5 red flags that a married guy is a player

5 red flags that a married guy is a player

5 red flags that a married guy is a player

5 red flags that a married guy is a player.

Did you lately pick up on the fact that a married guy has been trying to flirt with you?

It seems as if he always takes the time to pay attention to your requirements, makes an effort to ensure that you are comfortable, and complements you an infinite number of times. Despite this, there is a sense that something is off.

If you get the impression that he is not being entirely honest with you, then you should consider the possibility that he is a player.

Sadly, gamers will pretend to be interest, manipulate circumstances, and mislead individuals without feeling any regret or shame about their actions.

Because of this, I’ve made the decision to provide you with ten red flags that indicate a married guy is a player so that you can determine whether or not he’s being honest with you about his intentions.

1) He says you he loves you but his actions don’t back up his words.
Despite the fact that you two have just recently begun dating, has he already shown his love for you?

If this is the case, then something is not operating properly.

It should not come as much of a surprise that the fact that a married guy informs you early on in the relationship that he is a player is the clearest indicator of his status as a player.

First and foremost, he tells you that he loves you but never demonstrates that love to you.

I mean, it does happen that people fall in love the moment they meet one other. But what if he doesn’t exhibit any of those symptoms and instead just tells you about his emotions?

Aside from that, according to research, it takes around 97 days for a person to fall in love with another. Have you ever been with a man for a sufficient amount of time to determine whether or not you love him?

Just give it some thought.

If he’s a player, the likelihood is high that he professed his love for you not long after the two of you had your first encounter.

Because of this, you need to inquire inside your mind, “Does he love me?” rather than mindlessly adhering to his instructions.

How am I supposed to explain this?

Now, a player is going to fake a lot of their sentiments.

Because of this, you should not put any stock in what he has to say about how much he loves you.

It’s possible that after you’ve been dating him for a short while he’ll start saying things like, “I love you,” “I want to be with you forever,” and other expressions of affection along those lines.

However, he doesn’t love you. It should be evident. He is just trying to manipulate your feelings in some way.

His love is insincere, and it is not accompanied by any kind of activity. As a consequence of this, you end up with a shallow love that lacks any depth.

Watch how he behaves while he is with you to get a sense of whether or not he loves you in the deepest sense.

Does he demonstrate his love and concern for you in any way?

Look for indicators.

He does not love you if he does not show you any signs of affection or concern in any way. In this particular circumstance, you need to examine your connection with the married man and choose whether or not it is beneficial to continue dating him.

2) Whenever the two of you are together, he is glued to his mobile device.
Have you seen that a married guy is glued to his phone while you are in the same room with him?

Even if you two are having a wonderful time together, he seems to be uninterested and preoccupied. He looks at you very seldom and spends the most of his time on his phone.

In light of this information, it is only reasonable for you to be curious about what he is doing on his phone.

If he is really a player, then the solution is obvious: he is texting another female or chatting to someone on the other side of the phone while he is with you, and he has just told you that he loves you. Well, if this is the case, then the answer is straightforward.

However, it doesn’t exactly seem like a symbol of affection, does it?

Now, with regard to this matter:

It is a red flag that he is cheating on his wife if he is constantly checking his phone while the two of you are in the same room together.

And if this occurs on a regular basis, there is no question in anyone’s mind that he is having an affair with both you and his wife at the same time.

During that time on the phone, he does nothing more than flirt with other ladies and share his thoughts with them so that they would pay attention to him.

It is puzzling to me why he would rather keep such things to himself rather than discuss them with you. Is it because you have nothing better to do? Or does he wish to hoard them for himself for some unknown reason? Not in my opinion at all!

And you shouldn’t even give these kinds of things a second thought!

The reason for this is that he is a player, and as a result, he is unable to focus his attention on just one lady at a time. After all, this is the reason he chose to begin a relationship with you, despite the fact that he is already married to someone else.

Even if this is not a proven reality, you should be wary of your boyfriend if he is constantly texting or contacting someone else when the two of you are in the same room together.

It’s possible that this is the reason why he isn’t paying attention to your wants and emotions right now. If your partner is always absorbed in his phone when you two are together, here is the reason why.

3) He gives no indication that he is committed to the relationship.
1 of 10 warning indications that a married guy is still active in the dating scene
In addition to talking to other women while he’s with you, a clear indication that a married guy is a player is when he doesn’t exhibit devotion to the relationship he’s in with you.

To put it another way, a player will never demonstrate his devotion to you in any way. He won’t stop at anything in his efforts to retain you as his girlfriend. However, he has no intention of taking the necessary steps to formalize the relationship.

