if your love language is physical touch you will definitely feel slightly neglected. Cuddling with someone you aren’t in a relationship with is not advisable.

Can cuddling be platonic?

Yes, cuddling can definitely be non-sexual; you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to be able to snuggle up with a friend. In fact, studies have shown that friendly cuddling can be quite therapeutic and can help with issues like high blood pressure. So, apart from the fact that cuddling feels good, it is actually quite good for your health.

In Conclusion
I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, the act of cuddling can mean different things to different people depending on the kind of relationship they share. The cuddles you have with your girlfriends aren’t the same kind you will have with a man.

So if you have a guy friend you desire to cuddle, be sure to do things right or else he’ll think you’re interested in him or trying to make the first move. It might be best to talk to him to hear what he thinks about cuddling.

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