He will make an effort to persuade you that being friends is in both of your best interests. You also run the risk of his telling you that he is not ready for a relationship at this time.

If any of these scenarios seem familiar to your partnership, it’s likely that the other person is a player. It’s clear that he has no intention of developing a meaningful connection with you. He is just interested in having sexual relations with other people.

Now, what do you think?

If you are unsure about his dedication, it is in your best interest to keep a watch on him. It is time to end the relationship if, after a few weeks or months have passed, he still displays no sign of dedication to the partnership.

However, why is commitment such a significant factor in a relationship with a guy who already has a wife?

To be committed to one another is, without a doubt, the single most vital factor in any relationship. It is a manifestation of love and respect.

A guy who demonstrates his love and dedication to a lady also respects, cares for, and adores that woman. The same may be said of a woman who demonstrates her dedication to a guy. She cherishes him, holds him in high regard, and respects him.

Because of this, if a married guy is not displaying his dedication to you, it is because he has previously committed to his wife, but it has been clear that his devotion was not as strong as it seemed after he began a relationship with you.

However, there is something that I feel obligated to share with you, and that is the fact that if you are unable to experience intimacy in your relationship, it will not succeed. And then there’s the reciprocal relationship between commitment and intimacy.

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Just give it some thought.

Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who does not respect you and who hasn’t even committed to being with you? Because of this, you may need to focus first on improving yourself.

And believe me when I say that his masterclass will assist you in locating approaches to develop a satisfying partnership so that you are not in continual uncertainty regarding the characteristics of a married guy.

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4) He lavishes praise on you, yet at the same time, he is always finding fault with you.
When a married guy is playing the field, “I love you” is not the only thing he will say to you without intending for it to be reciprocated.

In point of fact, one of the things he does all the time is give you praises and then criticize you for being the same person he has claimed he likes. This is something he does all the time.

In addition to this, he will treat you like a queen while you are in bed, but he will treat you like garbage when you are out in public.

Does this seem like something he would try to pull off?

Therefore, this can be a clear indication that he is a player in the game.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys hearing flattering words, the reality is that you will find a person who is always heaping praises on you to be incredibly appealing.

It’s only natural—whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a soft spot for being complimented. Why does this happen, exactly?

Researchers have discovered that getting compliments activates particular regions of our brains that are likewise active when we are given monetary rewards. These regions are also activated when we are praised for our achievements.

This indicates that we see praises as something that is rewarding to us. It is thus not surprising if you give in to his barrage of flattery.

On the other hand, if the guy is a player, he would flatter you as a way to influence you into doing what he wants.

He will make you feel unique and special by complimenting you and saying wonderful things about you. And you’ll genuinely have faith in what he says. However, he will criticize you in a variety of various ways at the same time.

For instance, he can advise you that you need to be more self-reliant or that you aren’t suitable for the company of other people in society.

If he criticizes you, it’s a clear indication that he’s not sincere about how he feels about you.

He is only concerned with your sentiments to the extent that they are relevant to his interest in your feelings. If you find yourself in this predicament, you should keep your distance from him.

Therefore, in a nutshell, he ensures that you are aware of how attractive and hot you are, how much he enjoys your sense of humor, and how fascinating he finds your personality.

After that, though, he stops complimenting you and instead begins to criticize everything about you. He criticizes your appearance, pointing out that your clothes is unsightly and that your hair is disheveled, among other things.

He makes jokes about what you say and makes fun of the things you believe. When there are other people around, he advises you to keep silent so that you may provide a nice image of yourself to those other people.

Even if the insults he directs at you hurt, he doesn’t care since he knows they give him greater control over you.

He is just trying to manipulate your feelings in some way.

And it’s causing you a great deal of pain. However, you do not have the right to be the focus of the wants of another person.

Therefore, you should give some thought to the situation and reevaluate the dynamics of your relationship since it is very evident that he is playing you.

5) He is abusive in both a physical and a verbal sense.
I have no reason to doubt that the fact that he is now complimenting you and then condemning you is causing you to experience a great deal of distress.

However, do you want to know what’s even worse?

When he is near you, he will sometimes engage in abusive behavior, both verbally and physically.

In the event that this is in fact what takes place, I’m going to be very upfront with you right now:

If your spouse has ever abused you verbally or physically in any way, it is time to end your relationship with him. And you shouldn’t even give it a second thought before acting on it!


Because persistent nagging, criticism, and placing the blame for everything on you are all components of verbal abuse. It’s a clear indication that he’s trying to emotionally wound you with words.

Abuse by physical contact is a much greater threat. An abusive person is someone who throws things at you, slaps you, punches you, or strikes you. If your spouse does any of these things to you, then you are dealing with an abusive person.

A relationship like this is unquestionably poisonous, and it will do major harm to both your emotional and physical health as a result.

The fact of the matter is that if your spouse is a player, he may not be able to keep his emotions under control. Additionally, he could be interested in exerting power and authority over you.

Therefore, he will continue to be abusive against you until you begin to dread him. If you find yourself in this predicament, it is best for you to part ways with him. You’re not safe.

And most significantly, you need to find the courage within yourself to confront his wife with this information since there is a good likelihood that he is engaging in the same behavior with her.

Just keep in mind that you are deserving of better, and you should not let him to treat you in the same manner.

6) He is often complaining that his wife does not look after him properly.
pexels monstera 5303000 1 10 indicators that a married guy is still active in the dating scene
Now, let’s talk about yet another indicator that pertains to his connection with his wife.

Have you ever heard your married friend complain that his wife doesn’t look out for him or take care of him?

Perhaps he gripes about his wife, claiming that she no longer loves him as much as she did in the past. Or, it’s possible that he complains that his wife does not go to sufficient lengths to ensure his satisfaction.

If these accusations are coming from a married guy, it should immediately raise a red flag.

The problem is that players don’t want to commit themselves to just one lady. They will stop at nothing to avoid being in that predicament.

And if there is one thing that is certain:

If your boyfriend has a wife, you can be sure that he will constantly whine about her.

However, this should raise a red flag for you if you observe that the only thing he ever complains about is how his wife does not look after him.


Because he is just testing you to see whether you would be willing to take his wife’s position as his primary caregiver. If you are ready to do so, it indicates that you are interested in becoming a mistress, which is a major warning sign in this situation.

A player’s thoughts are almost constantly focused on finding a new mistress. Because of this, he wants his wife to leave him with all of her heart. If you hear him whining about his wife on a regular basis, you should end your relationship with him before it’s too late.

When a guy who is already married expresses concern that his wife is providing less and less care for him, it is possible that he is seeking for a justification to end the marriage and start a new one.

And if you become his mistress or second wife after the divorce, you’ll discover that you’re in an unstable relationship with a player who is seeking for someone else to fulfill his wants. This puts you in a precarious position.

7) He uses derogatory language while referring to his wife.
Let’s continue with his relationship with his wife and see how it might establish that he is a player who is using you to obtain a brief fling. Let’s continue with his connection with his wife.

Does your friend’s husband use derogatory language while referring to his wife? Or does he make fun of her or refer to her in a derogatory manner?

If a married guy criticizes his wife in an unfavorable light, this might be another major indicator that he is interested in other women.

It’s possible that he’ll complain that his wife is too possessive, clingy, and insecure, or that she is unable to comprehend him.

On the other side, he might be dissatisfied with her lack of attention and the manner in which she is consistently preoccupied with her work.

And yet, doesn’t this seem to be an obvious contradiction?

Therefore, you have no reason to accept what he says!

It’s possible that he’s saying this so you’ll feel sorry for him or so you’ll think that he’s a victim in his own marriage. Either way, he’s trying to manipulate your emotions.

He can also attempt to elicit your sympathy by persuading you that he is unhappy in his marriage and that it is all his wife’s fault for the dissatisfaction he feels in the relationship.

The plain and simple reality is that a player would never speak favorably about his wife because he doesn’t care about her, and this is why you should never date a player. He is just concerned with himself and the ladies who are vying for his attention.

Because of this, he is willing to resort to any measure, even making fun of his own wife, in order to lure them into bed.

Moreover, if you find yourself in the position of being one of these women, it should serve as a warning sign that the man you’re seeing is married and has no intention of leaving his wife for you.

Therefore, it is time for you to start giving some serious consideration to calling it quits before things become any worse!

8) He will never ask you to visit him at his home.
At first blush, it’s fairly clear why married guys would never extend an invitation to you to visit their home.

They do not want you to see their wife, children, or anything else that would provide you with any insight into their actual life at home.

But there is one more reason: if he wants to have a meaningful relationship with you, then why would it be a difficulty for him to ask you over to his house?

After all, he never thinks twice about coming over to your place and spending time with you there when you invite him over.

The explanation is, however, that he has never mentioned you to his wife in the past. Perhaps he assures you that he will stop his continuing marriage and discuss everything with his wife, but he never follows through with those assurances.

He is not interested in having an affair with you but rather in developing a meaningful connection with you via a romantic partnership.

It is essential that he makes certain that his wife does not become aware of his extramarital affair so that she does not have the opportunity to catch him in the act.

Now, with regard to this matter:

Does he consistently find an excuse not to invite you over to his house, even if you express interest in paying him a visit there? Or does he usually come up with lame excuses like he’s too busy or he doesn’t have the time?

If this is the case, then there is an issue. A married guy who likes you would make time for you and unhesitatingly extend an invitation for you to visit him at his home.

He will go above and above in order to ensure that the two of you have as much quality time together as is humanly feasible.

This is due to the fact that he wants to spend an excessive amount of time with you. A player, on the other hand, does not go into a game with that type of aim. He is solely interested in what he can get out of the relationship, and he has absolutely no regard for how you are feeling.

If you were to go to his place, it would be impossible for him to find a reason not to invite you over again. It’s possible that he’ll need to look after his children and tend to other family-related responsibilities.

Because of this same reason, he never mentions any of his close friends or members of his family.

If a married guy consistently refuses to introduce you to his family, you should take this as a warning sign since it most likely indicates that he is interested in more than one woman at a time.

9) He is constantly asking for a favor, yet he never does anything to help others out.

Sadly, inviting himself into your home is only one of the many things he likes asking you when you are dating him. He also enjoys asking you other questions.

But allow me to venture a guess here.

When you initially saw him, he had a kind and helpful demeanor toward you. You could have had the impression that he is the epitome of a proper gentleman.

However, as more time goes by, you begin to realize that he never returns the favors he asks of you and instead just approaches you for favors. It seems that he is not at all concerned with the requirements that you have.

When it’s time for you to repay the favor, you won’t see him again, even if he may have been polite to you or asked you for a favor in the past.

Does anything like this ring a bell?

The vast majority of men who are already married admit that they take pleasure in soliciting favors from their wives.

They are not used to reciprocating favors, and as a result, they have developed the practice of asking for favors but never giving anything in return.

This indicates that he is only taking advantage of the fact that he can rely on you to fulfill his requirements and gratify his desires.

Many women are oblivious to this reality and continue to have the mistaken belief that men are kind and compassionate. They are unaware that he is only putting on a front of friendliness in order to coerce you into giving him what he wants.

However, I really hope that you are aware that he is a player and that this is one of the ways that he obtains what he wants from you.

10) You get the impression that you are deserving of better and that he is indifferent to your sentiments in any case.

The fourth indicator is entirely connected to your intuitive abilities and the feelings you get in your stomach. When you have the feeling that something is off, you should listen to your gut and follow your instincts.

Because of this, it is very vital to be aware of the subtle indicators that a player is attempting to feign interest in you.

For instance, he always makes time for you, messages and calls you often, and pays attention to your needs as though he really cares about your emotions. In addition, he treats your requirements with the utmost importance.

All of these things, however, seem to be much too wonderful to be true. You could believe that he is simply trying to be pleasant and charming, but there are several additional warning flags that lead us to believe that this is not the case.

Here are several examples:

  • Although he expresses interest in spending more time with you, he is unwilling to accept responsibility for the consequences of his behavior.
    Even though he is aware of the existence of the truth, he will not reveal it.
    He begins avoiding talks or dismissing your queries.
    He seems to have a strange fascination with you, as if he just can’t get enough of being around you all the time.
    He makes an effort to develop meaningful relationships with all of the women in his life.
    These are just some of the many explanations for why you can get the impression that something is up with the way your relationship is going.
  • If he is always pretending to care about you, I have no doubt that you will eventually come to the conclusion that you are worthy of something greater.
  • You will realize at some time that he is not interested in taking care of your feelings and that this will come as a surprise to you. He is completely unconcerned with how you are feeling or the things that you want.

It is a sign that you are in a dangerous situation if you believe that you are deserving of something better. You need to get away from him now, before it’s too late. Before he causes you more pain than you are able to bear.

Leave him if you are certain that you are deserving of something greater. Why? Because he is just another gamer who is messing with your emotions to get an advantage!

In conclusion, remember to exercise caution and rely on your instincts.
As you can see, the symptoms that were discussed above will be of assistance to you in determining whether or not your spouse is a player.

If the person you’re seeing displays any of these warning signs, it’s time to cut ties with them as soon as possible!

Just be sure to exercise caution, listen to what your instincts are telling you, and steer clear of becoming a target of his devious game.

You should constantly remind yourself that you are deserving of more, and you should get out of the relationship as soon as you can, before it’s too late.